iOWN 24 Hour Remix

A Documentary Performance
1st December 2011
24 Hours

The Proposal:
Share as much as we can for the whole day!

Beginning at 00.00 on the 1st December in Antwerp, Belgium and ending at 24.00 hrs in Bristol, U.K iOWN 24 Hour Remix is a 24 hour performance broadcast centred on The Art of Sharing, The Sharing of Art between documentary performance artists Sven Goyvaerts and Cara Davies.

iOWN 24 Hour Remix is an extension and amalgamation of Sven G’s iOwn project and Davies’ Instability in Stability loft archive, in response to Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott’s film Life in a Day. We would like to invite you to join us live from the comfort of your own homes and to share in our experience of mapping personal domestic terrains; Sven G in an attempt to share every item he owns in Studio 54 and Davies’ in an attempt to track the itinerancy of her archive in a new location.

We would love to share this process with you and for you to share your experiences with us so to view and participate in the performance please click here

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