Club 285

Open All Hours
29th August – 2nd September
Every day
16.30 – 18.00

One of the most exciting discoveries in the loft was finding a tailors dummy, Diana. She has become a wonderfully sparkly companion through my time in the loft, but even more special and inspiring was a brown paper package tucked away inside the box she lived in ……. a real treasure within a treasure!

Inside were a series of photographs and letters documenting my Granddad Elliot’s time as in the army and as a police officer. Club 285 was a particular faction of the Acton and East London sector of the force who met regular to ‘talk and share memories’.  One particular letter and booklet attached to these photographs detailed every member of the club, where they lived and how long they had been serving (or had been retired for). What this item allowed me to glimpse about these men’s lives was incredible and I was immediately struck by the names, faces, information and addresses included in the documents. I now have a burning desire to know if these places still exist and if the persons mentioned in the book are still alive. But if they do not, what or who lives there now, where have they moved on to, and what memories do they have/are willing to share of their time in the force? A new project idea is brewing and I need time to develop it.

A portion of my time will be dedicate to the planning, discussion and bringing about of these wishes. If you would like to add your own wish to the list and to talk to me about your own plans and projects I would love to hear from you. This can range from the exciting and personal to exhilarating or scary, from the creative or everyday. Club 285 is a prompt to remind me to take some time everyday thinking about what I want to do with my archive and my life and to actually kick start it! You can become an honorary member of Club 285 and join me everyday between 16.30 and 18.00 to see if we can being to make these dreams come true.

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