A Very … Sad Atmosphere

Day Fifty Nine: Monday 5th September 2011

Performance Broadcast

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Born-Digital Archive Reference Code: IiS_P.B.62_2011-09-05_log-day-59
This file is no longer available due to a resource failure in the archive control procedures of the proprietary live streaming provider for Instability in Stability.*

Excerpts from today’s conversations as documented on the Live Stream Chat Room:

Welcome to the 'theloftproject' room.
Brooke ban: Bye Bye loft
Brooke ban: is that henry the hoover/
Brooke ban: ?
Brooke ban: boo
Brooke ban: lol
Brooke ban: ive never known anyone to hoover their loft lol
Brooke ban: ahaha
Brooke ban: gtg brooke puked
Brooke ban: :(
Brooke ban: np!
Brooke ban: bye bye
Oliver ban: Would you do it again?
Oliver ban: Yeah, I imagine you feel connected with the loft
Oliver ban: I don't "know" my loft at all
Oliver ban: Yeah exactly
Oliver ban: Heh I spend too much time in my bedroom let alone my loft
Oliver ban: It's like the end of school almost
Oliver ban: A very...sad atmosphere
Oliver ban: Bye loft

*note added 25th April 2012

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