Ria Hartley: Myselfarchive

Thursday 7th July
6 – 9pm
The Loft

Come join the Instability in Stability broadcasts to celebrate the launch of the Sister Project Myselfarchive by Ria Hartley.
Ria and Cara will be in live on air to exchange their thoughts and processes on archiving personal belongings, bodily experience and memories.

Myself Archive is a documenting and archiving process that will digitally and physically preserve all of the materials contained within Ria Hartley’s bedroom. Over the duration of 10 weeks, she will be capturing, cataloguing and archiving each item in her bedroom which will become visible and accessible online. New items will be uploaded daily, and as new categories appear you are able to visit, view and comment on the digital archive as it builds and develops. At the end of August the physical archive, which will be carefully stored after its digitisation, will become open and accessible to the public.

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