Open All Hours!


Monday 29th August 00.00 to Friday 2nd September 23.59
Live broadcast from the loft 24/7 for 5 days.

The loft will be broadcasting all hours from midnight this Sunday (which is technically 00.00 on Monday 29th August) until midnight on Friday 2nd September. So come join me and many other special guests for a jammed pack week of performance events and broadcasts within this wider performance/archive experiment of Instability in Stability!


On an artistic and conceptual level the Instability in Stability project frames the itinerant nature of our bodily experiences, cross-examining the stable (or rather un/in-stable) position of the personal archive, in it’s role to disseminate an essence of our experiences. As an artist I am examining memories, encounters and identity conjoin and intermingle with archival practice, considering the complexities of how one might begin to represent and communicate these interconnections to an audience and share techniques and skills for managing our ‘stuff’. The intensity and durational nature of this research combined with an archival practice has driven the project to question:

1. How can we generate an understanding of experience through the things we document?
2. How can the process of creating documentation inform the modes through which we experience and thus perform?
3. How does this knowledge enable us to construct an archive, which embodies the interdisciplinary and itinerant nature of our bodies/lives?

I am a performance artist and whilst it would be interesting to test my body’s limits in regards to how long I can survive only on what is in the archive the purpose of the 24 hour event is to observe how my body and the bodies of the viewers can activate a notion of the ‘digital archive experience’*. Through providing multiple opportunities to interact with the archive over a prolonged period of time this week-long event wishes to challenge how we can open up the accessibility and interactivity of the archive, hopefully understanding how this can enhance/alter/effect the digital archive experience and our ability to consider the archive as a performance.

With this in mind I have developed a schedule that activates some of the key components and features of the project addresses so far. Each day I will have a series of set tasks to perform, with special events taking place every evening. Viewers will still have the same opportunities to contribute and interact with the live performance via Skype and the live stream chat functions, so come along and get involved.


Thinking and Doing Workbooks
9.00 – 10.30 GMT
all those projects you hvaen’t quite got round to finishing

Archive Fever
10.30 – 16.30GMT
a closer look at the archive and how it has developed over the past 3 months

Club 285
16.30 – 18.00
all those projects you would like to get round to doing
Evening Events
start from 18.00 or 19.00 GMT in the evening (please see below for specific times and dates)

Fireside Stories: Jane Eyre
23.00 – 00.00
a bed time tale of crazy women in dark places and lofts

Wheres Wally
competition and chance to win something from the archive

Monday 29th August
Who Do You Think You Are
19.00 – 21.30 GMT
interview with Lesley Davies

Tuesday 30th August
Emergency Rehearsal
19.00 – 21.30 GMT
a performed reading and video showing with Colin Woodward, Edward Frizzelle and Hazell Silvester

Wednesday 31st August
In conversation with…
19.00- 20.30GMT
a ’round-skype’ discussion with Ria Hartley, Noel Hefele and Elizabeth McGuire Cleary

Thursday 1st September
Perceived, conceived and lived
14.00 – 16.00GMT
a dance/performance experiment with Jane Castree via skype

Brilliance or Bullshit? Concepts of Fragrance
19.00-20.30 GMT
open forum discussion with The Candy Perfume Boy

Friday 2nd September
Celebrating the Archive
20.00 – late
performance and archive-warming party with you, friends and family

Performance Constraints during the 24 hour broadcasts:

1. I am not allowed to leave the loft except to:
a. go to the bathroom (luxury allowed by Tom and Kirsty)
b. change my clothes once a day (luxury allowed in order to fulfill Ellie’s task of wearing something different in the loft everyday I broadcast)
2. I can only speak to people if they connect to me via the Internet or visit me in the loft. (constraint submitted by Anna)


“I’d like to invite you to help me settle in. You can book Skype appointments and visit me online. Lets share anecdotes, start conversations, reminisce. I’d love to hear about you life stories, or you can just tell me about your day, play a game with me … surprise me! Lets make it fun and interactive, you can set me challenges and share these moments with friends through social media sites.”

To watch the action take place and to connect to all other current viewers please visit the Watch Live page.

To chat to Cara face to face please add the loft on Skype with the username: Instability in Stability
(remember the broadcasts are taking place over 24 hours so you may ring at any time during the day (or night) but for a guaranteed answer please book an appointment through the online booking form.

If you would like to suggest an activity for Cara to complete in her week in the loft please submit your ideas or challenge requests for Cara via the Contact page.



*The phrase ‘digital archive experience’ is first used by Morten Søndergaard in the book ‘RE_ACTION: The Digital Archive Experience Renegotiating the Competencies of the Archive and the (Art) Muesuem’ (eds: Morten Søndergaard & Morgens Jacobsen). Presenting the processes for developing the Media Art Platform Søndergaard describes: ‘The archive is a complex social space under production, with codes from many layers of different spaces intermingling: the historical, mental, personal, scientific, cultural, artistic. Experiences are produced actively by the public across those spaces‘ (Søndergaard, 2009:33).  I will be discussing how these ideas relate to the Instability in Stability project at the TaPRA event on the 5th September.

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