Day Forty Four: Tuesday 16th August 2011

Performance Broadcast

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I have boxes!!!! I have some lovely boxes and finally I can settle the feud between deciding whether to go for traditional acid free archive boxes, or, to keep all items in the boxes I found them in (and risk an increased period of decay), or remain true to the evolution of the personal archive and re-house the new groupings of objects which has evolved over the past two months. Whilst keeping the items in their original boxes celebrates their provenance, considering the itinerancy of each item throughout Instability in Stability project enables me to pin point why the documents have come to be place in the archive. This is vital. For the archive to reflect the value of the conversations and exchanges I have been having with the audience I need to invest in a storage system that echoes the interconnections forged between different people, different objects, and different people and objects.

Where to start?

Well I started by reflecting on the current groupings of documents in the loft and how they relate to very particular aspects of my life and particular qualities/functions/philosophies. For example the homeware items  have been collated together for practical and psychological reasons, whether that is their functionality in aiding my ability to perform certain routine actions at home, or there capacity to increase my comfort levels at home. In contrast cards, personal letters and postcards were paired with ornaments and gifts I have received due to their emotional impact. These items resonate with one another because they symbolise another person’s generosity and desire to share something from their heart to another, so this group has a highly personal set of bonds to me and my history. Equally as diverse a set of connections are those grouped for their capacity to communicate, such as the C.D. player, the T.V, the computer, non-personal letters and correspondence, etc., or items like my past art/performance projects due to their creative and aesthetic attributes.

M observes in the Chat Room how these grouping speak of universal concerns of being and well-being, despite their personal resonance to my history and my body. M spoke of the reflections I wrote on Day 42 when I reintroduced Holly’s idea of Cara Loft, as being key to the structure of the archive. M made the suggestion that I consider the final arrangement of the archive embody the personal but also of Cara Loft’s impersonal/mediated perspective on the interconnections she forges between people, people and objects, different peoples’ memories in order to share them with new audiences and performance processes. Sadly this fragment of conversation does not exist but M continues by asking me questions about the framing of my body in the project. To what extent is my physical presence in the loft important to the organisation and maintenance of the archive? I have built it with the help of others, but Cara Davies as Cara Loft has facilitated everyone’s interaction so far, therefore M was curious to know how will the archive will be maintained and live on once the performance broadcasts have ended.

Together we re-capped the different facets of the archive as they currently stand and then consider how to translate elements of Cara Loft, of the body into the structure of the archive – whether the most effective way to communicate elements of the body is by editing file titles to reflect the corporeal elements of the body, being more rigorous about the wider implications of personal memories in catalogue entries, or examining body systems and how actively work to protect and preserve our organs. The biological route prompted M to suggest I look at the spiritual aspects of the body, and research how the current bonds of communication, emotion, psychology, practicality and functionality operate within the chakra system. This was an intriguing notion – can an archive be structure on something so abstract?  How would this translate in to the archive? M went on to explain that the chakra system is based on a series of energy points along the body’s meridian line (a line that runs from the crown of the head along the spine and to the base of your sacrum). Each energy point is represented by a different colour and represents varying aspects of our body’s mentality, physicality and general well-being from our ability to communicate, to our passions and drives in life, our intellect and our sense of stability. Looking after each Chakra encourages health and happiness in those areas and in connection to an archive M suggested that this approach to nurturing the body can be adopted by our approaches to the care and preservation of the object-documents which we chose to remain as witnesses to our body’s life and experiences. M went on to reference the different meanings of each Chakra and help me assess whether the pre-existing archive categories would correspond to the energy nodes of the Chakra’s. In most cases there seemed to be a correlation, so M went on to suggest that I could house each grouping of objects in a box of the colour as the Chakra they correlate to, adding a splash of colour and fun to the archive. How could I resist! Challenge accepted, so I am now off to order some more boxes now and to see if I can acquire acid-free boxes in the seven colours of the rainbow!


Excerpts of documented conversation from the Live Stream Chat Room during today’s broadcast:

Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
Colin changed their nickname to Colin W.
Colin W: Apologies, I'm mezmorised by the fairy lights :)
Colin W: A box of fairy lights would be interesting to open, if a little 
Colin W: 'Documents' is technically true, but surely as an archive it would be 
more accesable to clearly label things?
Colin W: label everything 'free pringles and chocolate' and I'll interact with 
them all
Colin W: well thats life eh? ;)
Colin W: emotionally they belong with sardinia, educationally they belong with 
Colin W: thats a choice!
sven g: jeeej! italian lesson!
sven g: hahaha
sven g: first language on my wishlist
sven g: good in case I reincarnate as a woman
sven g: lovely granny voice
sven g: yeah, she's living on the wild side
sven g: wauw, it's barber shop meats throat singing
sven g: meets that is
sven g: it's a lot of paper!, wonder if you need to scan it all or rather snap a 
picture of the pile
sven g: yeah, you mentioned, they gave you a bit of a hard time once
sven g:
sven g: is what the music reminds me of
sven g: hahaha
TheLoftProject mod:
sven g: water bodies.. I imagine what tsunami bodies would be like
sven g: that's cruel though - it's a beautiful idea, water bodies
sven g: I'm frying some stuff, feel free!
sven g: wraps today
sven g: go dance and multiply!
sven g ban: that was a proper word orgasm
sven g ban: changes your voice totally!! you couldn't tell if you're english, me 
sven g: yeah, very lotr!
sven g: lord of the rings!
sven g: also looked like some barren version of danny boyle's 'the beach', bit of 
secret paradise
sven g: I'm off to babbling rubbish too in a few minutes too
sven g: but carry on
sven g: you're doing good work
sven g: recording this presentation thingy yes
sven g: I mentioned last time I was appalled by my babbling
sven g: but it's not so bad, it's pretty disarming
sven g: last time was Hotmail, today is Evernotes, but that's a LOT of notes
sven g: to go through
sven g: let me send you the link...
sven g: right, you were there then
sven g:
sven g: evernote changed their interface, mmm, but it's still accessible
sven g: argh
sven g: never did this before, let me sjeee..
sven g: delightful pronunciation, cara!
sven g: this one should do the trick:
sven g: july of 2009 I was doing this
sven g: yeah, I use this weird coding
sven g: year-month-day
sven g: I think if you click on one in the left column, you see what's in each 
daily note
sven g: but it's just a month, yeah
sven g: no, 2nd of july, that's what's confusing
sven g: started, ended on 4th of august, righty
sven g: jep, and in my reflection on this, I always told I was convinced by my 
then-girlfriend to stop it
sven g: but the idea is to go through all the details for these desktop videos, 
sven g: yup, let me get it..
sven g:
sven g: naah, watch it after
sven g: so I sometimes half-jokingly comment on things
sven g: these notes, but it does get intimate
sven g: of course
sven g: hotmail one too, but it's just one day
sven g: jup
sven g: no, don't think so
sven g: and the matter of censorship by my then-girlfriend
sven g: righty
sven g: it's...
sven g: I think I really looked at myself from a distance
sven g: already then
sven g: what would be..
sven g: a good twist to this story right now
sven g: not in terms of faking what I did
sven g: making it more exciting
sven g: but..
sven g: not in terms of making it more, sorry
sven g: just thinking of what you asked about when to stop or allow censorship
sven g: it's a mix of politeness and what felt like the right moment to stop the 
project entirely (at the end in august)
sven g: no, in terms of actions I didn't feel any apprehension
sven g: yep
sven g: recording these videos does bring the emotion back in
sven g: euhm..
sven g: no? but there's one challenge
sven g: and that is that once I finish these first two
sven g: I want to convince my then-girlfriend to respond to it
sven g: for 'the dvd'
sven g: this sharing thing should be about me talking with others about what I 
did, especially people that were close involved yes
sven g: it's high-concept, but I think now that time has passed, to me it's easy
sven g: and I hope it is for her as well
sven g: I'll wait till you watch the video, cara, off now then
sven g: thanx for hearing me out
sven g: tà-à!

Challenges arising from today’s broadcast:

Challenge 22:

Create a storage system and structure for the archive that reflects the body, or a body, making it [created by M]

Challenge 23:

Arrange the already existing groups of archive items in relation to the philosophy of Chakra energy points. Then house each section in boxes of corresponding colour [created by M]


Archive Appointments

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.35_2011-08-16 _11.01_Elizabeth_McGuire_Cleary_log-day-44

Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_A.A.36_2011-08-16_12.01_Elizabeth_McGuire_Cleary_log-day-44

*note added 25th April 2012

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