24 Hour Special Events

Open All Hours
29th August – 2nd September
Every day
from 19.00 onwards

Each night this week the loft will run a special event to celebrate the past three months of meeting new people, performing, documenting and uncovering the depths of the archive. Inviting key collaborators and artistic practitioners back to the loft we will extend unfinished conversations, explore new concepts and have fun performing.

Who Do You Think You Are?
Monday 29th August
I am please to welcome my Mum, Lesley, back into the loft and finally get round to opening up her boxes and revealing what she has kept hidden away in the loft all these years.
Join us to discuss memories of childhood, families, historical connections and to take part in some mother/daughter banter!

Emergency Rehearsal!
Tuesday 30th August
Bringing conventional theatre performance back to the archive Cara will be joined by past collaborators Colin Woodward and Edward Frizzelle to re-live their 2005 A-level production of Patrick Marber’s Closer. They will be joined by Hazell Silvester who will read in the part of Alice (originally played by Claire McGregor).
Due to restrictions of space in the loft this will be a performed reading of the script with an interval break to show the performance documentation from 2005.

In Conversation with…
Wednesday 31st August
Instability in Stability invites its Sister Project artists: Ria Hartley, Sven Goyvaerts, Jane Castree and Noel Hefele back for one last ’round Skype’ discussion of all ideas to do with performance documentation, archiving, live art, tagging systems, the production of performance and information spaces and the overall digital archive experience. These artists will be joined by special guest Elizabeth McGuire Cleary and yourselves so do come along and actively get involved with the discussion.

Brilliance or Bullshit? Concepts in Fragrance
Thursday 1st September
Get your bullshit detectors and brilliance radars at the ready we are going to uncover the truth and lies embedded in the concepts of fragrance, performance and everyday life! The Candy Perfume Boy returns to the loft where together we will decipher just what performance and perfume can evoke in us, questioning to what degree our opinions of these illustrious industries are influenced by what we read in press releases, project blurbs and reviews.
Join us for a series of blind scent tests and performative encounters to help us evaluate the relationship of the concept to the product. We’d love to hear your views on the power of words in connection to the power of scent.
To what extent are we led by the perfumers ideas………?

Celebrating the Archive
Friday 2nd September
20.00 till the end!
A simultaneous farewell/archive-warming party – everyone is welcome and it would be great to have a drink together and to enjoy this one last opportunity to share memories, laughter, experiences, music and performance. Grab a beer and a Skype address and join me and some of my oldest friends live from 8pm.

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