Open All Hours!!!

Monday 29th August 00.00 GMT – Friday 2nd September 23.59 GMT

““Hello my name is Cara and I’d like to welcome you to my loft.
For one week only I will be living in the archive of my personal belongings attempting to understand something of my identity, memories and past experiences. I would like to invite you to help me settle in. You can book Skype appointments and visit me online. Let us share anecdotes, start conversations, reminisce. I’d love to hear about your life stories, or you can just tell me about your day, play a game with me … surprise me! Lets make it fun and interactive, you can set me challenges and share these moments with friends through social media sites.”

Over the last 10 weeks Cara has been organising the things she keeps in her loft within a regulated timeframe. Her performance progress of working with the archival practices of selection, appraisal, organisation, cataloguing and description, to create her own archive, has been developing at a steady rate, but with the last week of the project looming Cara is pushing forward in a bid against time to finalise the archive catalogue. To help her in her quest she is moving into the loft! Between the 29th August and 2nd September, for one week only, Cara will take the endurance feat of archiving as a performance to the next level, living in her loft and broadcasting live to an Internet based audience for 24 hours a day.

The event described as “an arty big brother” by critic and music producer Douglas Evans, looks at how our encounters with an archive can be made more fun and interactive via the web. You are invited to join her, tune in and get involved! Discover an alternative way to create reality T.V. with a hint of the Big Brother experience. Come and join Cara in the archive and together create a digitally-mediated archive through the performance series Instability in Stability, to be broadcasted across the globe. This unique event is free of charge, and open to everyone, at all hours.

For further information on the project please visit the open all hours broadcasting page

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