Sister Projects

When discussing the project with a friend she asked me if she could set up a sister venture, which would allow her to explore the contents of her loft. She wanted to embark on her own journey of clearing and cleansing her loft as a symbol for letting go of certain negative events occurring in her life at that particular point in time. Our conversations developed into a wonderful recollection of past experiences, considering the things we have kept for many years, for those ‘just in case’ moments when we might one day need them again. Our thoughts then turned to the future of our collections: where would we keep these items and what real use and value do they have to us. This conversation inspired my friend to go and re-organise her belongings to re-address certain parts of her life and identity, and for me, to open up the project to as many different people as possible. She documented the process but sadly passed away before it could be presented as part of the Instability in Stability journey and experience.

It is in Elly’s honour that the Sister Projects was born. The Sister Projects artists are a group of transnational, interdisciplinary practitioners creating artwork within a variety of mediums; from painting to performance, archiving to choreography, social engaged practice to online broadcasting. As a collective we aim to facilitate an open resource platform of artistic encounter, exchange, debate and collaboration. Engaging in an honest and upfront presentation of our diverse creative processes we meet monthly, taking it in turns to host a live stream broadcast that imaginatively shares and disseminates our recent artistic endeavours.

The current group of Sister Projects comprises the artists: Jane CastreeCara Davies, Sven GoyvaertsRia Hartley, Noel HefeleElizabeth McGuire Cleary.

The current group formation developed because each artist was interested in running a parallel adventure to search through and order their personal archives. During the course of the 2011 performance series these artists were inspired to create their own variations on the Instability in Stability project, experimenting with creative approaches to documenting and disseminating aspects of their archives, challenging ways to catalogue the self, and/or appraising collated items from around the home and local community.

If you wish to collaborate with the Sister Project Artists please feel to get in contact. We would be more than happy to affiliate new projects with the collective and the Instability in Stability project. All suggestions, projects and artworks will be fully referenced and the upload of any footage/images/text would be subject to the same creative commons copyright regulations as the Instability in Stability project (please read this disclaimer for more information on copyleft).