In Conversation with the Sisters

Day Thirty One: Thursday 28th July 2011

Performance Broadcast

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Tonight saw three of the Sister Projects artists enter the same “space”. Via Skype the loft brought the presence of Jane Castree, Sven Goyvaerts and Ria Hartley together to introduce their projects and begin to discuss the cross-overs between their artistic practice and questions. Joined by Rachel Dobbs of Low Profile, the comments of Rich (on the chat) and obviously my usual bumbling and incoherently self, we traversed issues of the archive, performance and art, jumping from Merce Cunningham’s use of chance as a potential method for generating/mapping an itinerant archive, to the notion of intimacy vs voyeurism in web-based projects, from the failure of documentation to the lack of a need for an archive, as Walter says, when you can have children instead. We covered these subjects in great depth amongst many others, which I cannot remember. After being distracted on numerous occasions by the wonder of Skype conference calls, making a bed in the loft, showing Jane the now infamous ‘How to make babies book’ and drinking a cup of tea, I begin to make some progress on the inventory.

But after being intrigued by Rachel’s suggestion that I should go to Puzzle Land in New Zealand I read through my ‘Art of the Maze book, which triggered me to pull out a folder on the production process of a living archive installation called ‘Trans-apparent’ created by Elena Oña and myself in June 2011. I discussed the remnants and documentation of the performance, finding a wonderfully inspiring card. This led to lots of ruminations, but the idea that sticks out is how memory can be initiated from an object, or, our association to an object. In this section I ponder how dreams are potentially the only place where memory can exist without being triggered by an object and actually how often dreams do not rely on memory but rather exist in the moment for the moment (whatever this void moment may be). This leads me to find the project information card where the line “Its parallel random synchronisation’ immediately makes me think of the film ‘The Science of Sleep’. I give a poor explanation of parallel random synchronisation before starting a typed Skype conversation with Noel. After finding out Noel’s computer had been ‘deaded’ by some water, Jane popped her head up into the loft again to discuss a section of text she had just read but was not sure what to make of it. We consider Henri Lefebrves’ concepts of ‘perceived’, ‘conceived’ and ‘lived’ space and how this relates to Jane’s research.

An evening packed full of wonderfully inspiring conversations and laughter. Big respect for inspiration provided by Oliver and Kirsty whose cataloguing of chocolate eclairs provided the excuse for Jane and I were looking for to go to Tescos and have a sugar fix in preparation for Jane’s last dance in the archive.
And a shout out to voyeur 1, whoever you are – we appreciate you tuning in and the witticism you brought to the end of the broadcast. Thankyou to you lovely listeners and goodnight.

Unfortunately only a fragment of the conversation remains and the links posted have been lost (my internet connection crash before I could grab the full text) but here, for you, is a series of goodbyes:

12:35 AM Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
9:00 PM Oliver and Kirsty: Is there asbestos?
9:01 PM voyeur1: I have enjoyed watching and listening to you 
lovely artistic archivers. Thankyou
9:01 PM Oliver and Kirsty: It's a material that's fire proof but 
then they discovered it shreds your lungs
9:02 PM Oliver and Kirsty: Too late, one inhale and you die twenty
years later
9:02 PM rich: thanks guys :)
9:02 PM rich: speak to you soon!
9:02 PM Oliver and Kirsty: Bye Cara...bye Jane

Challenges that arose from today’s Chat Room discussion:

Challenge 17:

Go to Tescos and get a sugar fix to give you energy to cope with the next set of archival processes [created by Oliver and Kirsty]


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.30_2011-07-28_18.07_Ria_Hartley_&_Sven_Goyvaerts_log-day-31

*note added 25th April 2012

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