Fire Side Conversations

Special Event: FiresideĀ Conversations

Friday 10th June 2011

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.9_2011-06-10_log-special-events-fireside-conversations

Excerpts from this evening’s conversations as captured in the Ustream Chat Room:

6:25 pm Noel: Hello... noel here
6:25 pm Noel: typing!
6:25 pm Noel: no broadcasting...
6:25 pm Noel: oh chat programme - is it you that is causing the problem?
6:26 pm Noel: there you are cara
6:26 pm Noel: You just showed up with a play button over your head!
6:26 pm Noel: can you see my typing?
6:28 pm The Loft: the smilies on the caht function weren't there earlier
6:29 pm Noel: that would rock!
6:29 pm Noel: hello?
6:29 pm Noel: ah definite lag....
6:29 pm Noel: oh no requests (at 629)
6:29 pm Noel: My nephew gets weirded out by me singing this stuff
6:30 pm Noel: definite lag- you just read that
6:30 pm Noel: I think just because I know them really well
6:30 pm Noel: that was right on time...
6:30 pm Noel: did you say right okay to the lag or to my movie explaination?
6:31 pm Noel: which is understandable/..
6:31 pm Noel: it's reasonably quick to me
6:31 pm The Loft: the chat is
6:31 pm Noel: let's do the clap!
6:31 pm The Loft: writing
6:31 pm Noel: (clap)
6:32 pm Noel: about 15 seconds?
6:32 pm Noel: on the watch live page
6:32 pm Noel: video is synced to sound for me...
6:33 pm Noel: hmn....
6:33 pm Noel: let me try on another computer at the same time?
6:34 pm Noel: (I updated this chat program today - that's why the smiley faces 
came back... so that could have changed something)
6:34 pm Noel: (btw, yeah it is constant for me... no freezing... just a lag, which 
makes sense)
6:36 pm Noel: It's weird that you can't hear me!
6:37 pm Noel: yeah I never got into the herc!
6:37 pm The Loft: hi kirsty if you're able to see the page/write could you just 
leave a quick message?
6:38 pm Guest_672: haha it's me noel
6:38 pm Guest_672: good eye on the three viewers though
6:38 pm Noel: this is really trippy to have you up on two screens, slightly 
6:39 pm Noel: there are 4 viewers now!
6:39 pm Noel: hello fourth viewer?
6:39 pm Noel: can you help us with the testing?
6:40 pm noel_672: On the second computer- (PC) it is less lag time...
6:40 pm Noel: TOTALLY
6:40 pm Noel: with the disney music in the background
6:41 pm Noel: + you can hear me, but we communicate a bit
6:41 pm Noel: =WEIRD!
6:41 pm Noel: + you CAN'T hear me
6:41 pm Noel: whoops
6:43 pm Noel: nice/....
6:43 pm Noel: should we try to get another?
6:43 pm Noel: I see RIA is online...
6:44 pm Noel: We did! 
6:45 pm Noel: uh oh...
6:45 pm Noel: it's stopped working for me...
6:45 pm The Loft: the chat has just broke for noel booooo
6:45 pm noel_672: hello?
6:46 pm Guest_264: hello cara
6:46 pm Guest_264: its ria
6:46 pm Noel: Ah!
6:46 pm Noel: hey RIA!
6:46 pm Guest_264: all seems to be working
6:46 pm Guest_264: It seems like a "refresh" on the page, allowed me to see the 
text chat again
6:47 pm Noel: not the most elegant solution, but a solution!
6:47 pm Noel: the chat is back now though!
6:47 pm The Loft: thankyou ria!!!!!
6:47 pm Ria: yo yoyo
6:47 pm Noel: what's up Ria!
6:47 pm Ria: yeah its perfect
6:48 pm Ria im so excited
6:48 pm Ria: this is awesome
6:48 pm Ria: yeah it works fine on my ****ty acer
6:48 pm Noel: LOL the censoring...
6:49 pm Ria: what im censored???
6:49 pm Guest_99: hello..
6:49 pm Ria: hahahaha
6:49 pm Hannah: hi hannah here.
6:50 pm Noel: Wooo It's a party!
6:50 pm Ria: under the sea
6:50 pm Ria: little mermaid
6:50 pm Hannah: Hi Ria!
6:50 pm Noel: That's what I was going to suggest!
6:50 pm Noel: Take it from me!!!!
6:50 pm Ria: HANNAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
6:50 pm Ria: yayyyyyy
6:50 pm Noel: Big mistake!
6:51 pm Noel: right here on the ocean floor!
6:51 pm Ria: unda da sea
6:51 pm The Loft: well darling it is better down where its wetter
6:51 pm Ria: take it from me!
6:51 pm Noel: (_rofl!_)
6:52 pm Hannah: one of the greatest disney songs for sure..
6:53 pm Ria: Lets dance!
6:56 pm Ria: wow you look like your in an 80s video
6:56 pm Noel: What no way! Curtains?!
6:56 pm Noel: disco ball?!?
6:58 pm Hannah: I like the tidying dance elements.. this should be build into your 
daily routine!?
6:58 pm Noel: This is so delightfully strange
6:59 pm Noel: I love that it is such a long form performance!
6:59 pm Noel: yeah! like weeks!
7:01 pm Noel: The curtains really transform the feeling of the place.
7:02 pm Noel: I like that we have such a window box view into the loft - so you 
can play with our perception of the place.... (oooooh any mirrors?)
7:04 pm Hannah: still here! ahh sorry that I missed that!
7:05 pm Ria: no jasper on my screen
7:08 pm Hannah: mmm marshmellows. i used to make shmores and twistes at guides
7:09 pm Hannah: schmores/twisters
7:11 pm Ria: its a feature
7:12 pm Noel: I'm thinking of that iconic "photograph burning in the fire"
7:12 pm Ria: we used to have one and i questioned how Santa ever got the presents 
under the tree without any chimney and a fake fire place
7:12 pm Hannah: me and my brother used to try and toast crisps on my mum and dads 
gas fire
7:13 pm Ria: you should pitch a you have one up there??
7:15 pm Noel: can you burn a digital photograph with fake fire?
7:16 pm Ria: thinking about objects and nostalgia
7:16 pm Noel: memories and moms
7:17 pm Ria: its suggested that we are in a state of post-modern nostalgia where 
we celebrate a past that is not irrecoverable, because it was never lost.....
7:19 pm Ria: ah
7:20 pm Ria: the longing for the person you once were
7:21 pm Ria: beautiful
7:22 pm Ria: i had a conversation with Will Foster 2 years ago
7:22 pm Ria: about never being in the present because I always long for the days 
7:23 pm Ria: a change of place and people begin the nostalgia
7:23 pm Hannah: is nostalgia intrinsically linked to ageing?
7:23 pm Ria: well ive been listening to 18 yr olds talk about the good old days, 
or refer to back in the day!
7:24 pm Ria: they are reflecting on two or three years prior
7:24 pm Hannah: but not just linked to old age - just the process of becoming 
older - day by day - year by year..
7:25 pm Ria: yes and anc****d by objets
7:25 pm Ria: hahahaha
7:25 pm Ria: what
7:25 pm Ria: attached
7:26 pm Hannah: or to do with 'a missing'
7:26 pm Ria: 17th century nostalgia was deemed to be a physical disease
7:26 pm Ria: caused by homesikness
7:26 pm Ria: Cl***ical nostalgia
7:27 pm Ria: 19th/20th Century, nostalgia was deemed to be a state of mind
7:28 pm Ria: Now nostalgia is seen to be a socio cultural condition
7:28 pm Ria: a mode of lived experience
7:29 pm Ria: past and present in tension?
7:30 pm Hannah: i am trying to think what i consider myself to be nostalgic 
about.. i think it is mostly buildings/places..
7:34 pm The Loft: he's a cu*** - bear
7:35 pm The Loft: cu***ber
7:35 pm Hannah: i am currently considering starting a campaign to save Keynsham's 
(where I am from) clock tower. It isn't a thing in itself that i particularly love 
but it was a significant site for 'meeting' when I was a teenager. I don't feel a 
longing for those days, but somehow would like to keep that structure around as a 
physical marker for all those meetings..
7:36 pm Noel: this censoring is a real ******in on profainity!
7:36 pm Noel: I was making a lunch of a ****ake mushroom burger
7:36 pm Noel: oh sheesh
7:38 pm Ria: hang out as teen
7:38 pm Hannah: plymouth sun dial
7:38 pm Ria: hmmmm
7:38 pm Ria: a junior school
7:38 pm Ria: a bowling green
7:38 pm Ria: a park
7:38 pm Ria: the shops
7:39 pm Ria: yeah, there was a Junior school where the playground was in the 
centre of the building blocks
7:39 pm Ria: so you could get drunk there and no one would bother you
7:40 pm Ria: it was close to our high school
7:40 pm Ria: no one suspected teens would want to be anywhere near a school
7:41 pm Ria: I loved the playground
7:41 pm Ria: gravel
7:41 pm Ria: but with lots of illustrations on the floor
7:41 pm Ria: squiggles to follow
7:41 pm Ria: hop scotch
7:44 pm Ria: Im going to be with you on Monday??
7:46 pm Hannah: in the archive portal?
7:46 pm Hannah: for sending stuff?
7:48 pm Hannah: cool will send a pic.
7:48 pm Hannah: you should hang up and go and have a gin!
7:48 pm Ria: and get a cat!
7:48 pm Ria: and watch die hard
7:48 pm Hannah: and watch all of the Die hards back to back!
7:49 pm Hannah: ha ha!
7:49 pm Ria: haha
7:50 pm Ria: Thank you Cara...see you Monday x
7:50 pm Hannah: thanks.see you again soon x
7:50 pm Noel: Thanks Cara!
7:50 pm The Loft: this was very amazing beautiful impromptu meeting
7:50 pm Ria: Noel your a genius xxx
7:50 pm The Loft: and i love how each day is different so thankyou for adding to 
todays exchange
7:51 pm The Loft: definitely noel i love your computing geniui and respect for the 
project big big hugsx
7:53 pm Noel: Ria! great to see your typed textual characters! thanks guys! really 
looking forward to evolving this up

Challenges that arose from today’s Chat Room discussions:

Challenge 6:

To add a disco ball to the loft [created by Hannah]

Challenge 7:

Build a tidying dance into my daily routine [created by Hannah]

Challenge 8:

End the broadcast and have a gin [created by Hannah]

Challenge 9:

Get a Cat and watch Die Hard [created by Ria]

Challenge 10:

Get a cat and watch all the Die Hard films back to back [created by Hannah]

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