By agreeing to participate in the project Instability in Stability you are agreeing that the artist, Cara Davies, can record your participation in and contributions to the project via the mediums of Ustream, Live Stream and Skype. All documentation will be uploaded on to the website’s archive portal where participants can submit their names and identities for the accurate recording of data, or as is your right, you may remain anonymous. By agreeing to this you are also agreeing to the following:

You understand that any recordings of your participation and interaction will be maintained and made available indefinitely by the artist Cara Davies for such research, production (e.g. film festivals, World Wide Web, exhibitions, related advertisements, etc.), and educational purposes as the artist shall determine.

By responding and commenting on such entries you hereby grant and transfer to the artist all rights, title and interest in the video and audio recordings situated on the project’s website including, without limitation, the literary rights to text based comments and reflections on said documentation. At all times the artist agrees to retain the integrity of the participant’s image and voice, neither misrepresenting the participant’s words nor taking them out of context.

By initiating your interaction with the project you attest that you have voluntarily agreed to these constraints and you hereby release to Cara Davies, all claims and liability relating to said performance project: Instability in Stability. If you would like further information on the development of this project please email the artist/archive through the contact page.

A note on copyright: In accordance to the Creative Commons copyright agreement Instability in Stability is registered to the Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike license, enabling artist Cara Davies to retain copyright whilst allowing others to “remix, tweak, and build upon [the] work non-commercially, as long as they credit [the artist Cara Davies] and license their new creations under the identical terms”. For more information on creative commons licensing please visit the website at: http://creativecommons.org/

Thank-you for taking the time to read this disclaimer, I look forward to your participation in Instability in Stability.