A Score for Creating Your Own Loft Archive

Duration: 3 months
Materials Required:

1 Attic
89 Boxes
25 Folders
3 Box Files
3 Sets of Red Curtains
2 Ancestral Portraits
1 Cosy Electric Fire
Fairy lights galore
Copious amounts of papers
And and an even larger amount of forgotten objects
1 web streaming accounts to mediate the action
1 ongoing live web chat
A little bit of social networking on Facebook and Twitter
75 Skype appointments for those who want a more personal guide to the archive


  1. Enter your loft.
  2. Rummage through all your boxed up belongings. Take your time. Enjoy reflecting on the importance of each object. What is its function? What is its significance to you? Where has it come from and why you have kept it?
  3. Decide which items are still important to keep and which are not. Why have you made this decision? What was your selection criteria? Is it for practical or sentimental reasons? What happens if you alter your method of appraisal? Does this alter what you want to keep? what you want to throw or gift away? Can you actually let go of anything or everything?
  4. Work through each box methodically (in accordance to your own personal logic). Figure out a system of grouping these objects, re-arrange and organise them into categories and then begin to re-house these items.
  5. Don’t feel like you have to do it alone! Broadcast your experience of creating an archive, invite viewers to book a Skype appointments and share stories and memories.
  6. Once you have completed the stages above have a large cool beverage in the garden and take some time to be outdoors, because after being cooped up in your loft for three months you definitely need some fresh air!!