Entropic Structures of Conceptual Art: The Challenges of Preservation

Day Nine: Tuesday 28th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.20_2011_06-28_log-day-9.1

Part Two:

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.21_2011-06-28_log-day-9.2

Excerpts from today’s conversations as documented in the UStream Chat Room:

7:00 pm The Loft: So this is brian ***'s discussion on the p***age of time and the 
role of entropy within this process - im wondering if the archive resists this 
notion and if its a way to combat our fear of the death drive - if you have any 
thoughts let me know 
7:21 pm Thomas: Is that Brian ***?
7:22 pm Thomas: OMG it won't let me say C O X
7:49 pm Thomas: hha i know this is strange
8:03 pm Oliver: Hiya
8:17 pm Oliver: Is it available to watch online?
8:18 pm Oliver: Grr as soon as you started talking about watching it online an ad 
8:19 pm Oliver: I'm never going to buy Gasvicon in protest now
8:23 pm Oliver: Hehe
9:03 pm Oliver: I have to go now but I will check out that do***entary lateer
9:03 pm Oliver:  Bye Cara
9:15 pm The Loft: (re)
9:15 pm The Loft: ineter
9:15 pm The Loft: inter
9:15 pm The Loft: in-ter
9:15 pm The Loft: inter-
9:15 pm The Loft: (in)ter
9:16 pm The Loft: (inter)
9:16 pm The Loft: re.....
9:16 pm The Loft: re:
9:16 pm The Loft: inter:
9:22 pm The Loft: could you please help me answer the questions: what is the 
difference between the past and the future?
9:23 pm The Loft: how can we observe the p***age of time?
9:23 pm The Loft: should we leave things to natural dissolve form something with 
low wntropy to something with high entropy (see brain *** reference)?
9:24 pm The Loft: the myth of the timeless object, the timeless art object (see 
installation art:who cares? do***entary reference)
9:24 pm The Loft: is this an impossible or actually a probably task?
9:58 pm The Loft: is time an archive?
10:01 pm The Loft: physiognomy
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