Research and Writing Residency: Jane Castree

How can choreography be made for a space that contains screen space and live space? Can this become a hybrid mode of performance space?

25th -29th July

Choreographic practitioner Jane Castree will spend three nights at the Millwright Way residence as a sanctuary for writing, debate and research. Making use of our spare room Jane wanted to take some time out from her hectic work schedule, to immerse herself in a neutral and stimulating environment where she could clear her head, focus and write and write and write. For the duration of her visit Jane will be working on her essay entitled:
How can choreography be made for a space that contains screen space and live space? Can this become a hybrid mode of performance space?

The writing will examine the conventional uses of space between dance choreographed for the stage and dance that is made specifically for screen work. The essay is concerned with Castree’s core choreographic focus: exploring the potential of fusing the live space and screen space. Through the analysis of work by Merce Cunningham, V-tol Dance Company, Philippe Decoufle and Jane’s own practice, the writing will look at what happens when these two formats meet and what the ramifications are in the act of choreography.
“As film has been a new addition to my practice over the course of the past two years I wish to argue that dance for screen is a separate art form to dance choreographed to be performed live. It is with this in mind that I look at combining these two art forms to co-exist in one and how this can be qualified as a hybrid space for performance.”

Staying with the archive, Jane will tap into the resources the loft has to offer. Drawing specifically from Cara’s books, previous research experience and the notes catalogued in her project files, Jane hopes to extend her own research within a new critical and performative platform, aiming to identify, question and debate areas of performance space theory and screen space theory that are pertinent to her writing exploration.

Jane Castree


Jane Castree completed her undergraduate degree at London Contemporary Dance School and studied for her MA in Choreography at Dartington College of Arts, where she collaborated with sound designer Luke Robinson to make ‘Notions in Space’. Jane’s choreographic commissions include ‘Influences Via Sound’, which was created on the first year foundation degree students at Newcastle College and ‘Viewing You’ which was co choreographed and performed with Kuldip Singh Barmi at the Barbican Theatre, Plymouth and as part of Flushing Arts Festival, in Cornwall. Jane has also made work for Wheelfever Projects and Cornwall Youth Dance. Jane’s dance for screen work ‘Views on Occlusion’ was premièred at The Cornwall film festival and is currently being screened on the twenty BBC Big screens around the country. Jane is an Associate Artist at The Barbican Theatre, Plymouth and her recent choreographic work explores approaches to combine mediated and real space within a performance context, and inquires into perspective, perception, ambiguity, fragmentation, assumption, illusion, scale, film, occlusion, angle, viewpoint and space.

Choreography by the sea: Jane Castree dancing on a railing, wearing purple