Broadcasting Preparations

Technical Rehearsal: Tuesday 7th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.3_2011-06-07_Broadcast-Preparations

The aim of the technical rehearsal was to prepare all technical and logistical components of the Instability in Stability project. I visited the loft to double check the number of boxes their current arrangement in the space. Due to the high volume of boxes I needed to clear a substantial area and re-adjust the position of some boxes in the space for ease of access. During this process I began to a map a trajectory of which boxes I will delve into first before setting up the broadcasting system and testing the recording devices.

Once the tech was set up I empty some items from the loft so I could access others. The grouping of items I cleared to one side consisted of my Sister’s belongings, which she too stores up in the loft. But as Amy no longer lives at home and will not be present throughout the performance I placed them in a holding area within the loft so that as and when she comes to visit we can explore them together.

Towards the end of the tech rehearsal my Mum visited the loft and I began an impromptu conversation/interview with her about the work she used to do as a cataloguer for an architectural firm.


Excerpts from today’s conversations documented in the UStream Chat Room:

5:47 helliep: hi in the loft
5:47 Instab-In-Stab: hi helen, the chat function is slightly better as you have 
more characters to type!
5:47 Instab-In-Stab: thats great!
5:47 Instab-In-Stab: today was just the technical rehearsal but there was a nice 
conversation with my mum
5:48 Instab-In-Stab: how are you? and welcome to the loft btw!
5:48 helliep: hi 
5:48 helliep: sorry what did you just say about the loft
5:48 Instab-In-Stab: what on the video?
5:49 helliep: boxes
5:49 helliep: after food proccesor
5:49 Instab-In-Stab: there is a slight technical issue as the live feed replays 
the last videos taken
5:49 helliep: Tenner lady pads!!
5:49 Instab-In-Stab: so this is actually a recording of this mornings feed
5:49 Instab-In-Stab: hahaha
5:50 helliep: what have you found today
5:50 helliep: is it ok im here?
5:50 helliep: do I need to book?
5:50 Instab-In-Stab: erm no no no
5:50 Instab-In-Stab: me and noel are just figuring out how to embed the live 
stream on the website so people dont need to go into ustream direct
5:51 Instab-In-Stab: its just that when its embedded it plays the last recording 
if nothing is happening in the live moment
5:51 Instab-In-Stab: i need to change this
5:51 Instab-In-Stab: but yeah today i found wally!!!
5:51 helliep: oh and I say little miss sunshine today too!
5:52 helliep: sw
5:52 helliep: saw
5:52 helliep: are you archiving already or do yout start on the 8th?
5:52 Instab-In-Stab: yep! shes my trusty mug
5:52 Instab-In-Stab: erm no tomorrow i start today was just clearing some space 
so i can actually move in the loft!
5:53 helliep: ahhh
5:53 helliep: laugh
5:53 helliep: im just looking at  100 tena lady pads
5:53 Instab-In-Stab: this week is all about encounters - so how we encounter 
archives, the materials within them
5:53 Instab-In-Stab: hahahaha
5:53 Instab-In-Stab: how many minutes are you into the video?
5:53 helliep: 12 minutes 
5:53 Instab-In-Stab: im sorry about the camera angles
5:53 helliep: actually there you are - or your arm
5:54 helliep: Im in the rafters now
5:54 helliep: and you are busy moving things
5:54 Instab-In-Stab: hmmm if you jump to about an hour in i have a great 
conversation with my mum she even comes into the loft
5:54 helliep: looking forward to some encounters with the world
5:54 Instab-In-Stab: me? 
5:56 helliep: i can see your mum through the loft hatch now
5:56 Instab-In-Stab: thats the part
5:56 Instab-In-Stab: :)
5:56 noeldhefele: hello!
5:57 Instab-In-Stab: hey noel!!!
5:57 helliep: who else is threre
5:58 noeldhefele: hi!
5:58 helliep: with your mum
5:58 Instab-In-Stab: today it was just me and my mum
5:58 noeldhefele: enjoy your chat! I was just checking in to see it work...
5:58 helliep: hi noel
5:58 helliep: im just checking it out
5:58 Instab-In-Stab: no thats great thanks noel it looks like the forum stuff will 
realy work
5:59 helliep: enacting the archive !
5:59 Instab-In-Stab: thankyou helen i really appreciate it! you said about the 
booking thing and thats for one to one sessions so they will take place in the 
5:59 Instab-In-Stab: ooo yeah enacting all the way!
5:59 helliep: ok - is it ok to also just drop by?
6:00 Instab-In-Stab: activating, encountering, engaging, exploting!
6:00 Instab-In-Stab: yeah totally
6:00 helliep: what happens in the one to ones?
6:00 Instab-In-Stab: the drop by sessions will happen in the morning and 
then from then you can just the daily log - its just if you want to put your 
camera on and have a skype convo withthe archive the appointments let y
6:01 Instab-In-Stab: well it be a chance for really to concentrate on 
6:01 Instab-In-Stab: to explore specific questions you have and to ask you about 
your own experiences and memories
6:01 helliep: great ! see you soon, - r u living up there?
6:01 Instab-In-Stab: for me to delve into peoples opinions on performance, 
archviing, art and life
6:01 Instab-In-Stab: hahaha
6:01 Instab-In-Stab: no im not hard core enough!
6:02 Instab-In-Stab: but i will do special events so i might have a sleep over!
6:02 helliep: eating hot chocolat powder out of a cup?
6:02 helliep: lol you ve got me thinking of loft memories already
6:02 Instab-In-Stab: haha yeah! and telling ghost stories
6:02 Instab-In-Stab: awesome!
6:03 helliep: have a good evening 
6:03 helliep: see you soon
6:03 Instab-In-Stab: and you! thanks helen, speak soon
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