The Day After the Night Before: Archive Art Banned

Day Twenty Two: Friday 15th July 2011

Performance Broadcast

So I began today’s broadcast with the hope UStream’s banning of the channel might have been just a dream, alas not. I was unable to log in to the Instability channel and broadcast this morning as well as being denied access to the documentation of previous broadcasts. I was left adrift in the loft not knowing what to do apart from to fulfill my task – to keep archiving!

I began by fumbling my way through a host of streaming servers and stumbled across Live Stream! A god send as once Noel had kindly re-embedded the widget for the broadcasting and chat screens on the Watch Live! page, I was free to chat to everyone again!

Sadly due to time constraints I hadn’t worked out how to record from the Live Stream ‘studio’ control panel and therefore we do not have a record of today’s performance. But as an overview, it went something like this:

Recapping on Thursday’s conversation with Ria Hartley reflecting on her project Myself Archive, what she uncovered in her boxes and the connections between our projects. This led me on to discuss the moment I realised UStream had cut yesterday’s live feed, initiating a debate on issues of being banned from a website, ownership and sharing, the differences between creative commons and standard copyright laws and regulations, the limitations of broadcasting, free art and the freedom of speech vs bureaucratic and institutional organisations. This tangent was refocused by begining the inventory of all items in the loft. The inventory is intended to help me fully understand the items I have housed in the archive ready for it to be re-organised, re-activated, re-examined in order to create a more intertextual catalogue embracing the itinerancy of the archive. The broadcast ended part way through the careful recording of box number one: Childhood Books # 1

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