Derrida, Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe and Disney’s Wall-E

Day Ten: Wednesday 29th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

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After being stuck in a rut between Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe, Disney’s Wall-E and the passage of time leading to nothing but a high unstable entropic state tending towards absolute 0 and therefore the eventual destruction of life … I decided that perhaps it was time to accept I am suffering from an acute syndrome of Archive Fever! A little earlier than I had ever imagined. To combat the fever I took out Derrida’s seminal lecture and begun to read it live on airing the hope of finding my way through the challenges of preservation, stability and fixedness rooted in archival practice.

Part Two:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.21_2011-06-28_log-day-9.2

Three hours in and still trying to make sense of the text!!

The video ends with a link back to Bill Bailey and his experience of reading Stephen Hawkins’ A Brief History of Time. I can only just about see the light at the end of the loft tunnel in this week of archiving but contemplating light at the end of the universe, or perhaps even the beginning of the universe, is an entirely different matter for another project. Reading A Brief History of Time will have to wait until the close of Instability in Stability.


Excerpts from today’s conversations as documented in the UStream Chat Room:

10:57 am The Loft: Good morning sunshine!
11:04 am The Loft: so today i will read archive fever by derrida from cover to 
cover. whilst i had hoped archiver (or rather loft) fever would not have set in 
yet it seems like a poignant moment to address this situation and to help me come 
to terms with what i was doing with your help before i went to cornwall and 
what is happening now conceptually/spiritual/philosophically now i have 
11:04 am The Loft: any comments or thoughts are greatly appreciated
11:05 am The Loft: please feel free to chip in at any point
11:53 am The Loft: can anyone explain mnémé?
1:01 pm The Loft: brb
1:01 pm The Loft: just gone for water
2:11 pm The Loft: mmm anyone know what a doxographer is?
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  1. Cara Davies says:

    Tomorrow I think I need to take Bill Bailey’s advice and bring a bottle of vodka and a space hopper to loft (unfortunately I have yet to find a space hopper in the loft and I don’t remember there being one buried there. mmmm or for that matter I don’t think there is an ancient bottle of vodka either – maybe time to bend the rules!!!).

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