Fever in the Archive

Day Eleven: Thursday 30th June 2011

Performance Broadcast

Part One:

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Part Two:

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Excerpts from today’s conversations as documented in the UStream Chat Room:

6:27 pm The Loft: Hi hi hi
6:27 pm The Loft: Tonight I will be continuing to read Archive Fever so please 
chip in at any point with what Derrida's ideas could mean for you and your 
research, you and your experience of the loft

6:37 pm noel: The archive is never closed! 
6:37 pm noel: hmnnn.... 
6:38 pm noel: how would that thought work with "there is no Meta- Archive?" 
6:39 pm noel: It said something about that in the text I think 
6:43 pm noel: what is a meta archive I guess right? 
6:44 pm noel: I've always found Derrida to be very difficult! 
6:49 pm noel: but if it is ahead of you, what happens when you turn around 
6:49 pm noel: then it is behind you
6:58 pm The Loft: what is the secret of the archive?!?!? 
6:59 pm noel: And you are really an abstraction of 1's and 0's for me 
6:59 pm noel: I probably am not hearing you at the same time you are talking 
7:00 pm noel: But my nephew is meeting you right now - asking what is your first 
name and last name and middle name
7:00 pm noel: felix
7:01 pm noel: 5
7:01 pm noel: You lost him....

7:16 pm noel: Oh My!

9:03 pm Oliver: Hello there
9:33 pm Oliver: Is Bill Bailey in there with you? :p
9:41 pm Oliver: I am watching!
9:41 pm Oliver: I feel like a perve, the only one watching
9:42 pm Oliver: Oh I see
9:42 pm Oliver: By who?
9:42 pm Oliver: I didn't catch it
9:43 pm Oliver: I've not heard of him before
9:43 pm Oliver: Have you talked about that sepia photo in the background? What's 
the story about that?
9:44 pm Oliver: Yeah
9:44 pm Oliver: I thought they might have been grandparents or something
9:47 pm Oliver: LOL
9:47 pm Oliver: Are there any other old photos? The stories behind them sound 
really interesting
9:48 pm Oliver: In the future I wonder if they'll find things like that in the 
9:48 pm Oliver: But all our photos are digital now
9:48 pm Oliver: Blow the whistle!
9:48 pm Oliver: Find it
9:49 pm Oliver: Your archiving skills are poor, you're losing track of where you 
put things :p
9:50 pm Oliver: Who?
9:50 pm Oliver: Wally?
9:50 pm Oliver: Wall-E?
9:50 pm Oliver: Haha
9:50 pm Oliver: To the rescue! I hear 5 whistle blasts!
9:51 pm Oliver: The survival bag doesn't exactly look like a snug blanket but I 
imagine on the top of a mountain it might be
9:52 pm Oliver: Haha this is becoming surreal...
9:52 pm Oliver: Are they Where's Wally gl***es?
9:52 pm Oliver: Please put it on
9:53 pm Oliver: Haha
9:53 pm Oliver: Or is it currently lost?
9:53 pm Oliver: Ah yes
9:53 pm Oliver: They're just what you need when in an emergency in some remote 
part of the wilderness. Survival bag, comedy spectacles and pringle sandwiches
9:55 pm Oliver: Maybe you should read a book about people lost at sea
9:55 pm Oliver: To deal with the cabin fever
9:55 pm Oliver: Advert nooo!
9:56 pm Oliver: Right, I'm currently not buying Gaviscon and now Veet
9:56 pm Oliver: So what's your favourite book you were saying?
9:58 pm Oliver: I have to go now, I need to have dinner
9:58 pm Oliver: Bye
9:58 pm Oliver: Thank you for performing
9:58 pm Oliver: Cheerio

Challenges arising from today’s Chat Room discussion:

Challenge 16:

Read a book about people lost at sea to deal with the cabin fever [created by Oliver]

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