Make your Loft a Home, Empty Documents and Chalkboard Palimpsests

Day One: Wednesday 8th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.4_2001-06-08_log-day-1.1

Connecting to Helsinki; conversing with Johanna; introducing the project, encountering loose items around the space – loose papers, Duke of Edinburgh Award equipment, a clipboard.

Labelling our first item: The Empty Document; conversing with Natasha about the consideration of time, degradation and re-birth of the document, document as parasite and the obsession of documenting performance.

Conversation continues with Natasha, our second encounter leads to a discussion of the chalkboard as a palimpsest. We go on to discuss the ideas of itinerancy, swapping objects, repairing objects, passing on of objects; considering the ‘homely’ and how to turn the loft into a space that is more cosy and reflective of the objects housed in the space.

Challenge 1:

Convert the loft into a home [created by Natasha]

Challenge 2:

Use your personal archive objects to achieve challenge 1 and transform the loft into your home for the next 3 months. [created by Natasha]

Part Two:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.5_2011-06-08_log-day-1.2

Dressing the space to make it feel more ‘homely’; switching on technological items in the room – fairy lights, lava lamp, t.v., cd player. We have the camera, we now have the lights and we are ready for action.

Reflection on the day’s broadcast and re-capping what the project is aiming to achieve.

Excerpts from today’s conversations documented in the Ustream Chat Room:

9:06 Instab-In-Stab: Hello to Helsinki
9:06 Instab-In-Stab: if you read me please let me know 
9:11 Johanna1976: Hello!
9:11 Johanna1976: Working here in Helsinki
9:12 Johanna1976: Just testing at the moment
9:12 Johanna1976: Not sure how this is working
9:14 Instab-In-Stab: hi johanna
9:14 Instab-In-Stab: do hear me?
9:14 Johanna1976: Yes
9:14 Instab-In-Stab: is the video playing?
9:14 Johanna1976: Working well at the moment
9:15 Instab-In-Stab: brillant!
9:15 Johanna1976: It is a bit bright here which is affecting to the screen
9:15 Johanna1976: Like you know you are situated to the TORI
9:16 Johanna1976: It is fine
9:16 Johanna1976: Hope we get so clouds
9:16 Johanna1976: :)
9:17 Johanna1976: Yej
9:17 Johanna1976: Presentations at the moment
9:17 Johanna1976: If I remember correctly they will have a break soon
9:18 Johanna1976: I´m usinf Ustream
9:18 Johanna1976: There is also possible to have webside
9:19 Johanna1976: We have opened both
9:20 Johanna1976: BUT is everything ok there in England?
9:21 Johanna1976: Sounds good
9:23 Johanna1976: Ok
9:24 Johanna1976: Unfortunately I need to go now
9:24 Johanna1976: Keep in touch
9:25 Instab-In-Stab: Thankyou!!!
9:25 Instab-In-Stab: I really appreciate your help :)
9:26 Johanna1976: Hope you have a good time in there docorating
9:26 Johanna1976: Bye!
9:27 Instab-In-Stab: bye!
9:28 Johanna1976: Oooh - do I need to log out?
9:28 Johanna1976: And how I do it?
9:29 Johanna1976: I´ll try

10:58 natasha000: but i guess that has to do with change, a lot 
of ppl are afraid of change...hmmmaybe thats an othervreason why we keep hold of 
10:59 natasha000: little bits that keep us attached to what we are familiar with
10:59 natasha000: makes us feel safe
10:59 natasha000: its a comfort
10:59 natasha000: yeh
11:01 natasha000: hi
11:01 natasha000: hahha
11:02 natasha000: this
11:02 natasha000: is
11:02 natasha000: a...
11:03 natasha000: hmmm begins with p? ends in t?
11:03 natasha000: yeh..
11:04 natasha000: pulimilst?
11:04 natasha000: ahahahaha
11:04 natasha000: yeh hahah
11:04 Instab-In-Stab: palimpsest
11:05 natasha000: ok i do not know this word...
11:06 natasha000: aaa i like that
11:07 natasha000: yeh i was just going to say that 
11:09 natasha000: personaly i like desciptively...
11:09 natasha000: never been a fan of mathematics
11:10 natasha000: and a description in itself tells a story
11:10 natasha000: a number not so much
11:10 natasha000: i think
11:12 natasha000: so palimpsest through time...
11:12 natasha000: so many layers will be added
11:12 natasha000: to it yeh
11:13 natasha000: thats fine lol
11:15 natasha000: that reminds me of something my mums says all the time, that 
everything happens for a reason and you might not see it straight away
11:15 natasha000: so everything is kept for a rwason and rekept again 
11:15 natasha000: maybe for an other
11:16 natasha000: it just reminded me when you explained that word
11:17 natasha000: yeh...sometimes i dont have a reason to keep 
it so i get rid of 
it and the funny thing is sometimes i give things to my sister
11:17 natasha000: then i see it years later and want it back
11:18 natasha000: it has gained a value it didnt have before
11:18 natasha000: lol
11:18 natasha000: whatever the object is lol it can be the simplest thing...
11:18 natasha000: yeh!
11:18 natasha000: hahah
11:20 natasha000: ok so i know its silly but hey... my mum gave me a nighty that 
grandma had given  was pasted down to me...then my sister wore it...then i took it 
back...even though it doesnt fit me
11:20 natasha000: i never met my grandma so i guess it makes me feel like i know 
her a little
11:20 natasha000: by keeping it 
11:21 natasha000: yeh its almost like oh wow my grandma held this, washed it blah 
blah blah...
11:22 natasha000: yeh i guess...and i would like to pass the story on...
11:22 natasha000: the nighty on
11:22 natasha000: like to my children...
11:22 natasha000: poor kids lol, heres a nighty your greatgrandma bought 
grandma...i know its old torn and unfashionable but you are going to wear it
11:22 natasha000: hahahaha
11:24 natasha000: if it was desperately falling apart i would save it but so far 
i have let it be
11:24 natasha000: hasnt been worn in years so its safe
11:25 natasha000: hmmm gd one....
11:25 natasha000: um probably kept safe...maybe wear it ....
11:25 natasha000: not sure
11:26 natasha000: maybe i will jst passed to them when its my time to go
11:26 natasha000: then they can do what they want with it and i dont have to know
11:28 natasha000: aw wow!
11:28 natasha000: hes so cute!!!
11:28 natasha000: hahaha
11:29 natasha000: what is interesting about the teddy is the different meaning he 
must have had
11:29 natasha000: hahahah
11:30 natasha000: that makes me laugh cause i was just thinking he must have been 
comforting for someone and not for you lol
11:30 natasha000: awww
11:31 natasha000: patchy no eyes
11:31 natasha000: Patchy first name
11:31 natasha000: Noeyes second
11:31 natasha000: hahaha
11:33 natasha000: he is a cool rabbit...
11:33 natasha000: hahaha
11:34 natasha000: did you take them places with you?
11:35 natasha000: aw lol
11:36 natasha000: aw bless him hanging in the air
11:38 natasha000: um i have most of them in my sisters room, she is worse than me 
when it comes to keeping  other thing i regret giving her is my elli the elepahnt 
teddy...i had a little grey kitten...i thin
11:38 natasha000: i think those were my faves..
11:38 natasha000: i only have a little grey me to you bear and a green alien
11:38 natasha000: from toy story in my room now
11:40 natasha000: yeh normal elephant colour, she was nothing fancy but was gd 
11:40 natasha000: thats cool
11:41 natasha000: i think it allows children to create different personalities and 
situations by ahving different teddys... i know i had a couple of mena barbie 
dolls and a feww nice ones...
11:42 natasha000: i know that sounds weird lol but hey other kids have imaginery 
11:44 natasha000: no i loved playing with my animal toys too much
11:45 natasha000: yeh i ahve always lived near areas i could go off and explore...
like near a river bank 
11:45 natasha000: wow the things i would collect then
11:45 natasha000: and take it all back to the river ''house;; lol
11:46 natasha000: it was under this curved bush...we took a blanket from the house 
and made lumps on the ground to sit on then placed the blanket on top...we found 
loads of pieces of old plates, ceramic pots,
11:46 natasha000: things that ppl would through down the river
11:47 natasha000: as the greeks didnt care much for the enviroment
11:47 natasha000: and it would be treasure in our eyes
11:48 natasha000: yeh we found a whole ceramic vase once and took it back home 
gave it to mum...we still have it! the river house got washed away one really bad 
11:48 natasha000: :(
11:48 natasha000: oh well plenty of happy memories
11:49 natasha000: i was about 7
11:49 natasha000: 8
11:50 natasha000: about 3 sometimes 4 of us, vaggeli the next dooe neighbor, and 
steph and nick a couple of american kids that used to ,ive here...
11:51 natasha000: sorry did get that last question
11:51 natasha000: was listening to something
11:52 natasha000: yeh...different house now but same area
11:54 natasha000: lots and lots of memories, happy that they are part of me but 
also happy that i dont live there now, that was a house, this is a home
11:55 natasha000: hmmm i guess with this particular time it was that the old place 
we rented, never felt ours...this place although small, its cozy, and we have all 
done individula things to add bits of our character t
11:56 natasha000: now this house has a characyter made from us lol
11:57 natasha000: yeh...
11:58 natasha000: right cara, im going to have to go need to get stuff ready for 
rehearsals, really enjoyed our convo
11:58 natasha000: speak soon! 
11:59 natasha000: haha lol 
11:59 natasha000: bye
11:59 natasha000: x
12:21 Instab-In-Stab: hi everyone
12:22 Instab-In-Stab: if you have any questions or would like me to explain 
anything just let me know
12:47 Instab-In-Stab: opinion poll -should every item i find in the loft be 
catergorised or should there be a process of selection?
1:30 Instab-In-Stab: any music requests?


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.1_2011-06-08_15.16_Sari_Kivinen_log-day-1


Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.2_2011-06-08_15.33_Julia_&_Amelia_log-day-1

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