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Memories and Experience of Archive Research

Day Sixteen: Thursday 7th July 2011 Performance Broadcast Part One: Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.20.1_2011-07-07_log-day-16 launch of Ria Hartley’s Myselfarchive project, the failure of technology, assembling diana, consideration of mummies and preserved bodies, dressing diana, chop chop bear touch, return to … Continue reading

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Archive Appointments at All Hours of the Day

There has been a slight adjustment to the archive appointments booking timetable. People are now free to connect to the loft at any time of the day via Skype. So if you have not had the chance to book in … Continue reading

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This is the First Song for Your Mix Tape!

Day Forty Nine: Tuesday 23rd August 2011 Performance Broadcast The video document would not transcode today and so I cannot upload it 🙁 Today’s action consisted of having an Archive Appointment with Mads Floor Andersen, and Jeremy Holloway, so for an alternative … Continue reading

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