Memories and Experience of Archive Research

Day Sixteen: Thursday 7th July 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.20.1_2011-07-07_log-day-16

launch of Ria Hartley’s Myselfarchive project, the failure of technology, assembling diana, consideration of mummies and preserved bodies, dressing diana, chop chop bear touch, return to plan of tidying, side tracked by noel’s upgrading of the website and development of facebook page for the project, phone call from Ria to reflect on her first night on the project

Part Two:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.20.2_2011-07-07_log-day-16

Questions and reflections between Sister Project artist Ria Hartley and myself, discussing our discoveries and findings so far whilst building our personal archives. Sharing memories and experiences of carrying out our respective archive projects we unravel together the significance of the objects we have encountered.


Excerpts from tonight’s conversations as documented on the UStream Chat Room:

6:25 pm Guest_439: Hi So theres a slight delay in starting tonights broadcast. i 
will begin at 6 o'clock to co-inside with ria's project myselfarchive. sorry for 
any inconveniences but will be around if you want to text chat
7:36 pm noel: Hello - So sorry to have disabled the site right at broadcast time!
7:53 pm The Loft: Hi noel thanks for sorting this out
7:53 pm The Loft: it seems to be working again properly
8:05 pm The Loft: if anyone would like to donate their neck or hip measurement 
then we can complete diana!thankyou

8:21 pm The Loft: the dancefloor is a scary place!!
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