Live Broadcasts

Follow the performance live on the Instability in Stability’s Watch Live!┬áchannel.

The live stream channel is set-up as a tool to simultaneously stream and record the daily performances occurring in my loft. Here you are welcome to sit back, relax and watch the action taking place in front of you, however, it would be great if you want to get involved for you to do so. It is always much more fun when working collaboratively and having someone to talk to! So have your say and participate in an open source dialogue with myself and other audience members. This is your chance to help out, question, provoke and respond not only to my actions and decision-making processes but also to each others.

Making use of the chat facility together we can spark a live debate enabling you to direct my trajectory around the loft space and extend conversations beyond the realms of boxes. Please enjoy the opportunity that you can direct me in what I do, you are in charge of where I go in the loft and what materials I investigate each day, you have the power to initiate conversation, questions and challenges in relation to the materials I find and am attempting to understand. Together we can then make suggestions about what an archive is and how it can be generated. Together we will create the archive and you can track our collective progress through the daily log.

Please keep an eye on the Events page for special themed days and scheduled events taking place in the loft.