Les Noces, Anatomy, Laban Notation and a Brief History of Dance

Day Twenty Eight: Monday 25th July 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.31.1_2011-07-25-log-day-28

Welcome back to the performance broadcasts after a weekend out of the loft.

I begin working on cataloguing the research folders in the archive for the benefit of Jane Castree’s Sister Project residency in the loft. I introduce her work and what she hopes to achieve during her research residency on choreographing space. One of the resources she wished to tap into activating in the loft is the research folders, and books, I own. So before she arrives it is important for me to complete this section of the archive.

Part Two:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 16.36.20
Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.31.2_2011-07-25-log-day-28
This file is no longer available due to a resource failure in the archive control procedures of the proprietary live streaming provider for Instability in Stability. You can gain an alternative perspective on today’s performance via the Live Stream Chat Room documentation situated below.* 

The performance continues by searching through the folders. Finally I find 1a and explain it’s connection to a previous installation project I created about the interconnection of performance to documentation to archives, entitled: Tantamount to the Selfsame Difference. I began to catalogue this folder in detail so people know what is in the folder beyond the overarching section titles.

All data was logged and captured on the old family P.C. Turning the computer on for the first time in years I discovered that it a. worked much to my surprise and b.all of my old school work. I looked back over these files reviewing the topics they covered, including: Les Noces, Anatomy, Laban Notation, Pulcinella and the History of Dance. Of particular interest was my A Level studies on Les Noces as one file was expressly about the pro’s and con’s of watching the performance live in comparison to watching the video/documented version … a very pertinent argument that embodies some of the benefits/draw backs of the documentation process for this project.

The broadcast ends as we complete the History of Dance section of my paper folders and the digital files. As there is only five mins of broadcasting time left I watch back and broadcast the contents of two unknown D.V. Tapes I found floating around the loft lost from their original box. These were- re-catalogued and grouped with the D.V.Tape Box 1.

No audience members wished to converse today so I added a few prompts/questions to the chat function in case anyone wanted to respond post-broadcast. Please feel free to continue the debate in the comments boxes below.


Excerpt’s of today’s conversation as documented in the Live Stream Chat Room:

10:33 AM  Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
10:01 AM  The Loft: Good morning everyone. I hope you had a great weekend
10:14 AM  TheLoftProject: Today's focus is on performance space, the connection 
between the live, mediated and digital space. If anyone has any comments they 
would like to make about their views on the interconnection that would be great. 
im also interested to hear about your relationship as an audience to performances 
and the spaces they transcend. what performances have you seen? is there any that 
successfully mix the live and digital space? what are your views on web based art?

*note added 25th April 2012

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