Something Pretty Archive, a Kultural Carovan Detour and Off Into the Depths of a Sardinian Mine

Day Twenty Seven: Friday 22nd July 2011

Performance Broadcast

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Starting when I left off yesterday, I continued to catalogue the D.V. Tape box discussing the memories associated with each recording. I reflected on my role as Digital Assets Editor for DARVPA (Digital Archive for Research in Visual and Performing Arts) at the University of Chichester and my acquisition of the hard copies of the Macromedia Breeze recordings, which I helped to stream and produce between September 2007 and June 2008. This raised questions about the assimilation of other artists’/other institution’s archives into your own and the responsibility that is attributed to this.

I displayed elements of the Something Pretty Archive I made for my third year module ‘Documenting Performance’ at the University of Chichester, including a video of a gig and interview the band did for the project. I went through the portfolio I submitted for the module and read the critical essay I wrote to frame the project which connects to some of the key questions of this project regarding the definition of an archive, how we produce documentation, what is its value, and how documentation is integrated into archives.

Typed and spoken conversation with Miguel Stichini a friend and colleague from the Kultural Caravani project I participated in this April (2011) in Turkey. Together we took a short tour of the loft and its theatrical potential, reflecting on our time in Turkey and the aims of Caravani. You can see an excerpt of Miguel’s side of the conversation below in the Chat Room documentation below.

Returned to the D.V. Tape box to finish logging the tapes before continuing to reflect on the memories and experiences attributed to the tapes. I get to Item 26 a D.V. tape from September 2009 capturing a visit I went on to a mine in Carbonia, Sardinia. The visit took place as part of a walking workshop I did with Zarina Bhimji and Bartolomeo Pietromarchi. The tour was fantastically detailed and reminded me of the many caves, mines and the geode I got to visit as part of my work with Carovana S.M.I in Cagliari. All magical and life changing experiences. The way we dived into and explored these incredible worlds reminded me of the experience of being immersed in the loft and going on an adventure trip around its contents, discovering new things about myself, about other people and about the processes of performance and archiving.


Excerpt’s of today’s conversation as documented in the Live Stream Chat Room:

Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room
Miguel ban: Hey Cara
Miguel ban: fine Cara
Miguel ban: I dont have microphone
Miguel ban: is that a live band or a video?
Miguel ban: :)
Miguel ban: cool
Miguel ban: every body is looking for something
Miguel ban: ahhaha
Miguel ban: sorry I was just joining the music
Miguel ban: so what is going on there?
Miguel ban: hehehehe
Miguel ban: yes :) I can see
Miguel ban: hum hum
Miguel ban: yes
Miguel ban: I see
Miguel ban: and that band... are they going to play in your loft?
Miguel ban: you could make a unpluged
Miguel ban: hum
Miguel ban: ok...
Miguel ban: it is not so undertandable
Miguel ban: just letters
Miguel ban: :p
Miguel ban: thats a nice diagrama
Miguel ban: are you making some kind of art performances on the loft?
Miguel ban: yeah
Miguel ban: nice cartoon
Miguel ban: hahahaha
Miguel ban: yeah!! that's a better frame
Miguel ban: and tripod helps
Miguel ban: the curtinns are great background
Miguel ban: uau
Miguel ban: yeah
Miguel ban: its nice
Miguel ban: it can work as a theatre stage
Miguel ban: small performances stage
Miguel ban: that sounds familiar
Miguel ban: hehehee
Miguel ban: cool
Miguel ban: I mean, the cinderela part
Miguel ban: on caravan do you remember the cinderela performance?
Miguel ban: yeah
Miguel ban: first day
Miguel ban: yeah
Miguel ban: exactly
Miguel ban: I was in outside
Miguel ban: I was runing from place to place
Miguel ban: ali baba, cinderla, bremen musicians
Miguel ban: white snow
Miguel ban: did you like it?
Miguel ban: hehehe
Miguel ban: I was 2 times
Miguel ban: yeah...
Miguel ban: and greece
Miguel ban: yeah
Miguel ban: no
Miguel ban: no no
Miguel ban: hahahaha
Miguel ban: this chat stuff is crazy
Miguel ban: I wish I could talk
Miguel ban: uau
Miguel ban: no
Miguel ban: I have no microphone
Miguel ban: that would be great but now I have no microphone cara
Miguel ban: sorry
Miguel ban: alright
Miguel ban: sorry my internet is a ***
Miguel ban: a...
Miguel ban: caravan was really nice, for me this kind of projects can really 
change a person prespective. I was first time in a youth exchange in italy
Miguel ban: and it was something that made me think how art and informal 
education can be so usefull and make you really grow
Miguel ban: informal education is more about learning together and sharing, 
touching, performing, and interacting
Miguel ban: in turkey was a great experience because it was a diferent roll for 
Miguel ban: all the logistical part and stuff behind a project
Miguel ban: yes
Miguel ban: yes defenetly, both ways. the local comunity was just surprised with 
what happened
Miguel ban: and the group evolution, from the first day till the last was great
Miguel ban: we are "trying" to make the documentary about it
Miguel ban: do you think 11 days is very less for a project like that?
Miguel ban: with Pinar yes
Miguel ban: yes
Miguel ban: hum hum
Miguel ban: I agree
Miguel ban: yesss
Miguel ban: Cara... I am sorry I have to help my father here! so I have to leave 
Miguel ban: thank you
Miguel ban: :)
Miguel ban: that would be great
Miguel ban: kisses
Miguel ban: have a nice morning


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.28_2011-07-22_15.36_Miguel_Stichini_log-day-27

*note added 25th April 2012

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