TaPRA Conference 2011

Davies’ proposal to present the Instability in Instability project as part of the TaPRA conference 2011 has been accepted. As part of the working group: Documenting Performance Cara will virtually present a paper as part of the panel ‘Alternative Approaches to Documenting Performance’ on Wednesday 7th September. The panel will be held between 1.30 and 3.30 pm (the exact time of the Instability in Stability presentation is yet to be confirmed).

The paper entitled: Instability in Stability: Archive Construction and Maintenance as Live Art work and Digitally-Mediated Performance will be presented live on air and streamed directly to the panel at the University of Kingston. The paper aims to challenge how an archive can be formulated and disseminated as a work of live art, practically demonstrating the potentiality, but also the limitations, of technology in the mediation and documentation of performance.

The presentation will specifically question:
How can we generate an understanding of experience through the things we document?
How can the process of creating documentation inform the modes through which we experience and thus perform? and
How does this knowledge enables us to construct a digital archive which embodies the interdisciplinary and itinerant nature of our bodies?

Please join Cara for this special event to celebrate and critically reflect on the Instability in Stability project as part of the loft’s very last broadcast.


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