Chat Room Documentation from Open All Hours

Please find below excerpts from the Chat Room conversations documented during the week long 24 hour-a-day event in the loft.

Day Fifty Three: Monday 29th August

Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
Thomas ban: Hello!
Thomas ban: Is it cold up there?
Thomas ban: You can crack some huge farts out and noone will knbow
Thomas ban: know*
Thomas ban: Yep
Colin ban: oooof well this is a bit moody!
Thomas ban: I'm being nagged to go to bed, I shall join you again soon
Thomas ban: Bye :)
Colin ban: This is very surreal. And I have managed to take home the keys from 
work when everyone will be gone by now. AWESOME.
Colin ban: mostly you sitting with a lava lamp reading a book hah
Colin ban: I literally giggled at the x files :) I DONT BELIEVE YOU! It was the 
bed, honest!
Colin ban: hehe :) Well I'm glad you arent on the floorboards
Colin ban: ok, I must be off, sleep tight!
Colin ban: sorry love, I gotta shoot!
Colin ban: this is a little voyeuristic for me anyway this time of night! Night :)

TheLoftProject mod: good night! i am off to bed now too!
TheLoftProject mod: if anyone wants to get hold of me give the skype channel a 
call with the name: instability in stability
noel ban: the lights are sparkly!
noel ban: Good night Cara!
TheLoftProject mod: hi is the broadcast still working ok?

TheLoftProject mod: hi is the broadcast still working ok?
TheLoftProject mod: not sure if the broadcast has frozen or not so i need to 
refresh the broadcast apologies and i will be back in 2 minutes
TheLoftProject mod: pee time brb
TheLoftProject mod: back
TheLoftProject mod: Unfinished project one: Howe Echo
TheLoftProject mod: This is a time to develop the 'wyn/wynjo/wind-vane' given to 
us by Imogen Ashwin's project Howe Echo. I now have to make an echo on the 
wind-vane and to plant it at the highest point around me.
TheLoftProject mod: The website is:
TheLoftProject mod: Second unifinshed project is the daily log on the Instability 
in Stability website  - I have the challenge of putting as much info up as 
possible on the website in 20 minutes
TheLoftProject mod: As part of the Open All Hours Event I have been challenged to 
finish all unfinished projects. Project two was the daily log on the Instability 
in Stability website. I have 20 minutes to update the web
TheLoftProject mod: website with as much info as possible, so I am publishing the 
drafts of the last two weeks broadcasts I have yet to upload on the log. Each day 
this week I will delete these messages at the top of
TheLoftProject mod: unfinished posts as they are completed. Therefore please 
excuse any messy sentences or holes in the recollection of events on a particular 
day's broadcast. This will be remedied asap :)
TheLoftProject mod: If you would like to tell me about any projects/plans you have 
started but not got round to finishing that would be great! you can type here or 
call me on skype at the channel: instability in stabilit
M ban: are you ready for your breakfast, or not because you have viewers. M x
M ban: the sound is very quiet you might want to ask the others if they think the 
M ban: I'm on the cae right now, e.t.o.a. approx 5 mins. Xx
TheLoftProject mod:
TheLoftProject mod: pee time
TheLoftProject mod: back and looking at how we can live in the archive
TheLoftProject mod: currently munching lunch after nearly completely the first 
box to be mapped since the boxes have been fully formed please feel free to 
interupt me at any point
M ban: M rests her case re 'kind', 'kinder' and 'like' !  They are not exression 
that best display an articulate and intelligent being.  I have done my best to 
protect you, but when do mums get listened to
M ban: It's called 'following the crowd and wanting to fit in>
M ban: so you were trying to fit in
M ban: it par t of the survival mechanism
M ban: Perhaps its also safe because its womb like
M ban: amyway i need to attend to other servival things the 'washing and shopping' 
we'll resume this later.  Geneic M word 'NO' Don't' xx
M ban: ur choice , and yes you do, bye, bye, o.k.
noel ban: I once recorded myself speaking for an entire 24 hours
noel ban: I said "yeah" 512 times
noel ban: I'm a very a positive person
noel ban: nice!
noel ban: sparkly
noel ban: effervescent
noel ban: I guess I just wanted to record myself
noel ban: The hard part was transcribing!
noel ban: I did it on cassette tape
noel ban: Nice!
noel ban: my parents recorded me sleeping once...
noel ban: to prove that I snored!
noel ban: it was kind of mean!
noel ban: I had to get my tonsils out
noel ban: A little bit of both!
noel ban: I snored really loud when they were around
noel ban: yeah...
noel ban: I used to try to sleep holding my breath
noel ban: It was a random day
noel ban: yeah that didn't work well
noel ban: the recording was fun, I made poetry out of the words afterwards
noel ban: someplace..... maybe a myspace somewhere?
noel ban: retro right!?
noel ban: speaking of an archive
noel ban: suddenly myspace becomes a ghost town of a certain era
noel ban:
noel ban: sure! :)
noel ban: or I should say "Yeah!"
TheLoftProject mod:
noel ban: that one is instrumental...
noel ban: yeah I just saw that!
noel ban: hmnnn I think that one is the oceans?
noel ban: no badges for me....
noel ban: this one is made from sounds from ocean...
noel ban: I recorded "ambient" sounds
noel ban: like the waves and stuff...
noel ban: a rubberband
noel ban: a crystal glass
noel ban: haha an "old girlfriend"
noel ban: yeah yeah layer it up...
noel ban: speaking of archives!
noel ban: recombinatory aesthetics
noel ban: **a little hard to hear you***
noel ban: this is a cat stevens sample reflipped
noel ban: yup!
noel ban: WOW
noel ban: it just stopped
noel ban: like you anticipated it
TheLoftProject mod: haha i think thats cos i stopped it!
TheLoftProject mod: im guessing you cannot hear or see me again?!
noel ban: true indeed
noel ban: a big "offline"
TheLoftProject mod: eight i think i need to not care if the recording finishes or 
have to re-start broadcasting every 5 hours
TheLoftProject mod: bear with me two minutes gunna re-start the webmaster 

4:09 PM  noel ban: ah you are back!
4:10 PM  noel ban: a bit louder
4:10 PM  noel ban: I imagine your whole world view will change
4:10 PM  noel ban: warming up lava lamp!
4:11 PM  noel ban: I think regardless!
4:11 PM  noel ban: yeah (512)
4:11 PM  noel ban: :)
4:11 PM  noel ban: I hope  you are eating
4:11 PM  noel ban: phew
4:12 PM  noel ban: that's good
4:12 PM  noel ban: well is an archive alive?
4:13 PM  noel ban: :)
4:14 PM  noel ban: wow you have been working up there
4:15 PM  noel ban: we had an earthquake last week. They may topple on you in that
4:15 PM  noel ban: yeah!  looking forward to that
4:15 PM  sparky: Hay oh
4:16 PM  noel ban: whoa! you said sparkles!
4:16 PM  sparky: Happy Archiving!
4:16 PM  noel ban: sparky arrives!
4:16 PM  noel ban: I love the looping
4:16 PM  sparky: Ciao Noel, and happy archiving Cara
4:16 PM  noel ban: :)
4:17 PM  noel ban: no damage
4:17 PM  noel ban: just frayed nerves
4:18 PM  noel ban: definitely!  felt the fragility of the building we were in
4:18 PM  sparky: Have always felt one could build a house out of archives boxes 
no sweat
4:18 PM  sparky: one knows that
4:18 PM  noel ban: does the structure of the archive have a metaphorical 
earthquake that would impact its integrety?
4:19 PM  sparky: grey
4:20 PM  noel ban: can the structure of the archive be effected by an earthquake 
of the metaphorical sense?
4:20 PM  noel ban: whoops
4:20 PM  noel ban: I wrote that twice
4:20 PM  noel ban: chat was SLOW!
4:21 PM  sparky: grey in terms of that's the normal colour of archive boxes - 
papers and photographs.
4:23 PM  noel ban: What about a forgetting of English?
4:23 PM  noel ban: love the fireplace!
4:25 PM  noel ban: tea doesn't taste as good here in the states
4:26 PM  Thomas ban: Tea!
4:26 PM  Thomas ban: Bleuch
4:26 PM  sparky: and one understands and respects your performative archive. Take 
care dear Cara. They are a massive burden , but enjoy your project. PS Noel, 
tea - liptons is over engineered. Much love and tea ... Jo
4:27 PM  Thomas ban: Mildred has prehistoric taste buds
4:27 PM  sparky: john
4:31 PM  Thomas ban: This was Friday wasn't it?
4:31 PM  Thomas ban: We were hearing about it at work
4:31 PM  Thomas ban: Me either, PINK
4:32 PM  TheLoftProject mod: of course you went for pink
4:32 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hehehehe
4:32 PM  Thomas ban: Nice choice
4:32 PM  Thomas ban: Mildred colour
4:31 PM  noel changed their nickname to noel.
4:33 PM  noel ban: performance writing
4:33 PM  noel ban: pe rfor mance?  JOHN HALL?
4:33 PM  TheLoftProject mod: could it have been!!!!>
4:34 PM  TheLoftProject mod: c'est possibile!
4:34 PM  noel ban: wow you changed the language!
4:34 PM  Thomas ban: Oooh, bold.
4:35 PM  Thomas ban: Nifty
4:35 PM  Thomas ban: Nigel says Hi btw
4:36 PM  Thomas ban: Nigel will be coming
4:37 PM  Thomas ban: We reckon you'll have gone insane by Wednesday
4:37 PM  Thomas ban: We will be tuning in to watchy you become unhinged of course
4:37 PM  noel ban: what if she never comes back out?
4:37 PM  noel ban: the emily dickenson of archiving!
4:38 PM  noel ban: (the video stoppped for a bit for me there!)
4:38 PM  noel ban: seems good!
4:52 PM  noel ban: (gotta tend to the nephew, but will be around)
4:57 PM  Thomas ban: Habgood?!
4:57 PM  Thomas ban: Barbara Habgood?!
5:04 PM  Thomas ban: Bless you
5:20 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
5:23 PM  Kirsty ban: LOL why you talking about jo's nan!!! hi!xx
5:27 PM  Kirsty ban: yay!
5:28 PM  Kirsty ban: that would be amazing
5:30 PM  Kirsty ban: the library
5:37 PM  noel ban: I always said a marathon was on my bucket list
5:38 PM  noel ban: of almost dying
5:38 PM  noel ban: and mind too
5:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
5:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
5:58 PM  TheLoftProject mod:

a gap of some time ☹
9:05 PM  neil ban: what music Jo?
9:06 PM  Jo ban: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, mainly 1960s stuff
9:06 PM  HazelSilvester ban: The Beatles! lovely stuff
9:07 PM  neil ban: good call ... love the beatles... stones better mind
9:08 PM  Jo ban: Very similar paths
9:09 PM  neil ban: whats all this "larven" stuff all abouyt then
9:10 PM  neil ban: i want my money back :)
9:11 PM  neil ban: none of it
9:11 PM  Jo ban: theorist stuff, thats it really
9:12 PM  neil ban: a very nice 12 quid bottle of chile cab sav....
9:13 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
9:13 PM  Jo ban: Bright screen, bad for a hangover!
9:14 PM  Jo ban: well done with the puzzle!
9:15 PM  Jo ban: the wiki page
9:15 PM  Jo ban: *applause*
9:15 PM  neil ban: genius
9:15 PM  HazelSilvester ban: *more applause*
9:16 PM  neil ban: nope... can you play it yet?
9:16 PM  neil ban: *even more applause* :)
9:17 PM  blueypie ban: Neil put the wine down and join in
9:18 PM  neil ban: i can call into the stream?
9:19 PM  Jo ban: I'm creatively challenged I'm afraid, that's another thing I 
remember about your kitchen though, lots of instruments
9:19 PM  neil ban: i remember the dishwasher i tried to mend :)
9:20 PM  neil ban: in tyhe kitchen
9:20 PM  neil ban: tut tut ... ill buy you one for xmas off ebay
9:26 PM  neil ban: question: is this archiving?
9:26 PM  neil ban: or you two having a natter ;)
9:29 PM  neil ban: ok... i get it. and this is a performance ... you two ... but 
also us lot watching. o
9:30 PM  neil ban: but isnt art ... a finsihed thing? something tangelble
9:30 PM  neil ban: ***dont cut us off** :)
9:33 PM  neil ban: you cant archive in a TESCO bag!
9:35 PM  Jo ban: Moira Stewart! Amazing
9:35 PM  neil ban: lmao
9:36 PM  neil ban: donut
9:36 PM  Jo ban: her laugh is amazing
9:36 PM  Jo ban: yep she's on it
9:36 PM  neil ban: who's moira's?
9:37 PM  neil ban: bit girlie mush that little story ... lol
9:38 PM  Jo ban: It's hard to move house without getting caught up in 
9:38 PM  Jo ban: all the boxes and stuff
9:38 PM  Jo ban: same sort of thing???
9:39 PM  neil ban: hmm .. yeah but what happens with the archive? it will still 
be in a box right?
9:40 PM  Jo ban: To me it seems that the archive is half physical and half 
emotional, am I reading too much into this?  (Only been online an hour)
9:40 PM  Jo ban: interesting
9:42 PM  neil ban: (wine maybe jo?) :)
9:42 PM  neil ban: acton and that piece of london... is kinda signaficant across 
the family
9:43 PM  Jo ban: bigger than personal then
9:43 PM  Jo ban: No wine today, might be some in the bloodstream from yesterday :)
9:45 PM  neil ban: i still have some in mine from sat lol\
9:45 PM  neil ban: Q: whats the funniest thing youve found doing this project 
9:48 PM  neil ban: :-D
9:48 PM  HazelSilvester ban: (on another note, this is really addictive! i should 
be working but this is much more interesting)
9:49 PM  neil ban: (im with ya hazel.. i sat down to do loads tonight.... but im 
totally addictvie. cara you could be onto something here.... )
9:49 PM  Jo ban: Aww bless, take the dry shampoo!
9:50 PM  neil ban: yes...
9:50 PM  neil ban: how did the dishwasher break? :)
9:50 PM  irelandemc ban: Can I send you a message from this Livestream page
9:51 PM  Jo ban: How long have you lived in this current house now?
9:51 PM  irelandemc ban: That's Elizabeth from dublin. It wouldn't take me [e=mc]
9:53 PM  irelandemc ban: We had the biggest group of Wally's in dublin this year - 
but I'm sure it's be superceded by now
9:53 PM  irelandemc ban: 'exactly
9:54 PM  Jo ban: Had a Harry Potter themed party last night
9:54 PM  neil ban: ive NEVER done a fancy dress :(
9:55 PM  HazelSilvester ban: my mum made me a 'Hazel Catkin Fairy' costume when I 
was young, but I was in a grump so there are no pictures of it anywhere which is 
sad :(
9:55 PM  neil ban: ok when i was 6 ... mum sent me to school as a runner bean... 
but that dont count
9:56 PM  neil ban: i dunno - it scared me for life.... now i think im a green 
stringy vegtable
10:00 PM  neil ban: who is singing this ?
10:01 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
10:04 PM  Jo ban: Do you have any really old books?
10:04 PM  Jo ban: Under the bed at mum and dad's!
10:04 PM  neil ban: here's a good story.....
10:04 PM  neil ban: i had every single scrap of school work i had.... everything
... tonnes of it ... but
10:04 PM  neil ban: mum chucked the lot. i was devestated!!!!!
10:05 PM  Jo ban: :)
10:05 PM  Jo ban: I LOVE old maps
10:06 PM  Jo ban: With me, I think knowing that I still have socks and bedding at 
10:06 PM  neil ban: nope!
10:06 PM  Jo ban: is comforting
10:06 PM  Jo ban: Happy Birthday!
10:09 PM  Jo ban: dont think soo
10:09 PM  Jo ban: sorry!
10:09 PM  neil ban: yeah come on keep up jo
10:09 PM  irelandemc ban: I didn't hear either
10:10 PM  irelandemc ban: Happy First day - what a super idea
10:11 PM  Jo ban: cute
10:11 PM  irelandemc ban: You could have one every day because 'today is the first 
day of the rest of your life'.
10:11 PM  neil ban: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:11 PM  Jo ban: Only one that we have is that whenever we go to the beach and 
my dad makes a speedboat from sand
10:13 PM  Jo ban: Amazing, and nauseating
10:13 PM  neil ban: or noisy eating.... *like lesley* :)
10:13 PM  irelandemc ban: where is Totness
10:14 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
10:15 PM  irelandemc ban: I'll will ask mu daughter if she went there when she was 
in Devon this year.
10:16 PM  irelandemc ban: Toured around I think, went to Eden project in Cornwall, 
some place with a cliff you had to take a boat to
10:16 PM  irelandemc ban: That could be it
10:17 PM  irelandemc ban: Tried the video. Not available in Ireland
10:17 PM  neil ban: i love the way you two are intereacting tonight... ha ha mum 
n dauighter ... very sweet
10:18 PM  irelandemc ban: Well, I'll try YouTube - could be pirated
10:20 PM  irelandemc ban: WOW I love your explanation of entropy - I thought it 
was just about things disintegrating. It's obviously much more than that
10:21 PM  irelandemc ban: Is the archive entropizing?
10:22 PM  irelandemc ban: YES - that just describes what I'm doing
10:23 PM  irelandemc ban: in other words, archiving is a kind of 'interference'
10:24 PM  neil ban: cara are you mixing like archiving and spirituality / 
religion / the bigger picture?
10:24 PM  irelandemc ban: Keeping the digital images is another way of holding on 
to things
10:27 PM  irelandemc ban: but decay is change - in our Mass for the dead, part of 
the liturgy says: Life is changed, not taken away
10:28 PM  irelandemc ban: Absolutely - I love the word 'potentiality'
10:28 PM  irelandemc ban: Known as HOPE
10:28 PM  irelandemc ban: and trust
10:29 PM  irelandemc ban: and confidence
10:30 PM  irelandemc ban: FEAR is the enemy, but perfect LOVE casts out fear
10:30 PM  neil ban: cara .... you've done how many years of archiving education
10:30 PM  neil ban: and you rip things up
10:30 PM  neil ban: oh dear
10:31 PM  irelandemc ban: A different approach!
10:31 PM  irelandemc ban: You know when you get tired, you sometimes knock things 
10:31 PM  neil ban: Q: what will you maintain this archive? like in 10 years when 
ya old and have kids etc..... will you top it up
10:33 PM  irelandemc ban: Oh your Mam is so practical - I would drive her mad.
10:33 PM  neil ban: lol - amy would sell it all
10:34 PM  irelandemc ban: Classic is what you are
10:38 PM  neil ban: here is a weird thought
10:38 PM  neil ban: in 30 - 40 years
10:38 PM  neil ban: your kids Cara might be in a loft... looking through photo's 
of us lot!
10:39 PM  irelandemc ban: Our kids are going to miss out on this pleasure of 
looking through a photo album - they will have to have the equipment to look at 
the digital images
10:39 PM  Jo ban: I look much more like Mum, there are photos of the two of us 
that could be the same person at about 18-19, but personality wise I'm much more 
the other side of the family
10:40 PM  neil ban: godzilla
10:40 PM  Jo ban: Haha yup
10:41 PM  Jo ban: personality wise yeah
10:41 PM  neil ban: rachels maiden name ... not Jo (sorry Jo)
10:41 PM  Jo ban: Hahaha I've been called worse
10:41 PM  Jo ban: not to worry
10:42 PM  neil ban: worse than godzilla ... ouch Jo
10:42 PM  neil ban: i LOVE old photo's - somehting about em
10:42 PM  Jo ban: aww thats cute, love black and white photos
10:45 PM  neil ban: camels..... i bet that dress gave you the right hump
10:48 PM  irelandemc ban: Definitely
10:49 PM  irelandemc ban: There is an exhibition of photos of children just 
opened in Dublin, but this is better because you know all the people
10:50 PM  neil ban: mum is online?
10:51 PM  irelandemc ban: You have to join up before you can type
10:52 PM  neil ban: eeewwwww
10:55 PM  neil ban: this is magic... prob as its my family too... but love it
10:58 PM  neil ban: this is fabulous. however .... are there no pictures of me in 
my nappies :)
10:59 PM  irelandemc ban: You look like a very happy child
11:01 PM  neil ban: :-)
11:01 PM  irelandemc ban: Not true in this case
11:03 PM  blueypie ban: Neil in nappies... please spare us.... lol
11:04 PM  neil ban: there are a couple of recent ones from saturday night ;)
11:04 PM  blueypie ban: blue-y-pie... my name's Peggy, I didnt know if I needed a 
username or a real name on here, sorry
11:04 PM  blueypie ban: nice one, Neil... lol
11:04 PM  irelandemc ban: Think I will go now - but it has been great. Sleep well 
Cara Byeeeee
11:04 PM  blueypie ban: no no its fine.. :)
11:05 PM  blueypie ban: Not tried to get away with being called Scott for a while 
but maybe soon
11:05 PM  blueypie ban: good night to Dublin
11:08 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: evening attic watchers
11:09 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hi sarah!
11:10 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: prompting vertigo just seeing that photo
11:11 PM  Colin ban: Good evening attic dwelling clan :)
11:11 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: Hi Colin
11:12 PM  HazelSilvester ban: Hi Colin
11:12 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: somehow being behind would not make me feel any 
11:13 PM  blueypie ban: many times. very beautiful if you can go in the winter and 
parts of it freeze over
11:13 PM  blueypie ban: no the fall doesnt freeze usually... I think it only has 
11:14 PM  blueypie ban: but the top part freezes and the sides... and from the 
spray from the falls everything around gets covered in a thick ice coating... very 
very pretty when it glistens in the sunshine
11:14 PM  Jo ban:
11:14 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: I'm checking on - apparently it has once
11:14 PM  Jo ban: some photos there
11:15 PM  neil ban: right folks ... im outta here. good evening ... cheers ... 
take care ... night xxxxx
11:15 PM  Jo ban: Hahaha, got to love Google
11:15 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: aw cute hair
11:15 PM  neil ban: cute hair! pffff grrrr
11:15 PM  blueypie ban: this is the surrounding area when its cold
11:16 PM  neil ban: scott was well ugly :)
11:16 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: very serious dog Neil
11:16 PM  neil ban: OMG
11:16 PM  neil ban: stop
11:16 PM  neil ban: :)
11:16 PM  blueypie ban: niceeee
11:16 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: it looks like check
11:17 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: did you have a badge?
11:17 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: very nice
11:17 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: you look very proud
11:17 PM  HazelSilvester ban: i've kept my prefect badge
11:18 PM  Jo ban: :)
11:18 PM  Jo ban: I'm going to have to get some sleep but good luck with it!  
Very enjoyable
11:18 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: when was the wedding?
11:18 PM  neil ban: look at my muscles!
11:19 PM  Jo ban: Goodnight, see you soon!
11:19 PM  neil ban: 5
11:19 PM  blueypie ban: thats two half naked kids with the bridesmaid... was that 
legal back then? haha
11:20 PM  neil ban: right I really have to sleep. night folks x
11:21 PM  blueypie ban: night Neil
11:21 PM  blueypie ban: I really have to bail too... zzz... night night and thank 
you :)
11:21 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: right my laptop battery is dying - great great 
project, I enjoyed seeing Neil's slight online embarrassment
11:21 PM  neil ban: thanks sarah! night all xxxx
11:21 PM  sarahwhitfield ban: night night! x
11:32 PM  HazelSilvester ban: have you ever read 'the perks of being a 
11:33 PM  TheLoftProject mod: ooo no!
11:33 PM  TheLoftProject mod: who is that by?
11:33 PM  HazelSilvester ban: someone called  Stephen Chbosky.
11:34 PM  TheLoftProject mod: ooo i shall have a look out for it
11:34 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hehe can you see the bed rising in the background 
like a cake in the oven!!!

11:35 PM  HazelSilvester ban: it's a nice book, think you might like it!
11:36 PM  HazelSilvester ban: the last cake i made came out perfect, but then 
shrank! lets hope your bed doesn't follow that pattern
11:42 PM  Colin ban: goodnight cara! Sleep well, see you tomorrow evening!
12:45 AM  HazelSilvester ban: you read really well! but you look soo tired!
12:46 AM  HazelSilvester ban: haha, i believe you! thousands wouldn't
12:47 AM  HazelSilvester ban: hehe, it suited you!
12:47 AM  HazelSilvester ban: right, i should be off to bed as well really
12:49 AM  HazelSilvester ban: :D hope you get a good nights sleep, and i will see 
you tomorrow! what time do you want us over again?
12:49 AM  HazelSilvester ban: no problem!
12:50 AM  HazelSilvester ban: i know it roughly
12:50 AM  HazelSilvester ban: Ed's filled me in a bit
12:50 AM  HazelSilvester ban: right, gooood night! Xxxxx

Challenges arising from today’s broadcast:

Challenge 25:

Read the Perks of a Wall Flower by Stephen Chbosky [created by HazelSilvester]


Day Fifty Four: Tuesday 30th August

8:00 AM  TheLoftProject mod: good morning everyone, im off for my shower and will 
be back asap!
9:09 AM  TheLoftProject mod: Hi all so back and working on unfinished project 
number 3: the move to Bristol!
9:10 AM  TheLoftProject mod: I would like to hear your views on what should happen 
to the archive? should it stay in the loft? or should I honor my drive to create 
an itinerant archive and take it with me and activate this
9:11 AM  TheLoftProject mod: project  in a new way?
2:05 PM  irelandemc ban: Good afternoon. How's it going?Won't talk for long as I 
hear you very busy typing
2:09 PM  irelandemc ban: Looks like you are oblivious to the fact that me and 
someone else are watching you as you get on with your various tasks
2:10 PM  irelandemc ban: I think the idea of doing UFB Unfinished business as a 
'project' is a great idea
2:11 PM  irelandemc ban: Life isn't done either. So I'm not going to delay you - 
oblivious to the camera is a great gift. Byeeeeeeeeee
2:12 PM  irelandemc ban: Get back to your work!

Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
Colin: I should be sorting packing stuff out, I fear this is becoming a habit
Neil: im outta here .. night Cara x
Colin: I could quite easy sleep there, like I said it's cosy :)
Colin: oh wow, only took it several hours :P
Colin: Goodnight Cara, sleep tight and wrap up warm! x
irelandemc: So good night, see you tomorrow

Day Fifty Five: Wednesday 31st August

TheLoftProject mod: good morning everyone - so over night it looks like the 
internet died apologies to anyone who tried to watch - now I am awake..everything 
is up and running
TheLoftProject mod:
TheLoftProject mod: The link above is for the most recent video to be added to 
Elizabeth's blog - a short performance opening box number 33
TheLoftProject mod: does any one have musical request to sew by? i am currently 
finishing off the thinking and doing workbooks as i found some threads of my 
grandmas and it has made me really want to sew the booklets
TheLoftProject mod: together in prep for learning how to use the knitting machine
TheLoftProject mod: ok so i have to go and get some food but i will bring it up 
and have my lunch break on air
HazelSilvester ban: Hello
jeremyholloway ban: Hi Cara, like the music......
jeremyholloway ban: yes please......
HazelSilvester ban: its Edward as well
HazelSilvester ban: yes it is hehe
HazelSilvester ban: sorry! I hope it doesn't smell....
HazelSilvester ban: I love how creative you are!
jeremyholloway ban: Yep, I certainly do
HazelSilvester ban: Edward says: Colin should pack a Mega Drive
jeremyholloway ban: Personally speaking..........
jeremyholloway ban: def you.....
HazelSilvester ban: I feel like a borrower
HazelSilvester ban: take two mugs
HazelSilvester ban: your own personal mugs
jeremyholloway ban: They never last long enough..
HazelSilvester ban: Edward has a Cat mug he likes. I'll post a picture of it on 
your wall
jeremyholloway ban: I would say start a new life there rather than take this life 
with you....
jeremyholloway ban: take toilet paper!!!
jeremyholloway ban: A picture of my daughter..
HazelSilvester ban: I take my duvet covers, so the bed is always your bed!
jeremyholloway ban: My favourite DVD's make my home, likewise my little Welsh doll
jeremyholloway ban: My Grandmother gave me it
jeremyholloway ban: Before she died
HazelSilvester ban: I've posted a picture of Edward's cat mug on your FB
jeremyholloway ban: What would you save if there was a hurricane? Would that 
define what you would need?
HazelSilvester ban: i think girls have a clearer sense of what they would miss if 
they didn't take!
jeremyholloway ban: I have learned not be sentimental having moved 4 times in 5 
years........ When you get older with a bad back you don't tend to save much.
jeremyholloway ban: And definately no more achiving
jeremyholloway ban: Sorry, got to go back to work, nice checking in, Good luck 
with the move........
jeremyholloway ban: Will be in tough Cara..x
TheLoftProject mod: awesome thankyou jeremy! thankyou for your help! its nice to 
hear from you too!x
HazelSilvester ban: Take some posters?
HazelSilvester ban: Ed: I can remember him getting it I think
HazelSilvester ban: Ed: swimming goggles! and Speedos?
HazelSilvester ban: WAIT tin can opener! Or all will be lost!
HazelSilvester ban: When do you go again?
HazelSilvester ban: I think before you go to Bristol we should have a 'loft' 
special outside camping. We can stream it as well!
HazelSilvester ban: Ed can sort all that out hehe
HazelSilvester ban: Ed can't do Friday unfotunately
HazelSilvester ban: the 9th
HazelSilvester ban: sorry!
HazelSilvester ban: :D It's been great
HazelSilvester ban: Ed: and lol @ Claire
HazelSilvester ban: You were the better actress
HazelSilvester ban: Ed: I've got her as friend on FB, she lives in the USA now I 
HazelSilvester ban: dunno what she's doing though

4:00 PM  HazelSilvester ban: We went for a doggy walk...
4:01 PM  HazelSilvester ban: We were supposed to be working on our film
4:01 PM  HazelSilvester ban: but it hasn't really happened
4:01 PM  HazelSilvester ban: yeah just down the road a bit!
4:01 PM  HazelSilvester ban: of course
4:01 PM  HazelSilvester ban: although we need a name
4:02 PM  HazelSilvester ban: (eeekk typewriter)
4:02 PM  HazelSilvester ban: I'm going to say...
4:02 PM  HazelSilvester ban: YES PLEASE hehe
4:02 PM  HazelSilvester ban: gopher
4:02 PM  HazelSilvester ban: morris dancing?
4:03 PM  HazelSilvester ban: no preferences hehe
4:03 PM  HazelSilvester ban: S+G!
4:04 PM  HazelSilvester ban: thank you!
4:04 PM  HazelSilvester ban: RIGHT: the film... its about a young software 
developer who made millions but retired young after becoming disilussioned with 
the industry
4:05 PM  HazelSilvester ban: he becomes depressed and after a while decides to
 write an article about his time with the massive software company
4:06 PM  HazelSilvester ban: but they become afraid that it might compromise the 
businesses image so they decide to try and stop him
4:06 PM  HazelSilvester ban: partly by trying to make him think he's crazy
4:06 PM  HazelSilvester ban: so they send people to watch him and things like that
4:12 PM  HazelSilvester ban: that looks so awesome
4:38 PM  HazelSilvester ban: whatcha writin'?
4:45 PM  HazelSilvester ban: pleeease may i have the first one you tried? if you 
don't mind!
4:46 PM  HazelSilvester ban: eeek
4:47 PM  HazelSilvester ban: I get Ed to do it!
4:48 PM  HazelSilvester ban: we still don't have one...
4:48 PM  HazelSilvester ban: why is it so hard?
4:54 PM  HazelSilvester ban: what about this title?
4:54 PM  HazelSilvester ban: 'Out of the smoke into the flame'
4:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
4:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod: yeah i like the title
4:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod: its catchy
4:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod: in a good way
4:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod: intriguing and makes you want to know more
4:57 PM  HazelSilvester ban: cool!
4:58 PM  HazelSilvester ban: Might just go with 'Out of the Smoke'
4:58 PM  HazelSilvester ban: lovin' the Ernie as well
4:58 PM  HazelSilvester ban: hehe
4:59 PM  HazelSilvester ban: brb
5:39 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hey guys im gunna break loft rules and run for a 
shower i m not sure i can stand it for much longer!!!
6:11 PM  HazelSilvester ban: sorry, me and Edward have to go! might be back on 
later though! thankyou so much for the typewriter! it was nice talking again! xxxx
6:19 PM  TheLoftProject mod: thats ok thankyou so much for coming today, speak to 
you soonxxx
7:01 PM  irelandemc ban: Good evening - am I suppossed to be doing a conference 
Skype, or SMS here on Livestream
7:01 PM  irelandemc ban: What are you reading
7:04 PM  irelandemc ban: Sounds really interesting. When we've finished the 
session will you send me the title, author etc incl website if there is one
7:15 PM  rach: Good evening in the loft!
7:16 PM  rach: I've come to join the Ria/Noel/Christos/Sven party
7:16 PM  sven g: I'm here too!
7:16 PM  irelandemc ban: I really enjoyed just listening to you reading
7:16 PM  rach: mini catastophe
7:17 PM  rach: I've just spent the last 5 hours making people off youtube sing 
with each other...
7:20 PM  rach: All pre-recorded. I'm making a piece called "In My Room" for Hannah 
and Neil's Fireplace Gallery
7:20 PM  rach: I'm going to just join you guys as an observer... have you in the 
background while making my tea
7:24 PM  riahartley: hi rachel
7:24 PM  rach: Hello Hartley!
7:35 PM  MattB: Hey Its matty B here tuning in!
7:37 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hi matt! welcome to this discussion with some artists 
from around the world
7:37 PM  MattB: Im playing guitar so writting a soundtrack to ypur liveness...sort 
7:37 PM  rach: love it Matt!
7:37 PM  MattB: Its my chips queen
7:37 PM  rach: YAY - chips
7:40 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hi everyone outside through the computer where you 
right now? what can you see?
7:42 PM  rach: I'm at my dining room table, window to the left of me, kitchen in 
front of me. I can see a mountain of badges that I need to bag up, a plate of 
flapjacks my flatmate's girlfriend has made for me
7:45 PM  rach: Cara, your companion reminds me a lot of the shop dummies in I AM 
7:45 PM  riahartley: yes
7:46 PM  riahartley: I AM CARA LOFT
7:46 PM  riahartley: I AM ACHIVIST
7:46 PM  rach: here is your youtube re-cap miss davies
7:47 PM  rach: (for I AM LEGEND)
7:47 PM  rach: he goes a bit mad in the film... last person on earth, starts 
talking to himself and the dummies
7:49 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hahahaha awesome!
7:50 PM  TheLoftProject mod: and att thats great you are writing songs

7:55 PM  rach: Search functions are the things that do it for me. Searching and 
retriving information via computer is incredibly exciting. I was discussing this 
with a colleague at work yesterday...
7:55 PM  rach: ... and our need for EVERYTHING in our library to be searchable, 
and as searchable as Google. Which leaves us in educational institutions unable to 
7:56 PM  riahartley: search functions that work without being able to spell
7:56 PM  riahartley: !
7:56 PM  riahartley: amazing and so useful
7:56 PM  rach: (against the might of massive compaies with huge budegat)
7:56 PM  rach: *budgets
7:57 PM  rach: The "did you mean" function is incredibly useful (and 
simultaenously a bit annoying)
7:58 PM  rach: The "DYM" function also allows a different level of acces for those 
who struggle with written language (and would fail to access things in a less 
responsive search/archiving system
7:59 PM  rach: where you would need to be able to speak/type language acurately) 
(which I seem unable to do)
8:01 PM  riahartley: yeah I think the search engines just do it now without the 
did you mean bit
8:01 PM  riahartley: the search page changes on google with every letter you type 
8:02 PM  riahartley: and it tries to guess whats next
8:02 PM  riahartley: but even when i spell things very wrong, it brings up a list 
with every letter until i can identify what i want
8:08 PM  noel ban: echos and reflections
8:10 PM  TheLoftProject mod: how important is it for everyone to leave behind a 
legacy or to access your ancestors history?
8:41 PM  TheLoftProject mod: rachel can i ask what low profile would do in this 
situation? how could we be better prepared? and what is the true scale of this 
8:43 PM  rach: LOW PROFILE realise that you can never really be prepared. However, 
we do like asking questions like "Would cigarettes help?"
8:46 PM  rach: RE: preparedness - it is the notion of how we *try* to be prepared
8:46 PM  rach: that is interesting to us I think
8:47 PM  rach: (against all odds)
8:47 PM  rach: (and against all odds-ness)
8:47 PM  rach: archive = protection against forgetting?
8:48 PM  noel ban: Cara Loft = Lara Croft?
8:49 PM  rach: archive = something 'physical'/tangible that people can come 
together 'around'?
8:50 PM  rach: archive = a way for people to feel connected to other people?
8:50 PM  rach: @Noel - YES!
8:55 PM  rach: Cara, can you put Elizabeth's blog address on here?
8:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod: you're going to love it!
8:57 PM  rach: cheers x
9:01 PM  noel ban:
9:04 PM  rach: RE: falling behind - this is a constant feeling for me when 
creating 'on-going' digital archives. I ofetn feel like I would need to stop 
evrything else in order to "catch up".
9:04 PM  rach: RE: falling behind - any antidotes/suggestions for this feeling?
9:05 PM  rach: RE: franci bacon studio - it is INSANE - really great!
9:06 PM  rach: yes - sligo
9:06 PM  rach:
9:07 PM  rach: RE: falling behind - the LOW PROFILE website is VERY far behind
9:08 PM  rach: BIG UP THE MODEL!
9:08 PM  rach: we make live art in collaboration
9:08 PM  rach: live art and associated ephemera
9:09 PM  rach: awwww, feel very loved!
9:10 PM  rach: RE: unfinished things list - yes, I would agree with Elizabeth. 
Make a list of the achieved things
9:12 PM  rach: Think I might make an amulet for "Making The List Rather Than Doing 
The Work"
9:13 PM  rach: no, not for you Cara, for someone else
9:13 PM  rach: !!!!!!!
9:13 PM  rach: "Get It Done, Out Of The Way and Have Some Fun"
9:15 PM  TheLoftProject mod: woooo!
9:16 PM  rach: GTD is my biggest procrastination activity
9:16 PM  TheLoftProject mod: lols
9:17 PM  irelandemc ban: Me too Rach
9:17 PM  rach: well, actually reading about GTD is my biggest procrastination 
9:17 PM  rach: adicted to 'productivity' blogs - I find the whole subculture of it 
rea;;y intriguing
9:18 PM  rach: For Noel -
9:19 PM  rach: I made a whole lecture for my students on procrastination, as it is 
one of my specialist topics
9:19 PM  rach: also intrigued by "Hipster PDA" fetishists
9:20 PM  Neil2: i hear ya - try being an IT Manager ..... i have a list with 300 
things on it ... no way i can do it all... gotta pick the top 3 things 
and forget the rest or you fail :)
9:22 PM  rach: ther's another system, where you have a massive book/list of things 
and you look at  each of the things (hovering a pen over them) and do whichever of 
these you fancy. I can't remember his name...
9:23 PM  noel ban: ah hipster pda! merlin mann
9:24 PM  rach: I can't see it to confirm my handwriting
9:24 PM  rach: it sounds like a LOW PROFILE question, though, yes
9:25 PM  rach: *GOLDEN
9:26 PM  rach: (according to The Book Of Survival)
9:26 PM  rach: (and horror films)
9:27 PM  rach: 4 types of tent
9:27 PM  rach: 1 more
9:27 PM  rach: yes - bivowak
9:28 PM  rach: Here is some 'permission' from Goat Island
9:29 PM  noel ban: "the only free mind is a disciplined mind"
9:32 PM  rach: the Goat Island text is a real inspiration to me
9:33 PM  rach: also found this yesterday...
9:34 PM  Neil2: just joined ... whats the debate?
9:34 PM  rach: I'm going to head off guys. But it has been really nice to spend 
time with you all this evening.
9:35 PM  rach: currentlly writing lecture series on THEFT
9:35 PM  rach: OK, beddy-byes. Enjoy the rest of the discussion x
9:36 PM  rach: BYEEEEE
9:37 PM  Neil2: DONT !!! my bed was full of em last night .... creeped me out. And 
massive wasp bite monday :(
9:38 PM  Neil2: ok sting ... lol... arm swelled up
9:40 PM  noel changed their nickname to neil3.
9:41 PM  Neil2: it wouldnt let me have neil ... said it was in use!! but it aint 
9:41 PM  neil3: Hello!
9:42 PM  neil3: John the other day was the librarian
9:43 PM  Neil2: no Neil2 is me Neil ... cuz
9:44 PM  Neil2: ok...
9:44 PM  neil3: I'm confused
9:44 PM  Neil2: ask me a question only i would know
9:45 PM  neil3: Green Day!
9:45 PM  Neil2: OMG.... that is cryptic... thats a long time ago
9:46 PM  Neil2: nope no idea.. lol ... fail. try another (more up to date) Q
9:47 PM  Neil2: still dont remember it
9:50 PM  noel changed their nickname to noel.
10:06 PM  Neil2: still here btw... busy on stuff on the PC. but unlike last 2 
nights can just listen tonight. Convo is great guys - its like talk radio :)
10:08 PM  TheLoftProject mod: (heidy)
10:43 PM  Neil2: not said much... but i agree with the lady speaking .... i think 
you have created something special Cara, a little arty and a little whacky ... but 
def unqiue and special
10:45 PM  M: As with the 'Doe of being' it what happens in the silence of of the 
space between the lines.
10:48 PM  M: its a favourite book oif cara and mine
10:50 PM  M: it sounda crazy and muddled, but it what not said that is profound.
10:51 PM  M: what's new
11:00 PM  M: how about 'the 'doe of cara'
11:02 PM  M: one of those wooden things
11:02 PM  M: just like me
11:03 PM  M: because your battie
11:06 PM  M: yskype is better than writting its so much quicker to talk than write
11:08 PM  M: absolutely. I'm not manageing wellk in 5 housr sleep anight
11:08 PM  M: yes
11:09 PM  M: an exellent program
11:09 PM  M: praps that why you've gone deaf
11:10 PM  M: donig the washing up
11:10 PM  M: all of my speeling does
11:10 PM  M: howe do
11:10 PM  M: I did praps on purpose
11:11 PM  M: hmm
11:11 PM  M: no I don't think that works
11:12 PM  M: Ye your London accent is very well developed
11:12 PM  M: sadly
11:13 PM  M: opps forgot the 's' I can't type quickly
11:14 PM  M: good idea
11:15 PM  M: A silent performance is good, very thought provoking for us to guess 
what you are looking at and thinking?

Challenges arising from today’s broadcast:

Challenge 26:

Don’t take the archive with you when you move to Bristol, start a new life [created by jeremyholloway]


Day Fifty Six: Thursday 1st September

2:06 PM  Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
12:27 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
12:54 PM  TheLoftProject mod: off to get my lunch back in 10 but definitely come 
back 2pm today when i will be looking at performance with jane castree via skype
1:22 PM  Colin: broken down from the bikes and bars, suspended like spirits over 
speeding cars.... :)
1:26 PM  Colin: You have impeccable music taste :)
1:27 PM  Colin: because things get complicated and you realise how simple the 
decisions were when you were younger, although they seemed complicated at the 
time. If you get me?
1:29 PM  Colin: anyway, must dash to finish packing, will check in later :)
1:29 PM  Colin: hah yes, if only. You know my brain.
2:04 PM  TheLoftProject mod: is the live broadcast working for you guys watching 
aat home
3:00 PM  Colin: boogie boogie boogie, showing my friend the project :)
3:10 PM  Jane: Lovely movement, really nice to see you exploring the space
3:12 PM  Jane: no worries
3:21 PM  TheLoftProject mod: awesomeness to Colin
3:22 PM  TheLoftProject mod: and jane it was amazing having you in the loft as 
3:22 PM  TheLoftProject mod: thankyou for sharing your exercises and for letting 
me be a guineapig  :)
3:23 PM  Jane: No problem, am just emailing you some footage of yesterday. You 
were a very good guineapig, you should deifinatley keep up the dancing!
3:25 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hehe i need to find a way! i am slowly getting fitter 
and stronger again and i think i can return to dancing when i go to bristol :)
3:25 PM  TheLoftProject mod: thankyou so much for the video
3:25 PM  TheLoftProject mod: i will put all of the information up properly over 
the next couple of weeks as i start to build  a better interface for the website
3:26 PM  Jane: Ok, good luck with it, maybe we could dance together in Bristol 
when I visit? Have to sign off now, enjoy your day XXX
4:54 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hello
5:19 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
6:01 PM  TheLoftProject mod:

6:50 PM  irelandemc ban: It's evening, and I just dropped in for a few minutes.
6:50 PM  irelandemc ban: Are you packing up
6:51 PM  HazelSilvester ban: Hey Cara! me & Ed thought you might find it funny 
that we just went to tescos to buy corn thins and phillidelphia!
6:53 PM  irelandemc ban: A Maze! AMAZING. Sorry I missed it, but will look at the 
video later
6:54 PM  irelandemc ban: I thouoght You have to get your Mam to fetch and carry 
all you need?
7:00 PM  Kirsty ban: HI GUYZ!
7:00 PM  Kirsty ban: ya plz
7:00 PM  Kirsty ban: go for it!
7:02 PM  Thomas ban: Yo
7:02 PM  Kirsty ban: yo
7:03 PM  brian ban: hi
7:05 PM  Kirsty ban: jhiop[]
7:06 PM  Kirsty ban: IT WOZ MINGING
7:08 PM  irelandemc ban: Hi Tom There is only one perfume for me - Myrrh which my 
sister brought me from Egypt - it has no documentation, Not even a label - she may 
have bought a big bottle and put it in tiny exquisite glass.
7:08 PM  irelandemc ban: bottles
7:08 PM  irelandemc ban: I don't know - it does have a n oily consistency
7:09 PM  nig ban: nigs,
7:09 PM  nig ban: can you name your favourite fish dish?
7:10 PM  nig ban: yeah
7:10 PM  nig ban: have you ever hit a woman on the nose?
7:15 PM  nig changed their nickname to Jew.
7:15 PM  Jew changed their nickname to Gay.
7:17 PM  irelandemc ban: What about perfume for men
7:18 PM  irelandemc ban: yes, they normally only call it cologne
7:18 PM  Gay ban: whats eau de perfume?
7:18 PM  irelandemc ban: would that be almost more conservative
7:17 PM  Gay changed their nickname to Mark.
7:19 PM  irelandemc ban: do they call it perfume, or just aftershave
7:20 PM  Mark ban: or eau de perfume
7:21 PM  Mark ban: is there an ingredient in perfume called 
7:22 PM  Wadayotu ban: No.
7:22 PM  Mark ban: there blates is.
7:23 PM  Wadayotu ban: Great.
7:23 PM  Mark ban: you googled it and realised you were wrong, didnt you?
7:23 PM  Wadayotu ban: Not really...
7:24 PM  Mark ban: thats slang for yes.
7:24 PM  Mark ban: racecar is racecar backwards.
7:25 PM  Wadayotu ban: droomnepparterreserretrappenmoord also
7:25 PM  Wadayotu ban: (Dutch)
7:25 PM  Mark ban: (gay)
7:26 PM  Mark ban: joking.
7:26 PM  Wadayotu ban: Lol
7:26 PM  Wadayotu ban: Can they actually read this chat?
7:26 PM  Thomas ban: Yes we can
7:26 PM  Mark ban: blates.
7:26 PM  Thomas ban: If you could keep it on topic that would be great
7:27 PM  Wadayotu ban: I'm talking about these people on the stream, if they can 
read this...
7:27 PM  Thomas ban: Yes they can
7:27 PM  Mark ban: The most expensive perfume in the world costs “only” $215,000 
for a bottle! Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty Perfume has a unique scent which 
is a mixture of jasmine, cardamom, carnation, lemon, ber
7:27 PM  Mark ban: gamot and benzoin but this incredibly high price comes from its 
diamond crusted bottle
7:28 PM  Mark ban: what's your favourite breed of cat?
7:28 PM  Wadayotu ban: Nyan?
7:29 PM  Mark ban: I prefer tabby.
7:29 PM  Mark ban: or lolcat.
7:29 PM  Wadayotu ban: Great.
7:29 PM  Sebastian ban: .
7:29 PM  Sebastian ban: whats the happs?
7:29 PM  Mark ban: Seb!
7:29 PM  Mark ban: how you doing?
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: yo mark!
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: yeah not bad man
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: just chilling.
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: you?
7:30 PM  Mark ban: haven't seen you about here in ages!
7:30 PM  Mark ban: love this loft.
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: yeah man, been out and stuff
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: my pet gorilla just got put down
7:30 PM  Mark ban: that's good man
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: so ive been trying to keep my mind off things
7:30 PM  Mark ban: ****!! not your gorilla!
7:30 PM  irelandemc ban: Linking perfume with performance is a new idea for me. I 
apply the perfume/oil in an almost ritualistic way, which probably increases the 
chance of me dropping quickly off to sleep.
7:30 PM  Mark ban: my cat got hit by a car
7:30 PM  Mark ban: was gutted.
7:30 PM  Sebastian ban: what car?
7:30 PM  Mark ban: my car.
7:31 PM  Mark ban: i left the handbrake off.
7:31 PM  Mark ban: on a hill
7:31 PM  Wadayotu ban: Is this stream alwau about ... perfume?
7:31 PM  Wadayotu ban: *always
7:31 PM  Sebastian ban: and cats
7:31 PM  Mark ban: love cats.
7:31 PM  Mark ban: not too keen on gorillas.
7:31 PM  Wadayotu ban: Love cats!
7:32 PM  Mark ban: the other day I was walking down the street and there was a 
giant cat just standing there called Henry.
7:32 PM  Sebastian ban: yeah mine was a burden on my life. it was cool cos it 
could juggle and provided me with the milk in the morning.
7:32 PM  Mark ban: love cat breast milk
7:32 PM  irelandemc ban: Well, that is fascinating - because I think the incense 
they use is 'frankincense'
7:32 PM  Sebastian ban: whos frank?
7:32 PM  Mark ban: and moist cat nipples.
7:32 PM  Mark ban: franks my dad.
7:32 PM  Sebastian ban: oh right
7:32 PM  Sebastian ban: i havent met him
7:32 PM  Mark ban: he's alright
7:32 PM  Mark ban: i ran over his cat though
7:33 PM  Sebastian ban: penelope?
7:33 PM  Mark ban: yeah, i've never found a cat so attractive
7:32 PM  Mark has been banned by TheLoftProject.
7:33 PM  Sebastian ban: i must admit i did once have feelings for penelope
7:32 PM  Sebastian has been banned by TheLoftProject.
7:37 PM  irelandemc ban: When he was two years old, my son once said: "pull the 
curtains, it's getting brown' - interesting that he saw a different colour
7:38 PM  Kirsty ban: red sky @ night shepherds pie
7:39 PM  irelandemc ban: Our twilight lasts longer than south of France, I think
7:41 PM  Wadayotu ban: Yeah I could see it
7:42 PM  Wadayotu ban: No problem
7:44 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
7:48 PM  jimmy ban: hi
7:51 PM  irelandemc ban: Is it about selling the stuff - surely its the 'smell' 
itself that makes people buy
7:52 PM  irelandemc ban: In fact though, the biblical connection of the myrrh is 
definitely an influence on me loving it
7:55 PM  irelandemc ban: Another thing is about what we don't like - anything with 
musk, really turns me off - I'd nearly move to a different seat in the bus or 
train if someone sits beside me with musk.
7:59 PM  irelandemc ban: I'm remembering another perfume with a 'concept' - my 
mother wore "evening in Paris" for years, and I lover the wrapping in royal blue 
and silver stars - I loved that my Dad brought it home for her,
7:59 PM  irelandemc ban: but even as a child, I knew the midnight sky never looked 
that blue
7:59 PM  irelandemc ban: He may have done - bourjois sounds familiar
8:00 PM  irelandemc ban: Garlic, or the Seine
8:00 PM  irelandemc ban: I think I too made that connection
8:02 PM  irelandemc ban: Reassement might definitely be about re-branking and 
selling more - getting more customers
8:04 PM  irelandemc ban: What a lovely thing to have in the archive,
8:06 PM  irelandemc ban: Think it sounds more like something to drink rather than 
something to wear - but love the play on words.
8:07 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:08 PM  irelandemc ban: this link to the Tate is no longer working sadly
8:11 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:15 PM  irelandemc ban: Neither TATE link is working for me - wonder are they 
now limiting themselves to the UK
8:19 PM  irelandemc ban: Tried that, but still says 'this artist no longer 
available'. Testied it using with the Kabakov link and that DOES work.
8:23 PM  irelandemc ban: Here is a link to a long video on YouTube which is well 
worth watching - its 2 hours, so not to be rushed over. Deals with advertising and 
Freud. Dates from ages ago - maybe 2000.
8:23 PM  irelandemc ban:
8:38 PM  irelandemc ban: I think it would be nice if you smelled all these again, 
on your own, and wrote your thoughts without us influencing you.
8:49 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:49 PM  irelandemc ban: I want to say how much I have enjoyed this conversation - 
perfume is not something I would talk much about, though I do think of myself of 
having a 'strong nose'.
8:50 PM  irelandemc ban: Strong nose, and empty purse
8:52 PM  irelandemc ban: That's how I am, almost 'eating' the smell of the Myrrh 
each night
8:53 PM  irelandemc ban: and all this talk has just reminded me of my very first 
boyfriend who used ashes of violets brilliantine - very sexy for me.
9:06 PM  irelandemc ban: Isn't it great the way the Archive is perpetuating itself 
through the little gifts and traces that people who visit the loft leave there.
9:07 PM  irelandemc ban: Like y'all, I too am off to get something to eat. 
Byeeeeeeee for now
9:12 PM  M ban: wow you've gone up to 22 recommendations
9:16 PM  M ban: the strong earthy smell of walking in the woods
9:17 PM  M ban: yeds yuk
9:18 PM  M ban: 1
9:19 PM  M ban: My Dad had a very distinctive sent, very male
9:19 PM  M ban: Hmm
9:20 PM  M ban: 20
9:20 PM  M ban: his skin had a particular feel too
9:21 PM  M ban: inpart, but there are other influences
9:23 PM  M ban: it certainly is its own archive
9:25 PM  M ban: does it smell as nice as the smellie shop?
9:25 PM  M ban: amy jst arrived
9:27 PM  M ban: no
9:27 PM  M ban: yes
9:27 PM  M ban: no
9:31 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
9:45 PM  Thomas ban: Hi
9:47 PM  Thomas ban: Alcoholic
9:47 PM  Thomas ban: The fact that you love the Juniper Sling says otherwise...
9:47 PM  TheLoftProject mod: lols!
9:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod: but its because of the patcholi (sp)
9:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod: mixed with the pepper and cadarmon
9:48 PM  Thomas ban: Patchouli* I do like the pepperyness :D
9:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod: its yummy
9:49 PM  TheLoftProject mod: and totally not what i would usually go for!
9:49 PM  Thomas ban: Completely, you normally like very girly things
9:49 PM  TheLoftProject mod: i like how your expertees have opened new horizons
9:49 PM  Thomas ban: Me too
9:49 PM  TheLoftProject mod: haha which is also a surprise cos i am not girly 
9:49 PM  Thomas ban: It's good to share a person
9:50 PM  Thomas ban: passion not person lol
9:50 PM  TheLoftProject mod: a  person?
9:50 PM  Thomas ban: You've disapeared!
9:50 PM  TheLoftProject mod: haha
9:51 PM  TheLoftProject mod: i am blowing up the bed in prep for jane eyre
9:52 PM  Thomas ban: Lol
9:58 PM  Thomas ban: What smells different?
9:58 PM  Thomas ban: I missed that
10:01 PM  Thomas ban: Oui


Day Fifty Seven: Friday 2nd September

9:49 AM  TheLoftProject mod:
9:49 AM  TheLoftProject mod: To hear about Sarah Ashford Hart's project: Whare are 
you from Totnes?
9:57 AM  TheLoftProject mod:
3:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod: may have passed out temporarily as it is very very 
hot in the loft today but fingers crossed its ok now
4:12 PM  irelandemc ban: Hi there - is this the last day
4:14 PM  irelandemc ban: You must have a fan on - I can see your hair blowing
4:16 PM  irelandemc ban: Your voice is quieter than usual
4:16 PM  irelandemc ban: Yes that is better - the fan is only a gentle hum
4:16 PM  irelandemc ban: How are you feeling
4:17 PM  irelandemc ban: When do you leave for Bristol
4:19 PM  irelandemc ban: Reminds me of when we moved into this house, we had been 
in a caravan, so had virtually no furniture
4:19 PM  irelandemc ban: Finance - lack thereof was a factor. House felt huge and 
we lived in one room for the first week
4:20 PM  irelandemc ban: Three bedrooms - three children
4:21 PM  irelandemc ban: We had another girl later that year - 1970
4:21 PM  irelandemc ban: i know at one stage they all shared a room - they were 
still quite young wldest was six
4:21 PM  irelandemc ban: that was supposed to say eldest
4:22 PM  irelandemc ban: not widest!
4:22 PM  irelandemc ban: I worked in the garden
4:22 PM  irelandemc ban: cleared a lot of ivy
4:23 PM  irelandemc ban: Don't have a lawn - ivy was all over a flowerbed - 
groundcover gone mental
4:23 PM  irelandemc ban: I just cut it back, not pulled it all up
4:24 PM  irelandemc ban: I just do an hour each day - don't worry about not 
replying to the emails - when you have time is fine.
4:24 PM  irelandemc ban: I got your comment on the Blog, and that was lovely, so 
4:24 PM  irelandemc ban: I also spent part of the day boiling clothes
4:25 PM  irelandemc ban: I don't normally have to do this, but we had one of those 
dye-run disasters
4:26 PM  irelandemc ban: I added one of those white it tablets, also some 
detergent, also one of those colour catcher things.
4:26 PM  irelandemc ban: I love sparkles - like stardust
4:27 PM  irelandemc ban: Someone told me that we are made of the same stuff as 
stars are
4:28 PM  irelandemc ban: How do you handle that kind of thing when there is a 
combination of personal and general?
4:28 PM  irelandemc ban: in the one item?
4:30 PM  irelandemc ban: I'm glad you read that - it says a lot about you and 
about her
4:31 PM  irelandemc ban: I inevitably found stuff like that when I opened the 
4:32 PM  irelandemc ban: the policy that I evolved, was a bit like yours, leave 
them there, and if people want to, they can read them. I'm not hiding them, but 
I'm not showing them off either
4:33 PM  irelandemc ban: Ah yes, I do have one or two items that I hope people 
won't find - things like that I put at the end of my box es of journals.
4:34 PM  irelandemc ban: I wonder are there things viewers might not want to find 
4:35 PM  irelandemc ban: About you -
4:36 PM  irelandemc ban: I wouldn't want to know what results you got in your 
school exams - unless they were top marks
4:36 PM  irelandemc ban: No, I don't want to know if you got low marks
4:38 PM  irelandemc ban: Montessori says: No rewards no punishments, no praise no 
4:38 PM  irelandemc ban: Work is its own reward
4:39 PM  irelandemc ban: As adults, we 'score' ourselves, rather than been 
externally evaluated
4:40 PM  irelandemc ban: And that doesn't depend on whether or not you get the PhD
4:40 PM  irelandemc ban: Perpetual students - that's what we are
4:41 PM  irelandemc ban: The secret is that in fact I'm only about 2 years old, or 
maybe younger
4:42 PM  irelandemc ban: In my artist's statement I say I want to look at the 
world that way I saw it when I was about eight months.
4:42 PM  irelandemc ban: I reckon that would be when I saw my first daffodil -
4:43 PM  irelandemc ban: I want to look at things that 'freshly'
4:43 PM  irelandemc ban: Actually April, but daffs come early here
4:44 PM  irelandemc ban: Like when I went to Australia and New Zealand, and I 
couldn't identfy the plants, or plant families
4:46 PM  irelandemc ban: You might enjoy 'sean nos' dancing - the old people's way 
a of dancing where each person adapt their style and steps.
4:46 PM  irelandemc ban: What about dancing out of the Loft?
4:47 PM  irelandemc ban: You mean the camea frame as a limit to fit within?
4:48 PM  irelandemc ban: I think I'm tring to make it all personal
4:48 PM  irelandemc ban: Love to see that
4:49 PM  irelandemc ban: light and shadow is delightful - your legs are lovely
4:51 PM  irelandemc ban: Amazing - almost like you are dancing with the camera
4:51 PM  irelandemc ban: and with the light
4:52 PM  HazelSilvester ban: Hey Cara! We texted you but we don't think you got 
it! Ed can't make it to the evening party, but he will be in flitwick at about 
half 5, would it be okay to come and pick up my sock, hehe!
4:52 PM  HazelSilvester ban: (also, the light and angle look lovely!)
4:53 PM  HazelSilvester ban: hhehe, thankyou!
4:53 PM  irelandemc ban: and having the camera - on its side - adds to the 
4:54 PM  irelandemc ban: Yes, I used to make up dances too - age five or six - by 
eight, I had been contaminated with the idea that there was such a thing as 'the 
wrong way'.
4:55 PM  irelandemc ban: Sadly, it was only  recently that I found 'sean-nos', and 
got permission to make up dances again.
4:57 PM  irelandemc ban: Maybe I should see if I make a space, I can join you
4:57 PM  irelandemc ban: I'm foing to put on Skype, and I should get a recording
4:59 PM  irelandemc ban: no feet
5:03 PM  irelandemc ban: I've got two voices
5:05 PM  irelandemc ban: so busy watching you I forgot to move myself.
5:05 PM  irelandemc ban: You must be exhausted in the heat - I hope the fan is 
still on
5:07 PM  irelandemc ban: Skype looked great
5:07 PM  irelandemc ban: The light must be making it warmer
5:07 PM  irelandemc ban: Good bit of exercise.
5:10 PM  irelandemc ban: I think of performance as 'real' whereas is theatre is 
'contrived' or 'made'
5:10 PM  irelandemc ban: The light is off your face now
5:11 PM  irelandemc ban: I was kind of thinking that way.
5:13 PM  irelandemc ban: I have a young friend - a former pupil of my nursery - 
she is in a wheel-chair, and age four, told a lad who was jeering her for not 
being able to dance, said - Yes, I can dance, I dance sitting down
5:15 PM  irelandemc ban: Use the alarm on your phone to warn you agout the five 
5:15 PM  irelandemc ban: So tell me the name of that group again
5:16 PM  irelandemc ban: 'If you get knocked once' - how true
5:16 PM  irelandemc ban: so easy to know the internal Child off balance
5:19 PM  irelandemc ban: Being off balance is 're-balancing' - think that is a 
super thought
5:20 PM  irelandemc ban: You also have a fan online, maybe I should be spouting 
'cold air' instead of hot air
5:21 PM  irelandemc ban: So what books will you bring to Bristol
5:22 PM  irelandemc ban: Song for Diana - tie a rope around her waist and make her 
5:23 PM  irelandemc ban: She looks lovely in the spotlight
5:25 PM  irelandemc ban: Lyrics here
5:27 PM  irelandemc ban: Definitely a song for today
5:28 PM  irelandemc ban: She would be a great companion to have with you
5:29 PM  irelandemc ban: There is the start of a great story - Gus meets Diana
5:31 PM  irelandemc ban: Bella Lugosi's dead lyrics here
5:33 PM  irelandemc ban: Have to say that wouldn't do anything for me - you must 
have been in a bad way to be helped by this.
5:33 PM  irelandemc ban: But love what you are doing with the camera now
5:36 PM  irelandemc ban: You know, you are dancing with the Loft as well as with 
5:36 PM  irelandemc ban: Love the way you are using the rafters as 'partners'.
5:39 PM  irelandemc ban: Even your hair is dancing
5:41 PM  irelandemc ban: What about the sound in the attic - is it very intense?
5:43 PM  irelandemc ban: 
http://www.metrMildred lyrics here
5:47 PM  irelandemc ban: You Tube video with John Lennon
5:55 PM  irelandemc ban: Not sure if I am hearing you or the video
5:58 PM  irelandemc ban: Well my Firefox crashed so I wasn't sure if I was back
5:58 PM  irelandemc ban: You mean she spits!
5:59 PM  irelandemc ban: Distant relative of a whale
6:00 PM  irelandemc ban: So while no one else is there, tell me about the books 
for Bristol
6:02 PM  irelandemc ban: Give me some names - or maybe you have a list you can 
email me
6:03 PM  irelandemc ban: Having a list might be a good idea for when you 
eventually are coming home in a few years time
6:05 PM  irelandemc ban: Digital perf - is that what you read from the other 
6:06 PM  irelandemc ban: an om o ly
6:06 PM  irelandemc ban: its the heat has you addled
6:08 PM  irelandemc ban: St that has saved you the up and down journey - or will 
they go to Bristol or stay home?
6:09 PM  irelandemc ban: our books are your friends - my mother used to say
6:10 PM  irelandemc ban: We were too poor to have toilet paper when I was a child, 
and I even used to read the square of newsprint we used instead.
6:13 PM  irelandemc ban: A very special kind of 'artists book'
6:15 PM  irelandemc ban: So uch is still stored in your brain - despite making the 
main points available
6:16 PM  irelandemc ban: So much - not uch
6:18 PM  irelandemc ban: What will the archaeologists make of it if they find this 
book in hundreds of years from now.
6:18 PM  irelandemc ban: Love the bottle shape pages
6:18 PM  irelandemc ban: Don't you love how practical your thinking was
6:19 PM  irelandemc ban: Great idea
6:21 PM  irelandemc ban: I like your 2 x 2
6:22 PM  irelandemc ban: He made a new house - ever practical
6:24 PM  irelandemc ban: Think I'm going to have to go - being with you becomes 
obsessional - but delightfully so. May drop by later in the evening.
6:25 PM  irelandemc ban: So Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee
7:37 PM  hannah ban: Hi Cara!
7:38 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hi hannah
7:40 PM  hannah ban: looks lovely.. i am going to tidy my bedroom whilst you eat 
your dinner! my computer doesn't seem to like the live stream very much - it keeps 
doing the spinning wheel of death!
7:42 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hahaha spinning wheel of death!!! live stream has 
some good points but in other ways i prefer ustream but hey ho -just in case you 
couldn't hear thats fine go tidy and by the time you're back people s
7:48 PM  TheLoftProject mod: the loft is now ready for tonights guests and i am 
just clearing the entrance to the loft so please enjoy some pre-party music
7:52 PM  hannahmary ban: tried re-starting computer!
8:15 PM  hannahmary ban: still here Cara .. still tidying!
8:15 PM  hannahmary ban: keep going!
8:16 PM  hannahmary ban: neil is listening too!
8:28 PM  hannahmary ban: neil would like 'atmosphere' by Russ Abbot
8:28 PM  hannahmary ban: hi tom and hi kirsty!
8:30 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:35 PM  TheLoftProject mod: has anyone else ever hung out in their lofts? had a 
party in their lofts?
8:43 PM  irelandemc ban: Hi Cara and folks - I'm lurking this evening as I have 
computer stuff to do. Have a good time, and if you can have time for it will you 
replay Mildred Yoko Ono that we had this afternoon.
8:43 PM  Jo ban: Hullo from Jo
8:44 PM  irelandemc ban: PS don't say anything bad about me as I will be listening
8:44 PM  Jo ban: is that the scouse horn?
8:44 PM  Jo ban: how many of you are there there?
8:44 PM  Jo ban: uh oh
8:46 PM  hannahmary ban: thanks guys!
8:46 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:49 PM  hannahmary ban: we're going to pop to Londis to get supplies!
8:49 PM  TheLoftProject mod: instability in stability - the loft's skype channel
8:49 PM  Jo ban: Oooh I can do skype
8:49 PM  Jo ban: but no webcam
8:51 PM  Jo ban: whats ur skype name
8:51 PM  Jo ban: oh its just come up
8:52 PM  Jo ban: no i just look rough, i have a webcam
8:52 PM  Neil ban: yo dudes....
8:52 PM  Jo ban: roger
8:53 PM  Neil ban: awweeee
8:53 PM  Neil ban: im going next year
8:53 PM  Neil ban: ill get ya some
8:54 PM  Neil ban: im with ollie n jess
8:54 PM  Neil ban: brillaint .... thanks :)
8:55 PM  Neil ban: bingo
8:55 PM  Neil ban: 10 n 8
8:55 PM  Neil ban: jess = california girls
8:56 PM  Neil ban: lol
8:57 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
8:57 PM  Neil ban: we're dancing
8:59 PM  Jo ban:
9:00 PM  HazelSilvester ban: Hey guys
9:01 PM  Neil ban: Jess = "thanks. we're going to bed now..... night"
9:01 PM  M ban: r ollir and jess in bed or r they learning how 'not to be grown 
9:01 PM  Neil ban: lol lesley... they have watched 5 mins, but now off to bed.
9:02 PM  M ban: Oh, it's that interesting is it?
9:02 PM  Jo ban: We want JEDWARD
9:03 PM  M ban: Wow can we all come for a holiday too?
9:04 PM  TheLoftProject mod: yeah everyone should come!!
9:05 PM  irelandemc ban: A Bluebells song for your Mam.
9:05 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hi hazel, hi mum
9:05 PM  TheLoftProject mod: jo jedward will come very shortly
9:06 PM  Jo ban: I immediately regret my decision
9:11 PM  Jo ban: oh my god remind kirsty of the fussiness of her ribena drinking
9:13 PM  Neil ban: back... kids in bed = wine time. so you lot pissed or what?
9:14 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
9:15 PM  Colin ban: Hooray! Party!
9:16 PM  TheLoftProject mod: woooo hoo
9:16 PM  TheLoftProject mod: which jedward is which
9:17 PM  hannahmary ban: Neil&Hannah have a question - Cara what is your favourite 
thing in the archive?
9:18 PM  Colin ban: its clearly 00.15
9:21 PM  Neil ban: the loft has a colour scheme
9:23 PM  Jo ban: hahaha oops
9:24 PM  M ban: because each charkra has it'sw own colour
9:25 PM  Neil ban: more roses n thorns ;)
9:25 PM  hannahmary ban: we'll be back in a bit - have fun x
9:25 PM  M ban: has everybody arrived and how many?
9:26 PM  M ban: R you home sick yet Coloin?
9:26 PM  Colin ban: I've been awake for 40 hours straight now!]
9:26 PM  HazelSilvester ban: is that including time jump?
9:26 PM  Colin ban: i was ok till I opened the goodbye cards my family hid in my 
9:27 PM  M ban: Youd must be in total zombie mode than!
9:27 PM  Colin ban: funnily enough we went to a bar tonight and its just like 
being in london tbh, all english people and expensive drinks!
9:28 PM  M ban: VERY expensive drink I expect
9:28 PM  Colin ban: 30 AED whiskey and coke... about £5
9:29 PM  Colin ban: they're in one of the hard photo boxes I think? AND HILARIOUS!
9:29 PM  Colin ban: Leslie is ALWAYS approved. always :)
9:30 PM  M ban: some one has to keep an eye on you all.1
9:30 PM  M ban: And no not evryone approves of me. Cara and Amy struggle beg time.  
Who is Brook?
9:31 PM  M ban: This is a very wired way of spending a Friday night
9:32 PM  M ban: did you say a cup of tea is required?
9:32 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
9:33 PM  Neil ban: loving the underground room thing
9:34 PM  M ban: How the mighty fall!
9:34 PM  Neil ban: get anymore people up there leslety, and the ceiling may well 
fall ;)
9:34 PM  Neil ban: cool - make good music studio :)
9:37 PM  M ban: poor thing it must be terrified
9:38 PM  M ban: tom is looking very 'Jo 90 ish'
9:44 PM  Colin ban: I shall be back later, HAVE FUN!
9:45 PM  TheLoftProject mod: cool thanks colin
9:46 PM  M ban: the system wont let mr syke cus we're already linked from before?
9:47 PM  HazelSilvester ban: (3 broadcasts if you include a campout ;) )
9:48 PM  Neil ban: how are they made?
9:49 PM  Neil ban: lol
9:50 PM  TheLoftProject mod: oooo yes to the campout!!!!
9:52 PM  Neil ban: oh go on then ;)
9:53 PM  Neil ban: lmao.....
9:53 PM  Neil ban: realistic then.... ha ha
9:53 PM  M ban: this was aun and Lucytie Anns book for Zoe
9:54 PM  TheLoftProject mod: hi carole!!!
9:54 PM  Neil ban: that explains a lot M ha ha
9:54 PM  M ban: absolutely!
9:54 PM  M ban: show the pics a well
9:55 PM  M ban: s
9:56 PM  M ban: is this person a parent?
9:58 PM  Neil ban: yeah yeah ... get on to the bit where they shag :)
9:59 PM  Neil ban: this is legendary broadcasting :)
9:59 PM  M ban: Cavemen eat your heart ouy
10:08 PM  M ban: more tea required?
10:09 PM  Jo ban: Hi Sarah!
10:09 PM  M ban: it just another way of making me your slave!
10:09 PM  Jo ban: Keeps cutting me off
10:10 PM  M ban: YES!!!
10:11 PM  Neil ban: Music request ... Mr Blobby's 1993 xmas no 1 :)
10:11 PM  Jo ban: gtg
10:12 PM  Neil ban: lol
10:12 PM  Neil ban: maybe .. im not too fussy
10:12 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
10:13 PM  TheLoftProject mod:
10:13 PM  M ban: only il could request that
10:13 PM  Neil ban: :)
10:13 PM  M ban: neil, laptops r rubbish
10:14 PM  M ban: this says so much about my nephew!
10:14 PM  Neil ban: depends on the make / age. loving the song
10:15 PM  M ban: this has to be followed by David Bowies Gnome s

Challenges from today’s broadcasting:

Challenge 27:

Waltz with Diana [created by irelandemc]

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