Abstracting the Body From the Archive

What happens when we remove the body of the archivist from the archive? Do the documents get up and walk around? Have a massive party and jumble up their neatly arranged and formatted order?!?!? Lets find out…..

From the 17th to the 24th June Cara will be presenting a project entitled Transparent at Falmouth University’s Performance Centre with Spanish artist and archivist Elena Oña. As she cannot split her body in two and be in both places at once the performance of generating the archive will be momentarily suspended.

Removing the archivist’s body from the loft space is an interesting twist on asking an archive to perform, understanding what a performance can be without a human body being present in the space. For Cara: “it forces me to step back and observe what audience members see when visiting the website and watching the live stream channel, therefore helping me to understand how to activate the performativity of the documents in the loft, and to improve the facilitation of interactivity between audience members and myself”.

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