Living in the Bubble of an Archive

Day Thirty: Wednesday 27th July 2011

Performance Broadcast

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Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.33_2011-07-27_log-day-30

This file is no longer available due to a resource failure in the archive control procedures of the proprietary live streaming provider for Instability in Stability.* 

3:57 PM Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
9:59 AM TheLoftProject: Good morning I have just started the day 
by writing about traveling in the landscape and encountering 
people, to round it off with checking out the latest video of a 
musician friend of mine - Douglas evans:
beautiful calming and relaxing, a lovely way to feel refreshed 
from the soporhific nature of the loft!

So today I entered the loft completely exhausted after not sleeping all night. I had drunk too much coffee yesterday and my body could not handle it. I get serious coffee shakes especially with all the extra sugar I put in the cup. Anyway after hearing Doug’s new recording I felt like I had entered into a bubble – the beautiful bubble of the loft archive where all I can do is float along and enjoy the ride of what I will experience today in Instability in Stability. Well this blissful harmony worked for about an hour where I merrily re-capped all my archiving quandaries before diving into the folder inventory. I then got interrupted by the phone and news my Mum was missing from work. This was rather perplexing but instead of panicking I seemed to continue to shuffle around the loft in my own bubble albeit a slightly more clouded one now. I hardly spoke or interacted with the camera today, I just ploughed on with my task of inventorising the contents of Folder 1C – Class Notes and Lesson Plans Master Course Contemporary Arts Practice and Dissemination .

After a second and very welcome interruption by Jane looking for a hair dryer, I returned to the folder but quickly got bored. Today has been a rather floaty day where I have just wanted to look at things and to simply be in the archive. My apathetic solution was to change the section of the archive I was working with. I switched focus from the textual to visual, hoping to save myself from drowning in words and pages, instead going straight for the DVD towers. This worked. The next hour was a happy one working my way through the 120 DVDs spread across 3 piles and generating an inventory of those items in line with the selection of categories Ed Pratt help me to generate during his Archive Appointment on the 10th June.

Realising there was little time left before the end of the broadcast it felt pointless starting to log a new folder so I started to re-group my playstation games and recollect where I had got them from and the obsessive fix I use to have with continuously playing computer games. I then remembered I still had some P.C. computer games, I wondered if they would still work. As the old P.C. was still working I thought it only appropriate to test whether the games would still operate on the computer.

After going through the contents of the games’ box the door bell went and I had to shimmy on down the ladder again. It was the postman with lots of letters and a parcel for me – yay! I never get post so it was very welcome surprise, especially as the contents of all of the mail abstractly pointed toward the future of the archive. I finish by returning to the computer games box and exploring the contents of a box of CD-Roms whilst waiting to see if my favourite P.C. game, Theme Hosiptal, would load. Sadly it did not but whilst I waited to confirm this was the case, I showcased a series of photographs found in the next folder to be logged. Photos included many from my time at school and participating in dance/theatre productions, in particular some from a Composition Evening 2005, which I was part of at Redborne Upper School Dance Department in June 2005.

No conversations took place today as I felt the need to be more reclusive, but on the plus side I found out Mum had just been late in getting to work so that was a sigh of relief all round. This afternoon Jane has booked in an Archive Appointment to physically work in the loft space, so I will be taking some time to help her with her project. It is exciting to see how the filing system is already operating as a research resource for Jane to help further her investigations! Tine for a mini celebration of the efficient functioning of an incomplete archived archive!

*note added 25th April 2012

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