Archiving Processes vs A Spring Clean

Day Two: Thursday 9th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.6_2011-06-09_log-day-2

Debate whether the performance activity of Instability in Stability is purely focused on archival practice. To what extent is it a domestic spring cleaning process and/or a professionally rigorous exercise in constructing an archive?
Set up an opinion poll: should everything in the loft be included in the archive?
Continuation of making the loft feel more homely.
A ceremonious turning on of The Fan and recollections of my Great Aunt Mary (who the fan used to belong to before she passed away).
Examining a box of childhood books we learn how to make a kite, organisation of my Horrible History collection in correct timeline of historical periods (helped by Anna).
Broadcasted to Rachel’s classroom in Plymouth
Playing of mixtapes and C.D.s, conversations with the students in Rachel’s class who couldn’t quite believe I was broadcasting live and were delighted by my respondes to their directions and conversations on the Ustream Chat Room.

Archiving Questions:

  • How do we equate for the random items in the archive? and how to log the things whose provenance we cannot remember?
  • How can I chart the connections between the reasons that brought the items originally into my life and to the particular box I re-discover them in?
  • How can I develop an archive that references these connections in order to communicate something of my past experience as well as the process of creating the archive itself?

Questions to the audience on archiving:

  • How do you group the items you own together?
  • Do you have a specific methodology for organising them?

Return to the books and read some extracts out on air. Consideration of fragile items, the wearing of gloves to protect the items. Looking at the Hedgerow Tales book by Enid Blyton, which makes me think of Hedgerow Puzzle. I begin the puzzle. As I forget to press record for the second part of the puzzle the documentation log misses the final hour of the broadcast and viewing the completed puzzle.


Excerpts of conversations documented from the UStream Chat Room:

9:52 am The Loft: Good morning Helsinki
9:53 am The Loft: The live feed will be working in just a few minutes time
10:01 am The Loft: Hi so if the camera stops working or you cannot hear please let 
me know
10:25 am Anna: Morning!
10:30 am Anna: YES!
10:30 am Anna: YES!!
10:31 am Anna: Wow, I always did wonder...
10:32 am Anna: I was going to say, if you find them in the loft, then its fate!
10:35 am Anna: ha
10:37 am Anna: thread like from the kite/ stitches
10:38 am Anna: I'm looking at myself now...
10:39 am Anna: Nothing major, I am pretty clumsy though, scraped knees...
10:39 am Anna: I have loads of pin*****s on my arms because i donate blood
10:39 am Anna: HA censored!
10:40 am Anna: rhymes with sticks
10:40 am Anna: ha
10:40 am Anna: Yeah!
10:40 am Anna: I am like a peach, I bruise if people poke me
10:40 am Anna: ow!
10:41 am Anna: I was saying you should catalogue everything as if you were an 
archeologist on a dig, I reckon. I voted on your poll.
10:42 am Anna: Thats why I dont think you should leave anything out
10:44 am Anna: For sure. You are rediscovering things and your audience discovers 
them for the first time.
10:45 am Anna: Thats why i think its pretty interesting, people are doing this 
every day, its a reasonably normal c****. Everyone can identify.
10:46 am Anna: Hang on what, it censored c****?
10:46 am Anna: c**** = task
10:46 am Anna: rhymes with poor
10:46 am Anna: is a task you have to do, like cleaning
10:46 am Anna: haha
10:47 am Anna: c-h-o-r-e
10:47 am Anna: i have no idea!
10:47 am Anna: haha
10:48 am Anna: I quite like it but I know people who dont, or who find it hard.
10:49 am Anna: man i love horrible histories
10:49 am Anna: dork
10:50 am Anna: egyptians
10:50 am Anna: british empire
10:50 am Anna: second world war
10:50 am Anna: normans
10:50 am Anna: world war one
10:50 am The Loft: saxons
10:51 am The Loft: stone age
10:51 am The Loft: blizted britain
10:51 am The Loft: incas
10:51 am The Loft: tudors
10:51 am The Loft: goergians
10:51 am The Loft: celts
10:51 am The Loft: tuodors
10:51 am The Loft: stuarts
10:51 am The Loft: aztecs
10:51 am The Loft: vikings
10:51 am The Loft: victorians
10:51 am The Loft: romans
10:52 am The Loft: middle ages
10:52 am The Loft: greeks
10:52 am The Loft: egyptians
10:52 am The Loft: ****** scotland
10:52 am The Loft: dark knights and dingy castles
10:53 am Anna: stoneage
10:53 am Anna: aztecs then incas
10:54 am Anna: then egyptians
10:54 am Anna: they were pretty early
10:55 am Anna: eeesh, its almost incomprehensible
10:55 am Anna: 1100bc!
10:55 am Anna: yeh!
10:56 am Anna: and what they thought of as so far ahead there was no point even 
putting it on the calender, is nearly here i.e. 2012
10:58 am Anna: nah, i just think they must have thought "thats so far ahead its 
just not worth it"
10:59 am Anna: their calenders were on stone circles so you had a limited amount 
of ****e
10:59 am Anna: S-P-A-C-E
10:59 am Anna: They had such a nice humour about them.
11:00 am Anna: the books i men
11:01 am Anna: wow
11:01 am Anna: thats sad
11:03 am Anna: wow
11:03 am Anna: i never knew that
11:06 am Anna: viking are like 300?
11:06 am Anna: defo after romans
11:06 am Anna: bc?
11:06 am Anna: im going to have to read those books again!
11:07 am Anna: mmmm
11:07 am Anna: shoot
11:07 am Anna: wine is nice
11:08 am Anna: sounds very similar, sans orange
11:09 am Anna: and the pepper sounds interesting
11:09 am Anna: i wonder if the inca one has that chilli hot chocolate stuff
11:09 am Anna: im sure its one of those guys
11:10 am Anna: course, potatoes are american
11:11 am Anna: like ready made mash
11:11 am Anna: ughhh
11:11 am Anna: haha
11:12 am Anna: i would much rather be an aztec than an inca food wise
11:13 am Anna: eeeewww
11:15 am Anna: gutted
11:16 am Anna: vikings then saxons isnt it?
11:16 am Anna: ahaa
11:17 am Anna: ha vikings are cool
11:17 am rachel d: HI CARA - can you say hello to the whole of the ED Media 
cl*** in the plymski m***ive?? We're tuned in...
11:19 am Anna: yeah, I'm descended from Saxons apparently.
11:20 am Anna: no, the other side - Holst
11:20 am Anna: my mothers father was danish
11:21 am Anna: thats about all ive been told!
11:21 am Anna: pretty british
11:21 am Anna: yeah i always watch them, but i think its weird how people get 
really emotional about it
11:22 am Guest_870: Hey
11:22 am Anna: v true!
11:22 am Anna: cultural labels are just that
11:22 am GRANT: Hey
11:23 am ADEN: hello!!!!!
11:24 am Room 1.2: HEY
11:24 am Room 1.2: SAY HELLO ROOM 1.2
11:24 am TIM: HELLO
11:25 am TIM: it was my birthday last week
11:25 am Guest_870: Can you hear me??
11:25 am TIM: yep
11:25 am Guest_870: Hello. Thank you for birthday wishes!
11:26 am Guest_870: yo!!!
11:26 am Guest_870: I'm good. I like your loft.
11:26 am Guest_870: you are too loud now though
11:26 am Guest_870: Do you like the Terry Deary audio books??
11:26 am Connor: Hello
11:26 am Guest_870: hi cara my names jake metcalfe
11:27 am rachel d: Cara, we're NOT co-hosting
11:27 am Guest_870: you should, his voice is awesome, he sings
11:27 am rachel d: Tell Grant to stop lieing to you
11:27 am GRANT: I am co-hosting
11:27 am rachel d: NO HE ISN'T
11:27 am Guest_870: hi my rich horrocks
11:28 am Adrienne : grant is lying!!!
11:28 am Guest_870: Adrienne is lying!!
11:28 am rachel d: Don't let them distract you...
11:28 am rachel d: Keep asking us what the history book should be called
11:29 am Grant: lets have a debate
11:29 am Guest_870: hi i am jake metcalfe, will you be my friend please
11:29 am Grant: tell connor that xbox is for noobs
11:29 am Beth: Are we supposed to suggest history book names??
11:29 am rachel d: room 1.2 is full of computers
11:29 am rachel d: they are now just getting you to read things out loud
11:29 am Adrienne: victorians are a cool historic era.
11:30 am Grant: No your not sad your cool
11:30 am Guest_870: my names jake metcalfe and i get the party started
11:30 am Grant: Have you got a sandwich maker??
11:30 am Beth: she was the shortest and longest queen.
11:31 am Beth: 3 centimetres
11:31 am Guest_674: hi
11:31 am Adrienne: yummy
11:31 am Beth: they were the same person
11:31 am Guest_870: LARGE AND IN CHARGE!!!
11:31 am Desmond: tell aden that PS3 sucks
11:31 am Beth: you never see them in the same room
11:32 am Beth: Stormin' Normans Baby!!
11:32 am Desmond: what a fate...
11:32 am Adrienne: intrestinnnnnnnn
11:32 am Tim ****: I've got to go. Have a nice time in the loft. See you soon! Tim
11:33 am jamie: why are you in the loft
11:33 am The Loft:
11:34 am jake: welcome to the gun show
11:34 am Ellie: rachels cl*** are all watchibg big screen style
11:34 am jake: add my fac
11:34 am Steve: 1500
11:34 am Grant: Where you from?
11:34 am adrienne: present day
11:34 am Steve: Renaissance is cool
11:35 am rachel d: what are you after? in terms of suggestions from the cl***?
11:35 am Anna: Its called the 'internet age'
11:35 am rachel d: I love how it bleeds out cl***
11:35 am Beth: the 90's
11:35 am The Loft: c-l-a-s-s
11:35 am Beth: The nasty 90's
11:35 am Ellie: like this? h-e-l-l-o
11:35 am adrienne: what?!?!?!?!
11:36 am adrienne: 90's is the best music!!
11:36 am Beth: there was brilliant music!!!
11:36 am Ellie: it could be the era of the mobile phone.
11:36 am Holly: This doesnt seem to be streaming for me
11:36 am Jesus: I enjoy 25 century music
11:36 am adrienne: oasis!
11:36 am Jesus: Techno.. lots of it
11:36 am Beth: Blur, oasis but I really love the 60's, you should do the sixties, 
11:36 am Anna: gtg Car, off to see our friend with the baby, tara, have fun!
11:36 am adrienne: drum n b***! dubstep
11:37 am Holly: I'll watch Ustream but follow chat here
11:37 am Ellie: chase and status!
11:37 am BBBEEENNN: torrent
11:37 am Grant: Can you say "lets get high on tech"
11:37 am adrienne: dj blend
11:37 am Grant: Vist - **********************/user/AppleStoreCentral
11:37 am adrienne: and everything is on itunes
11:38 am Grant: "Lets get high on tech"
11:39 am Grant: Hello im back
11:39 am Holly: finally back on the stream
11:39 am Holly: after watching another five hour energy
11:39 am Holly: ad
11:39 am Beth: those are all 90's bands
11:40 am adrienne: yeah!
11:40 am Ellie: yehhhh!
11:40 am Beth: yeh
11:40 am Grant: Yes play it lound
11:40 am Ellie: really loud to annoy rachel hehe
11:40 am Holly: personally i wouldnt mind hearing loveburger again
11:40 am Grant: Yes Ellie nice and lound
11:40 am Holly: been a long while
11:41 am Grant: Play this - **********************/watch?v=8mep27sDAek
11:41 am Ellie:  im just kidding rachell!
11:41 am BBBEEENNN: christmas lights??????? how cuuuurious
11:42 am BBBEEENNN: groovy
11:42 am Ellie: woo virtual tour
11:43 am Grant: WoW nice place you have there
11:43 am Holly: so are they all of your own things in the loft?
11:44 am BBBEEENNN: just make sure there arnt any dead bodies back there
11:45 am Ellie: haha ben ¬_¬
11:45 am BBBEEENNN: xD
11:45 am Holly: that's really interesting
11:45 am Holly: also, what does cohosting involve?
11:45 am Holly: there's a button i see on ustream
11:46 am Belvedere : Woaaahhhh!!!!
11:46 am Holly: i'll give it a whirl in an hour or so
11:46 am Holly: not on the webcam laptop at the moment
11:46 am Holly: TAPES!!
11:46 am Holly: mix tapes are always my favourite thing to find
11:47 am Belvedere: i bet you dont have a hack saw up there
11:47 am Grant:
11:47 am Holly: Jeff Buckley is a bit of an anomalae!
11:47 am Grant: Please watch my stream
11:47 am Grant:
11:48 am Belvedere: i have an old red wheelchair in my loft
11:48 am Belvedere: i ride it around screaming
11:48 am Grant: I'm streaming -
11:49 am Belvedere: no nothing like that its more crashing into struts and almost 
falling down the loft hole
11:49 am Grant: tune in -
11:49 am Holly: i think that's potentially a story
11:49 am Holly: you made up...
11:49 am Holly: cara you're famous
11:49 am Holly: you're on a projector
11:49 am Belvedere: well i do have a red wheelchair in my loft
11:49 am Holly: on this guys stream
11:49 am Belvedere: so there
11:50 am Grant: we are all loving the show
11:50 am Holly: i think they're watching you in a cl***room
11:50 am Holly: *cl a ss room
11:50 am Ellie: we are holly
11:50 am Belvedere: i also have a crossbow in my loft
11:50 am Belvedere: i am grants friend
11:50 am Belvedere: he thinks
11:50 am BBBEEENNN: I have a barret 50 call xD
11:51 am Holly: I do guided meditation
11:51 am Holly: haha
11:51 am Belvedere: ben you are such a f**&%
11:51 am Holly: i think you're thinking amanda holden
11:51 am Ellie: britains got talent
11:51 am adrienne: yes guided meditation!
11:51 am BBBEEENNN: Belvedere is bullying me...
11:51 am Holly: I'm signing off for a bit but i'll sign back in with the webcam 
laptop in a bit
11:52 am Holly: and cohost
11:52 am Belvedere: i think at the end of this stream you should jump full speed 
into all those boxes
11:52 am Belvedere: she cant see us
11:53 am Grant: Do you like out room?
11:53 am Belvedere: are their rats up there
11:53 am Belvedere: there are probably rats
11:53 am rachel d: @Belvedere - I like the boxes idea - see
11:53 am Grant: whats that behide you??
11:54 am Belvedere: what lived in the cage behind you
11:54 am Grant: who's that old lady stood behind you?
11:54 am Belvedere: yes the cage put it on your head
11:54 am Grant: lol you looked
11:55 am Belvedere:
11:55 am Ellie: can you sing us a song
11:55 am Grant: SING
11:55 am Belvedere: hamster!!!!!
11:55 am Belvedere: i knew it
11:56 am Ellie: sing please
11:56 am Belvedere: i bought a hamster yesterday its called colonel bear
11:56 am BBBEEENNN: get a kitty
11:56 am Belvedere: yep
11:56 am Bob: i had two hamsters , eyore and piglet
11:56 am Grant: I dont like Belvedere
11:56 am BBBEEENNN: D':
11:56 am Belvedere: i had hamsters called beethoven and hamish they are buried 
together in the garden
11:57 am BBBEEENNN: omg no one likes you Belvedere
11:57 am Bob: awww poor beethoven... i dont like hamish
11:57 am rachel d: right, prepare to say good bye to
11:57 am rachel d: all of these guys Cara
11:57 am rachel d: BYEEEEE
11:58 am Ellie: BYEEEEE! we have to do work now
11:58 am BBBEEENNN: But i dont wannna goo!!AAAAAAAAAAA
11:58 am Grant: LOVE YOU BYE
11:58 am Belvedere: i must go
11:59 am Belvedere: goodbye friends
11:59 am Bob: aha we have decieved rachel and we are still here hehehe
11:59 am Bob: haha we have decieved rachel and we are still here
12:39 pm The Loft: does anyone have a favourite puzzle? or do they have a special 
way of tackling a puzzle?
12:57 pm The Loft: puzzles puzzles puzzles
12:58 pm Guest_98: i cant watch it on the website, i have to go to ustream
12:59 pm Guest_98: oh soz its kirsty! hehe
12:59 pm The Loft: oooo ok
12:59 pm The Loft: thats ok
12:59 pm The Loft: i now understand whats happening
1:04 pm The Loft: ok because of the volume of traffic the video is not working so 
well on the live page - this means you can watch the video from the ustream page 
but unfortunately the chat feature does not appear on the ustream page - i can 
enable this but it then means you have to register to be able to type. so for now 
if you can bear with me for the last two hours of today’s broadcast then i can fix 
the traffic problem for tomorrow

Challenges that arose from today’s Chat Room discussions:

Challenge 3:

Everything in the loft should be included in the archive [created by Anna]

Challenge 4:

I should catalogue everything as if I were on an archaeological dig [created by Anna]

Challenge 5:

Jump at full speed in to all of the boxes [created by Belvedere and confirmed by rachel_d]


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.4_2011-06-09_15.39_LAPSody_log-day-2

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