Cara J Davies

Cara Davies, lead artist on the Instability in Stability Archiving Project

Cara is a performance artist and digital archivist working with the mediums of dance, video editing, live art, multi-media installation and performance documentation & archives.

Interweaving a professional practice with a focus on practice-led research Cara completed her undergraduate studies in Dance and Performing Arts at Chichester University (2008). After working with the University’s Digital Archive for Research in the Visual and Performing Arts she has maintained an interdisciplinary connection between her roles as documenter and performer, collaborating with a variety of choreographers,musicians, archivists and performance artists.

The development of an interdisciplinary praxis led Cara to recently undertake a European-networked Masters at Dartington College of Arts (2008-2010). Here she explored questions of artistic processes, production and dissemination in specific relation to the documentation and archiving of contemporary performance. Since completing her thesis on ‘Framing the Body: A Concept towards the Interconnected Process of Performance, Document and Archive’ her work has focused on the facilitation of conceptual research about the inter-relationship of performance to document to archive, and the re-contextualisation/re-mediation of performance documentation and archives in new and varied performative settings. This has initiated an itinerant practice spanning across Europe, Turkey and Egypt.

Cara’s fixation with the body’s relationship to the frame of performance, document and archive stimulated her to develop the project Instability in Stability. “Here I am curious to further my understanding about my own body’s relationship to my archive materials. It is hoped that I will increase my appreciation for the translation processes involved in documenting the body in performance enabling me to increase my sensibilities when performing my roles as documenter and archivist for other artists and institutes.” Through the project Cara has become one of Colchester Arts Centre’s supported Escalator Live Art artists and a recipient of the Arts Council’s Grants for the Art scheme.

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Noel D Hefele

Noel Hefele, Web Designer on the Instability in Stability Archiving Project

Noel D Hefele,

Noel is an analogue painter and digital designer interested in the intersections of nature and culture on display in the woven fabric of landscape. Being that we are always in and of the landscape, his interests also lie in practice that aids a perceptual re-alignment to the environment.

Noel is an interdisciplinary artist at heart. He completed his undergraduate studies in Painting at Carnegie Mellon University (2002). While at CMU, he worked as a Research Associate at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry for 6 years, primarily as a production coordinator for the 3 Rivers 2nd Nature Project. During this time, he came to value the role of art in shaping environmental perception and values, as well as technology as a tool for evolving practice.

He focused on landscapes and the importance of painting within the environmental art discipline. This interest led him to get his Masters in Arts and Ecology at Dartington College of Arts (2009-2010) where he explored questions of landscape and cultural geography, and focused on establishing a theoretical foundation for his painting practice. His studies led him to alternate models of vision, strongly influenced by Merleau-Ponty’s work on phenomenology and engagement with the environment. His thesis was on ‘Landscape Perception and Inhabiting Vision: Practising to see from the inside.’

A colleague of Cara’s at Dartington and an admirer of her work, Noel is happy for the opportunity to work with her on Instability in Stability as the web specialist.

Noel Hefele, currently resides in Brooklyn NY.