The Project

Entering a dark and dusty loft, what might you find? Who might you discover? What memories? What nostalgia?
What a lot of stuff!
Why do we keep the things we do? and How can we make sense of the things we keep if they are locked away in boxes, hidden in a space people rarely visit?

Five days a week for 12 weeks I (Cara) will be dedicating my time to building an archive of my stored belongings. I will identify, organise and catalogue my life experiences within this archive, trying to make sense of who I am and where I have come from, as a performative and documentary act.

More formally Instability in Stability is a practice-led research project exploring how strategies for archive construction can be activated as a live artwork and digitally-mediated performance. The artwork challenges how the processes of performance, documentation and archiving inter-relate, inviting a live virtual audience into the private and personal space of my loft, my past and my creative working process.