Theatrical Reconstructions and The 100 Greatest Films

Day Three: Friday 10th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

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Part Two:

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Excerpts of today’s conversations documented in the Ustream Chat Room:

10:05 am The Loft: Good morning world! the broadcast will commence shortly!
10:12 am The Loft: if you could let me know if the chat feature is working that 
would be fab!!
10:16 am The Loft: just checking if the text box still works if i dont play the 
video live too....
10:17 am The Loft: yes it does! wooo ok so we have the issue again where the live 
video will not play probably in the website window but you can keep this open so 
you can chat whilst watching on the ustream webpage:
11:01 am The Loft: ok so in exploring the contents of the loft today's poll is to 
ask what is your favourite disney film? and what is your favourite wallace and 
gromit video? also if you have any disney song requests please let me know and i 
will give you a shout out!
1:05 pm The Loft: we are now exploring past memories of performances - favoruite 
works, favourite c****ographers, own c****ographies and theatre works -the 
creative process and the actual performances themselves.
1:09 pm The Loft: how bizarre it sensored c-h-o-r-e-g-r-a-p-h-y
1:25 pm The Loft: We are now comparing my collection of dvds to the 100 greatest 
films as stated on the video i have just found. do you have any of the films 
listed? if not why? can we together generate a new list of great films?
1:49 pm The Loft: Help me to divide my own collection in to the 100 greatest films 
by adding your won comments about each video!


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.5_2011-06-10_15.59_Ed_Pratt_log-day-3

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