During the last six months it has taken to plan Instability in Stability there has been a few amazing people and organisations who have been the true inspiration and catalysts for getting the project off the ground. I wanted to set a side some virtual space to say a huge thank you to you all and to let you know how much I appreciate your support!

Firstly to Noel Hefele, my web designer and right-hand man, for making the project come to life. Without him there would be no project and the notion of the performance installation simply would not be! I want to thank him for his continued patience, enthusiasm, ideas and hard work, especially when putting up with all my requests, edits and silly questions! I am really excited about furthering our collaboration through the development of the archive portal.

Mummy Davies, my mum, I owe her an incredible amount – primarily for letting me back into her home and then for so graciously allowing me to take over it!! I want to thank her for understanding and supporting me with this concept, for actively encouraging some of my ideas and equally playing devil’s advocate towards others – saving me a lot of time and energy pursing options that will inevitable come to a dead end. It is a pleasure to have the space to work on the concept of building and developing this archive with my Mum and for her to be a part of the research and development process.

In relation to support in kind materials and funding I want to thank:
Pam and David for their video equipment loan. This has been vital support making it possible to mediate the loft into other peoples homes.

Colchester Arts Centre for their belief in the project and the push they gave me to apply for Arts Council funding. It is an honour to be affiliated to the Escalator Live Artists programme and I look forward to hopefully getting involved in more of projects with them in the future.

Arts Council England for making it possible for me to take time off work to complete the project. For understanding what I am striving for and taking a chance on it.

Other wonderful people I would like to thank for their time and consideration are:
Elly Stevens for all her love for the project and the inspiration she gave to disseminate my working process beyond the physical loft space.

Hilary Western and Kate Harvey for their sound advice, enabling me to really understand what I want the project to do and how I can communicate this to peers, funders and audience members alike.

Kirsty, Olly, Jane and Sarah for being my second pairs of eyes.
Ria for being the number one fan, and to Rachel for her sheer brilliance!

Then last but not least, I would like to thank you!

A special thank you goes to all the people who have participated in this project, who have taken the time to read the website, book an appointment, watch the live broadcasts and leave comments on the daily logs. The idea to make this project interactive would not happen without you guys and I am really excited to see what comes from our collaboration!

Thank you,