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Day Four: Saturday 11th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.10_2011-06-11_log-day-4.1

Part Two:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.11_2011-06-11_log-day-4.2

Excerpts from today’s conversation as documented in the UStream Chat Room:

10:01 am The Loft: Good morning world the broadcast is just loading so I will be 
on the air in 3minutes
10:52 am The Loft: Looking forward to having Kirsty and Tom for a picnic!
12:08 pm The Loft: Tom and Kirsty are now in the loft yayayayay!
12:34 pm Guest_788: hello Cara!
12:37 pm Neil Jess: are you having fun? Burt
12:37 pm Neil Jess: hi . yep we are here (ollie is doing homework). Jess likes the 
pick up sticks
2011 - 12:39 pm Neil Jess: cool
12:39 pm Neil Jess: i gave you this?
12:40 pm Neil Jess: oh now i remember it
12:41 pm Neil Jess: we can see and hear you (from jess)
12:42 pm Neil Jess: OMG - Cara i never you could talk so much (from neil)
12:42 pm Neil Jess: oh yeah... think it was Zo's
12:42 pm Neil Jess: oh really
12:43 pm Neil Jess: i left school 25 years ago 
12:43 pm Neil Jess: yeah .... em ... Mia and HAtty
12:44 pm Neil Jess: yep since Year R
12:44 pm Neil Jess: primary school
12:45 pm Neil Jess: yeah lots...
12:45 pm Neil Jess: are you archiving this lot?
12:47 pm Neil Jess:  cool....
12:47 pm Neil Jess: i like the concept. Jess says "whats for lunch" LOL
12:49 pm Neil Jess: lmao
12:49 pm Neil Jess: is round bread round? no way 
12:50 pm Neil Jess: school dinners
12:50 pm Neil Jess: cheese hur
12:50 pm Neil Jess: yes
12:51 pm Neil Jess: The kids uncle james gave a dairylea cheese triangle to their 
****er spaniel (fergus) once ... it got stuck around his teeth and he licked it 
like a crazy thing trying to get it off.... quite amusing
12:52 pm Neil Jess: i like the way it stared out ****er ... lol
12:54 pm Neil Jess: right ... we got a few bits to do.... will check back in later  
Have fun you crazy frogs
12:55 pm Neil Jess: byeeeeee x
1:16 pm The Loft: Hi nigey
1:17 pm The Loft: do you redau
1:17 pm The Loft: do you read us?
1:21 pm Nigel:  Sorry was trying to chat on the You Strem site
1:29 pm The Loft: hello
1:29 pm The Loft: would you like to play with us nigel?
1:30 pm Nigel: Why not...although I think Rupert wants to join in too
1:32 pm Nigel: Please do not bring that latex glove home Tom...they scare me


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