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Day Six: Tuesday 14th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

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Part Two:

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Excerpts from today’s typed conversations as documented in the UStream Chat Room:

11:01 am The Loft: Good morning!!!!
11:10 am Sven G: G'morning, Cara!! Post-its are addictive!
11:12 am Sven G: Post-it me!
11:21 am Sven G: Some cl***ical!
11:21 am Sven G: Damn, that censoring is hilarious
11:22 am Sven G: adiemus!
11:23 am Sven G: relax and escape sounds good too
11:23 am Sven G: exactly
11:24 am Sven G: uhu, they did a delta airlines one too
11:24 am Sven G: with dolphins
11:28 am Sven G: adiemus is drowning your voice a bit, you can turn it down more
11:37 am Sven G: you could scan them seperately, but that's madness
11:38 am Sven G: yeah, do a pile, it's fine
11:40 am Sven G: would've never thought of re-using them like you're doing now, 
it's suprising
11:42 am Sven G: as remnants of what they are, but certainly scan/digitize them
11:42 am Sven G: you have that there?
11:42 am Sven G: yeah, I'm seeing that
11:42 am Sven G: it's about reperforming more
11:46 am Sven G: here on my end I'm making itemized lists of my personal 
possessions for a project
11:46 am Sven G: but i feel like I'm getting inspired by your re-using
11:47 am Sven G: I started with an app called iOwn
11:47 am Sven G: jup
11:47 am Sven G: it got banned from the store though because of copyright on the 
name; it's a kinda secret app
11:48 am Sven G: I start small now
11:48 am Sven G: first: what's in my backpack
11:48 am Sven G: yeah, house is the big project
11:49 am Sven G: I keep strict what to put in it, try to minimize what I have
11:50 am Sven G: also means throwing away, or giving away in the process
11:50 am Sven G: no, I'm known to throw away
11:52 am Sven G: yeah, I like the catholic ring to that
11:52 am Sven G: cleansing
11:52 am Sven G: I'm joking though
11:52 am Sven G: have to add smilie with that
11:53 am Sven G: but...
11:53 am The Loft: 

11:53 am Sven G: haha
11:55 am Sven G: I do
11:55 am Sven G: yeah, few seconds
11:58 am Sven G: it's remarkable that you get that sort of post-it exercise as an 
***ignment, couldn't imagine that happening over here at school
12:00 pm Sven G: ok, this an idea of yours! RIGHT! silly me
12:03 pm Sven G: WIND & HORSES, dear god
12:04 pm Sven G: no, but it's cool
12:04 pm Sven G: it's a bit like those brian eno cards
12:05 pm Sven G: let me look it up
12:05 pm The Loft: Competition attention
12:05 pm The Loft: Wind and horses
12:05 pm The Loft: focus becoming distracted
12:06 pm The Loft: Everybody up at once (nearly) (some)
12:06 pm The Loft: The shape of the word "insulin"
12:06 pm The Loft: V
12:06 pm Sven G: Oblique Strategies, those are his tips to artists in making an 
12:06 pm Sven G: ***********************/wiki/Oblique_Strategies
12:07 pm Sven G: haha, djezus
12:10 pm Sven G:'Try faking it', that's one for me
12:11 pm The Loft: Use an old idea State the problem in words as clearly as 
possible. Only one element of each kind. What would your closest friend do? What 
to increase? What to reduce? Are there sections? Consider transitions. Try faking 
it! Honour thy error as a hidden intention. Ask your body Work at a different 
12:12 pm Sven G: and an archivist
12:18 pm Sven G: nicely written
12:22 pm Sven G: bodies only there in context recognizing it as such, trippy!
12:25 pm Sven G: ooh company! can I find your text online someplace?
12:28 pm Sven G: jup, especially that one with the 'pause' in it
12:29 pm Sven G: yeah, remember us talking about that in our skype talk too..
12:30 pm Sven G: I don't talk as much about 'body'
12:30 pm Sven G: big fan of the kabakov text too, insanely cataloguing / do you 
also recognize a split between male and female? one more outside-world 
positivistic, the other more focused on things that are absent and body-related? 
that's very general though
12:31 pm Sven G: because you seem to be combining that now
12:40 pm Sven G: I remember us at home watching old betamax-videos - the media 
container in itself can also have a value for sure, vhs is going out too, and 
static is beautiful, no?
12:41 pm Sven G: we are crazy at home
12:41 pm Sven G: my dad put all of them on dvd
12:41 pm Sven G: enormous catalogue of home movies
12:42 pm Sven G: that's a big thing there, cara
12:42 pm Sven G: it's not just the keeping
12:42 pm Sven G: but experiencing through filming
12:42 pm Sven G: which I feel was important for my dad
12:42 pm Sven G: to frame reality
12:43 pm Sven G:to control what's happening also, not be overpowered by the 
much-ness of birthdays and holiday trips
12:44 pm Sven G: and your point in it
12:44 pm Sven G: it's almost like you're directing it
12:45 pm Sven G: I can imagine that
12:47 pm Sven G: yeah, I'll say sth: ..
12:49 pm Sven G: having those images mean something very particular is a violent 
thing, which is what do***entary filmmaking is about, unless you're 
fly-on-the-wall, fredrick wiseman-style, which I'm then more in admiration of
12:49 pm Sven G: memories of childhood-videos
12:49 pm Sven G: first one comes to mind: is those new year's letters
12:50 pm Sven G: we performed them for our families
12:50 pm Sven G: while I don't even know if we wrote them ourselves!
12:50 pm Sven G: all very shy and in hushed voices
12:51 pm Sven G: a humiliation ritual, for presents, 
12:51 pm Sven G: it's like monopoly, p***ing by the bank
12:51 pm Sven G: no real presents-presents
12:52 pm Sven G: that's christmas
12:55 pm Sven G: then much later.. last holiday trip to mexico, being asked 
on-stage to dance with the women dancers and looking like some sort of wobbling 
rake - so yeah, shame-memories come first, 
12:57 pm Sven G: I wouldn't dare to watch it back, but I have vivid memory
12:58 pm Sven G: haha
12:58 pm Sven G: that looks edited though
12:58 pm Sven G: is it?
12:59 pm Sven G: my dad never did that, the transitions are most humorous, fade 
to black in between each time
1:01 pm Sven G: and haircuts, I find it hard to imagine our haircuts will start 
looking that dated
1:03 pm Sven G: no, don't remember that, we got to eat part of the cake though
1:05 pm Sven G: you should maybe eat your post-its too
1:07 pm Sven G: they need some seasoning
1:07 pm Sven G: thyme, ginger
1:07 pm Sven G: when I was a kid yes
1:08 pm Sven G: I licked battery acid once, that was scary
1:09 pm Sven G: I remember looking at the ooze
1:09 pm Sven G: don't remember how old, I'm guessing 7
1:10 pm Sven G: in a car yes
1:10 pm Sven G: didn't work, popped open the lid and saw this green ooze
1:11 pm Sven G: other scary, bit boy-ish thing:
1:11 pm Sven G: when my brother and I were in a bath together, we sprayed water 
with shampoo cans in each other's faces, until...
1:11 pm Sven G: the cap flew off on one into my throat, and I couldn't breathe
1:11 pm Sven G: had to do the heimlich on me
1:12 pm Sven G: no, was last time
1:12 pm Sven G: what was that with heinz?
1:13 pm Sven G: ah yes, smart company move
1:14 pm Sven G:all very blonde children, reminds me of that horror film
1:15 pm Sven G: let me look it up
1:15 pm Sven G: causing, for sure
1:16 pm Sven G: Village of the Damned
1:20 pm Sven G: hahah
1:27 pm Sven G: I remember Fristi-drink
1:28 pm Sven G: it purple-ish strawberry/forest fruit yoghurt-like
1:31 pm Sven G: getting more and more intrigued by the editing
1:33 pm Sven G: these coppered shoes, first soccer-shoe and walking shoe
1:33 pm Sven G:you could copper everything!
1:33 pm Sven G: jup
1:34 pm Sven G: rusty orange, with metal layer
1:36 pm Sven G: inventing traditions is very cool, pertinent nowadays too I think
1:40 pm Sven G: you can make broadcasted loft-nosing into an annual tradition
1:42 pm Sven G: it's hypnotic most of all
1:43 pm Sven G: engaging more is
1:44 pm Sven G: it's like pure reacting, in a sense, but in a very limited way - 
through text
1:44 pm Sven G: chatbox here, uhu
1:46 pm Sven G: we should do one of those too
1:46 pm Sven G: jup, I saw it
1:47 pm The Loft: hello i am the loft
1:47 pm Bob: Hi guys whats going?
1:48 pm Sven G: identity theft!
1:48 pm Jim: Definitely
1:48 pm Sven G: nope
1:48 pm Sven G: ah yes, heard about this catfish
1:50 pm Sven G: yeah, but I'm less of an instigator in that way, I think, in this 
process of yours, I don't like stealing people's thunder
1:51 pm Sven G: but again, it's want you propose here of course
1:52 pm Sven G: yeah, it's a relief to have other people talking
1:52 pm Sven G: hehe
1:53 pm Sven G: that's one thing I can finish with today, and what I have been 
thinking about the difference with my possessions thing:..
1:54 pm Sven G: almost nothing!
1:55 pm Sven G: was coming in hoping to do work, but I was pleasantly distracted 
all the time
1:56 pm Sven G: I come more from this heavily ironic and atonement perspective on 
art: these are my stuff, I bombard them to an artwork and plead guilty for having 
them - which you are not communicating at all, and I admire that vulnerability
1:56 pm Sven G: but also in the sense of:
1:57 pm Sven G: oh yes, and understand how they make me who I am and at the same 
time not define who I am
1:58 pm Sven G: you seem to be asking: do you find me and my stuff 'interesting' 
enough to help me make sense of this? and I do my work on my own more, which you 
can then witness, but not be part of
1:59 pm Sven G: that's what I mean with vulnerable also
2:00 pm Sven G: that's the spirit
2:01 pm Sven G: just saw spit being wiped off a baby's mouth
2:01 pm Sven G: aha!
2:03 pm Sven G: yes, be like that, minus the dribble perhaps
2:05 pm Sven G: oh, cara!!
2:05 pm Sven G: childlike handling of the archive, I take that with me for now
2:05 pm Sven G: is it time for you to stop?
2:06 pm Sven G: right, english time, no then I stick around
2:07 pm Sven G:  nappy time?
2:10 pm Sven G: happy sweater
2:12 pm Sven G: those sofas that came before are familiar
2:13 pm Sven G: uhm fun clothes.. mostly slippers in the form of furry animals
2:15 pm Sven G: when did you say your parents got seperated?
2:16 pm Sven G: ok
2:17 pm Sven G: yes, to say something from my part:
2:18 pm Sven G: I am told that I brought my mam and dad back together, being the 
first child, but they broke up right before my mom realized she was pregnant
2:18 pm Sven G: the (slightly unwanted?) reunion child
2:19 pm Sven G: it's double-sided
2:19 pm Sven G: one that came after, yes
2:20 pm Sven G: but yeah, always lived in one house, which if 5 houses further 
from here
2:20 pm Sven G: I'm in the old grandparents' house
2:20 pm Sven G: we own the street
2:20 pm Sven G: smilie
2:21 pm Sven G: no, not like that, I was joking, but they lived practically next 
2:22 pm Sven G: which is a bit strange, my grandpa does own the garage where the 
bikes are kept from the entire street
2:23 pm Sven G: no, it's an enterpreneurial thing of grandpa
2:23 pm Sven G: haha
2:25 pm Sven G: not an inventor, but he was fairly creative - painting and all, 
and working at a printing firm
2:26 pm Sven G: grandma worked behind the counter of a cigar/sigarette store and 
later at a supermarket
2:27 pm Sven G: oh yes, I paint you a very romantic picture now
2:29 pm Sven G: can't see second camera no
2:29 pm Sven G: I refresh too, wait sec
2:32 pm Sven G: I'm back now
2:32 pm Sven G: I can try the cohost too, I am a member
2:34 pm Sven G: I'll try through ustream itself
2:47 pm The Loft: thank you for trying that

Challenges that arose from today’s Chat Room discussions:

Challenge 11:

To scan and digitise all of the post-it notes in the loft. [created by Sven]

Challenge 12:

To eat the post-it notes with some seasoning of thyme and ginger. [created by Sven]

Challenge 13:

Make broadcasting ‘loft-nosing’ an annual tradition. [created by Sven]


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