Fireside Stories

Open All Hours
29th August – 2nd September
Evening evening
23.00 – 00.00 GMT

Settling in for the night in a dark dark loft surrounded by a sea of dark dark boxes with nothing but the light of the electric fire for company ….. well what better way to feel at ease than with a bedtime story!

Finding it hard to sleep too? Then join me for a restful and relaxing moment by the fire whilst I read Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre. Each night this week I will read an installment of the book whilst understanding if I am as mad as the woman in the attic or if I still have a slight grip on reality by keeping things plain and simple like Jane!

It would be great for you to give your opinions and help me work out whether it is possible to live with the archive and fully immerse yourself in it. Or, if you’d rather I would be excited to hear your own stories. Come and share your favourite tales from your childhood, what has gone on in your day, or even a ghost story or two.

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