This is the First Song for Your Mix Tape!

Day Forty Nine: Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Performance Broadcast

The video document would not transcode today and so I cannot upload it 🙁

Today’s action consisted of having an Archive Appointment with Mads Floor Andersen, and Jeremy Holloway, so for an alternative perspective on today’s broadcast please view the documentation from the appointments below.

The project and my own boundaries of sharing were challenged again today in thinking through the public dissemination of the contents of archival objects and the levels of privacy I wish to maintain. I encountered some writing gifted to me from a past partner in the form of a story. I had a desire to read the story Dom wrote for me but chose not to because of the issues explored on Day Thirty Three. Instead I thought to share some of the music on a variety of mix tapes he had made me during the time I knew him. I played a selection of tapes on the C.D. player and talked about the significance and memories attached to each song as they played. In the Live Stream Chat Room I posted links to the songs so those who could not listen live could make their own mix tapes.

So Today I Made You A Mix Tape

Ataris Song For A Mix Tape

Box Car Racer There Is

The Movie Life Hey!

Blink 182 What Went Wrong

Fenix TX Tear Jerker

New Found Glory Broken Sound

Thursday Jet Black New Year

At the Drive In Sleepwalk Capsules

Thrice Deadbolt

Funeral For A Friend Kiss and Make Up

Deftones Change (In the House of Flies)

DJ Shadow Endtroducing

Jimmy Eat World Hear You Me

Turin Brakes Feeling Oblivion

Jeff Buckley Lilac Wine

Weezer Butterfly

Brand New Mix Tape

After sharing some of the memories associated to these songs/the mix tapes. I moved on to log some loose papers:

Dartington Bursary Letters
Random things from downstairsy application
Dartington Hall Prospectus

And made sure all DVDs were in their correct cases before placing them into their archival storage boxes.

Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.41_2011-08-23_12.07_Jeremy_Holloway_log-day-49

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.42_2011-08-23_13.05_Mads_Floor_Andersen_log-day-49

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