You Don’t Need to Build an Archive When You Have Children: Sports Badges, Archive Schemas and Hitmen

Day Twenty Five: Wednesday 20th July 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

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Excitement at finding more things to add to the archive, even without a space for them to fit in the loft! Showing of one small box filled with my Brownie sash and badges, which I collected through my time as a Girl Guide. Badges of sports events and my dislike of sports. Trying to find pigeon tracks and then the realisation that the broadcast was blocked by the offline picture.

Part Two:

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Skype conversation with Sven Goyvaerts.

Part Three:

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This file is no longer available due to a resource failure in the archive control procedures of the proprietary live streaming provider for Instability in Stability. You can gain an alternative perspective on today’s performance via the Archive Appointment documentation situated below.*

Conversation with Sven continues, re-showing of the badges now the live feed is not blocked. Discussion of sports awards and memorabilia, Sven shows us his ping pong briefcase. Sven goes on to recollect his conversation with Walter, who desires to create a retrospective of all the work he has never shown, filling in gaps, and how the archive helps shift perspective. Together we frame and contextualise some of the questions posed to Sven and I through out our working careers to date which challenge why we as two emerging career/young artists are so interested in archives, and the ‘what-is-missing’. This leads into us talking about our individual projects, the notion of legacy and the need to document our work, in comparison to the lack of a need for Walter. In conversations with Sven, Walter’s suggested there is no longer a need for artists to build an archive when they can have children. Links to Sven’s 13 dimensional archive scheme or grid, the dilemma of knowing when an archive becomes an archive – is it always already an archive, or only until someone labels it as an archive? But at the same time everything already is inherently archival – people’s tendencies towards preservation, holding on to memories, on to power, it is all to do with perspective and potential of the construct of an archive and how we arrange and relate to objects/documents.

Our train of thought flows through the notions of: documentation as shooting someone (Sven’s Ninja project); our ideal jobs if we were not artists; the examination of one of my projects (Tantamount to the Self Same Difference) and how it could possibly reflect Sven’s model. Conversation ends and I continue looking at the documentation for this project, in particular the D.V. tapes that were recorded by participants in the installation.


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.26_2011-07-20_10.10_Sven_Goyvaerts_log-day-25


*note added 25th April 2012

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