Research and Writing Residency Part Two…

Research and Writing Residency Part Two
Tuesday 16th – Friday 19th August

Next Tuesday, 16th August, sees choreographer Jane Castree return to the Millwright Way residence. Jane will be visiting to complete the written component of her project. So between Tuesday 16 and Friday the 19th August my own performance will be open to interjections from Jane discussing the progress of her work and presenting any questions or dilemmas she is facing in her writing. As an extension to part one of her residency Jane will also be experimenting with dancing and filming in the loft.

Join us next week to catch a glimpse of Jane dancing in the loft. For more information on Jane and her Research and Writing Residency check out her Sister Projects page.


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3 Responses to Research and Writing Residency Part Two…

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  2. [e-mc] (Elizabeth McGuire Cleary says:

    Just read the message today – I can’t imagine anyone having room to dance in their attic!

    • Cara Davies says:

      🙂 I am certain Jane will not have the room too, however I know she does like the challenge of navigating and performing in unusual sized and shaped spaces so I am excited to see what she develops.
      We will upload the video footage once she has filmed and edited it.

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