Scenting Our Past with The Candy Perfume Boy

Special Fragrant Event: Scenting Our Past

Friday 12th August 2011

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This evening Instability in Stability welcomed The Candy Perfume Boy (aka Thomas Dunckley) as my co-host in the loft. For the second time Tom has graced the rafters with his presence (I first had the pleasure of hosting him and Kirsty on 11th June at the Guest and Games event). On this first occasion we unraveled our joyful recollections of childhood memories through playing games and sharing a picnic of nostalgic culinary delights. This time we wanted to team up and celebrate our inner geeks combining Tom’s passion for perfume and my drive to activate archives!

The Special Fragrant event was a platform for us to discuss scent/olfactory memory and the smells and fragrances of our teenage years.

It was an absolutely fantastic evening, not only because I had my best friend in the loft but because of Tom’s incite into the perfume industry and the compositions of scents. It was truly fascinating to learn more about how perfume can trigger memories and to hear how Tom’s (and our viewers’) past experiences are activated by certain perfumes and scents.

Tom is somewhat of a perfume connoisseur having developed an obsession at an early age. He runs his own blog as The Candy Perfume Boy where he regularly reviews a wide range of brands and designs of perfumes. His addiction extends beyond the remit of his website to twitter, where he is one half of @FragrantReviews, a news feed that aims to get rid of the supflous waffle of long reviews, and straight to the heart of what you want to know about a perfume in 140 characters or less. Tom is well qualified then to lead a loft session on scent taking myself and the viewers down a smelly lane of memory….!

Our lane meandered through the ideas of:
Olfactation and Olfactory
Perfumes through our teenage years
Smells that remind us of home
Scents that transport us to another time and place
Smells that provide us with comfort
Favourite food smells

The intriguing part of tonight’s broadcast was the incredible response we had on the chat. The chat room was ‘off-the-hook’ with interesting ancedotes, ruminations and questions about scents, memories and experiences attributed to smells. Below is an excerpt of the conversation from this evening’s event. A huge apology that the writing starts part way through the text. I had not realised that the chat room can only retain a certain amount of entries after a certain number of lines. This is a shame as we no longer have a record of the whole conversation from the beginning of the event but I need to think of it as a positive as we only found this constraint out due to the numerous and fabulous comments and interactions we had through tonight’s broadcast. I’d like to say a massive massive thank you to everyone who watched and participated in tonight’s broadcast:
lijmoo2, Kirsty, nickgblue, Emma (and Will), JoannElaine, TomsBrother, Oliver, CPBfan, and to the other viewers who wished to remain anonymous/silent witnesses 🙂

Excerpts from today’s conversations as documented in the Live Stream Chat Room:

lijmoo2: there's sandalwood and coconut too if i recall right
Kirsty: hahaha!
Kirsty: hahaha cara what???
lijmoo2: your associations must be different to perfume then as a result??
lijmoo2: that's interesting..
lijmoo2: lamb meat smells really sour
lijmoo2: that's a powerful reaction
lijmoo2: my friend beside me is groaning at the thought of that!
nickgblue: And also smells like a stainless steel sink!
lijmoo2: a stainless steel sink... oooh
lijmoo2: i love cointreau!
nickgblue: Verdant is incredible considering it's entirely synthetic and just 5 
lijmoo2: i read your review too Thomas on Get Lippie of the Pentachords - really 
sounds tempting now, especially Verdant after your saying now
nickgblue: I think it's the Ambrein that he uses in all his fumes - I don't smell 
it in the pentachords. (sorry for being a geek)
nickgblue: that makes you allergic I mean tom
lijmoo2: ambrein is that a synthetic?
nickgblue: yes it's present in ambergris
lijmoo2: oooh Becks, yes :)
lijmoo2: wishing trees?
Kirsty: sounds amazing
JoanElaine: lovely memories
lijmoo2: yes sounds really idylic
lijmoo2: yay for geeks and knowledge
tomsbrother: NATHAN
Kirsty: NATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!
TheLoftProject: instability in instability
tomsbrother: Ayyy :D
lijmoo2: ooh very cool :)
Emma: this is an amazing project :-)
JoanElaine: yes!
nickgblue: I love Beautiful :)
JoanElaine: Beautiful smells gorgeous on men
JoanElaine: or my man, rather
Kirsty: my mum wore anai anais :)
Oliver: I remember my mum smelling of perfume when I was young, how strange that 
we share that memory
nickgblue: My mum wore Coco
lijmoo2: true Oliver - a shared memory
JoanElaine: love coco - one of my all time faves
tomsbrother: when i smell it, i remember that black dress mum wore
lijmoo2: mine was Chanel Allure Essecntuale I think it's called
Oliver: What did your dads smell like? I remember the distinct smell of my dad 
when he came home from work, it wasn't sweat nor fresh deodorant
lijmoo2: thought it's been reformulated. typical
tomsbrother: yep, she is XD
nickgblue: My dad smelled like YSL Jazz, for years
Oliver: Is that aftershave? I don't think my dad wore any
nickgblue: Yes it is Oliver
Oliver: Ah right
JoanElaine: Coco is the smell of being 16 - it took me years to be able to wear 
JoanElaine: yes. 16 was a rough year!
lijmoo2: mine is ciggies
Oliver: Hehe
lijmoo2: lol
JoanElaine: yes!
JoanElaine: I;m 37 now - it took a while
lijmoo2: good for him!
lijmoo2: i love the first lit
Oliver: They smell disgusting when they're burning imo and I smoke
lijmoo2: with a match
Oliver: It's terrible unless you're smoking yourself
Kirsty: i like the smell of smoke, not too close up!
lijmoo2: stale ones are bad
lijmoo2: YES
Oliver: Matches are sweet
lijmoo2: matches are the best
JoanElaine: KABOOM
CPB_fan: Cigar smell > cig smell
lijmoo2: jesus
lijmoo2: lol
Kirsty: yaya fun times
nickgblue: The smell of them is INCREDIBLE
tomsbrother: Thats Awesome :D
lijmoo2: my friend says it's new years for him
Kirsty: save me one please!
Kirsty: yes new years def!!
lijmoo2: LOL
Kirsty: hahahaha i know where this is going....
JoanElaine: cake is a gateway drug!
lijmoo2: CAKE
lijmoo2: DUST
Kirsty: and the police would turn up as shoo us off.
tomsbrother: I'm still atthat age :\
Emma: didnt you get moved on by the police for crumbs and cake once with natasha?
Kirsty: i think the riot va turned up lolol
lijmoo2: LOL
nickgblue: That is *weird*
lijmoo2: yeah it's odd
lijmoo2: i have to say he's familiar to me :/
lijmoo2: yes
lijmoo2: I think i've seen other things from him
lijmoo2: around you tube
lijmoo2: i don't know who he is or anything
lijmoo2: yeah what's his beef?
lijmoo2: kind of like a memory log?
lijmoo2: CAKE!
lijmoo2: i know what you're getting at that tho :)
Kirsty: oooooooooh im hungry niw
lijmoo2: awwwwwww
Kirsty: hahaha looks like hes from a horror film
Kirsty: scary!!! but i know what you mean, my lili was the same do you rememer 
tomsbrother: I had a noddy toy, i used to suck my thumb and use his yellow bell 
to tickle my nose :)
Kirsty: i remember pinky!!
lijmoo2: I had a teddy, Larry the Lamb
lijmoo2: yes
tomsbrother: Rupert = Tom's comfort smell
lijmoo2: he had a hole in his belly where a babby lamb was
Kirsty: isnt larry lamb in eastenders?
lijmoo2: he was gender confiused
Kirsty: cats smell lovely
JoanElaine: nor mine
nickgblue: :|
lijmoo2: i like the smell of horses
lijmoo2: yeah their seeat is fusty and sweet
lijmoo2: like hay or something too
lijmoo2: yes!
lijmoo2: there't the obvious poo too
lijmoo2: Dublin smells a little like it from time to time
Kirsty: please bring that small later
lijmoo2: yes i LOVE SM
lijmoo2: so much
Kirsty : smell*
lijmoo2: what did you think?
lijmoo2: oh we can meet!
tomsbrother: ype, he is
lijmoo2: yes he is
nickgblue: yes, he's the new dumbledore
lijmoo2: lofts and atics smell great
lijmoo2: kind of fusty!
Kirsty: agree
lijmoo2: :D
lijmoo2: i have a question
lijmoo2: do you give away pefume when it reminds you of someone you don't want to 
be remind of?
lijmoo2: or even, have you*
lijmoo2: do you think it's possible to like it
tomsbrother: I'm off guys :) Good Work!
lijmoo2: not yet
lijmoo2: i mean...
Oliver: Hi?
Oliver: Oh, other Olly
Oliver: Ignore me!
CPB_fan: what about a new partner who wears a scent which reminds you of an ex?
lijmoo2: yeah that's interesting
nickgblue: I'd have to get them to change it
lijmoo2: i agree with nick
Oliver: Doesn't each perfume smell different on each person? I read that some 
don't "work" well with one person
lijmoo2: they'd have to put it away
nickgblue: Yeah perfumes do change on people
lijmoo2: yes - inappropriate memories
Oliver: Oh right
lijmoo2: i think body warmth has a part to play
lijmoo2: cold people etc
Kirsty: i find things smell really sharp on me
Kirst: try to avoid the fruity things
Emma ban: was just thinking about deoderant, shower gel and other scents that mix 
with perfum - do we know what they really smell like with all the other scents 
nickgblue: I can smell pretty much non stop
lijmoo2: nail on the head yeah
nickgblue: Cuz I work in perfume shops
lijmoo2: i also think it helps to smell individual oils
Kirsty: i can imagine you would get a headache a lot?
lijmoo2: like, to learn the colours, you have to be shown the primiary ones
lijmoo2: same idea
lijmoo2: more or less...
nickgblue: The background smell in perfume shops is 'invisible' to me.
nickgblue: Ah i like that Liam :)
lijmoo2: :)
lijmoo2: see i don't know what iris smells like
lijmoo2: like if no one showed me the colour purple
lijmoo2: or told me what it was
lijmoo2: i couldn't identify it
lijmoo2: maybe i have
lijmoo2: but i don't know
lijmoo2: no one has told me otherwise
lijmoo2: habit rouge?
lijmoo2: oooooooh
nickgblue: I love that carroty iris smell :D
lijmoo2: :) oh thank you so much!
lijmoo2: how is it carroty?
nickgblue: it has that sweet carrot smell, quite often they put carrot oil + iris 
together in perfume
lijmoo2: ooooooooh
nickgblue: cook carrots in butter + honey. NOM.
lijmoo2: i think i see it now, thanks Nick and you two
lijmoo2: carrots and honey = yum :
nickgblue: yes, Hiris especially
nickgblue: has lots of carrot + iris together
lijmoo2: i mgiht have to go now though :(
JoanElaine: i enjoyed this very much. thank you to you both.
lijmoo2: thank you so much for sharing and doing this!
Kirsty: thanks you 2!
lijmoo2: your welcome too
Kirsty: nice talking to you all
lijmoo2: :)
nickgblue: thank you very much :) this has been fun to watch and interact!
CPB_fan: hi!
Emma: really enjoyed it peeps, thnx!
JoanElaine: bye!
Emma: bye
CPB_fan: bye!
lijmoo2: good luck!
lijmoo2: byyeeee

*note added 25th April 2012

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