Ria Hartley: Myself Archive

A color scan of RIA hartley hand

Begins 07/07/2011
Physical Archive opens: 09/09/2011

My life exists within my bedroom, near enough everything I own. As I move from place to place my most precious ephemeral materials, move with me. They have never been in one place long enough to become unpacked, and as I journey and time passes the collection continues to grow. There is no real separation between the materials I own, everything is miscellaneous. Things are beginning to break down and deteriorate; colours are fading and technologies are becoming obsolete. These documents are anchored to memories that evidence my existence in the world and I fear that I’m loosing myself.

Myself Archive is a documenting and archiving process that will digitally and physically preserve all of the materials contained within Ria Hartley’s bedroom. Over the duration of 10 weeks, she will be capturing, cataloguing and archiving each item in her bedroom which will become visible and accessible online. New items will be uploaded daily, and as new categories appear you are able to visit, view and comment on the digital archive as it builds and develops. At the end of August the physical archive, which will be carefully stored after its digitisation, will become open and accessible to a public.

Please visit the online archive at:

Ria Hartley (1983)
Interdisciplinary performance artist and researcher.
Lives and works in the UK.

My practice is focused on interaction, participation, communication and exchange. Working within the mediums of performance, digital art, live art, video, photography, installation and social practices, my work investigates the relationships between audience/performer, space and situation. My processes offer to engage anyone meaningfully, questioning human relationships as a model of an artwork.

Most recent works includes: RE:Presenting, what is behind that curtain? TEAK Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland, Play/Pause/Reflect/Submit, Dartington, UK, Reflective Images, St Petrocks Homeless Centre, Exeter, UK, SPIT: 1987, Dartington, UK. Hartley, R. (2010) The Visual Landscape for Marginal Groups. In: Hubel, T. & Thurswald, M. Arts & Culture & Education: Urban Learning. Vienna. Kunst Fragen.